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I made a movie called Point Man and it finally released today

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Congratulations, Phil! I still remember reading your travelogues from your time on a container ship. You and your team got one of the biggest production companies in the world to buy something you made from scratch. That's huge. Enjoy it and I hope the momentum carries you to even bigger things. 

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1 hour ago, PhillyB said:

After three years of constant work, four threads on the huddle, two huddlers cast in roles, and wearing on everyone else's nerves talking about it, I can finally announce that Point Man is complete and has been launched in the U.S. and Canada. As of this morning it's available for streaming on Amazon and iTunes and it's stocked at every Walmart in the nation. I waltzed my happy ass in the morning to buy my own copy and stood there with goosebumps staring at it for a solid five minutes.


This thing has the Huddle's fingerprints written all over it. Many years ago I posted my travel photos here and @Jeremy Igo told me I had an eye for photography - the first time a professional had told me such a thing. It gave me the confidence to pursue something visual of this nature. Ditto the shot at writing articles for the site in 2015. I learned people liked my writing and maybe I could do something big with it.

When I started Point Man it was just a backyard summer project. I was going to shoot it in North Carolina and enter it in a couple of festivals. The fundraising went far better than expected and changed all that. Kind folks like @RoaringRiot, @cookinwithgas, @ARSEN, @Chaos, and @Captroop selflessly donated to the upstart campaign. It was all enough to rent a Huey helicopter for our first production dates, which gave us the production value boost needed to get investors on board. @Paa Langfart kindly milled a prop for us. Casting gave us Charlotte native and Panthers fan Chris Long in the lead role, and the Huddle's own @OneBadCat in a supporting role, with @Moorgan and a number of others joining us on set in background roles.


Investment dollars gave us a shot at making a film that could get distribution and reach the world. On an unbelievably small budget we moved principle photography to Cambodia, providing us a world-class shooting location with unmistakably Southeast Asian topography as the backdrop for our film. We filmed over half the movie there, and later in the year ducked across the border and officially became the first original narrative Vietnam War film in American cinematic history to shoot on location in Vietnam. Big deal for a little shitcan production and a rookie director.



We returned home to film domestically. @arbnranger set us up with some studio housing for a scene. @KJ89 did all our background photography and got us the shots needed for Sony to do our film poster. Speaking of Sony... last summer we inked a contract with Sony Entertainment and Vision Films to represent Point Man as our global distributor. They made some edits and we kicked off our world tour: a premiere back in Phnom Penh, a cast-and-crew premiere in Greensboro ( @Cat, @Johnny Rockets, @Floppin, @cookinwithgas, and others attended) and an award-winning circuit in Australia. We closed it out at the Academy Award qualifying St. Louis Int'l Film Festival last year and buckled in for the release.

And that day is today.



Point Man showing up in fuggin Walmart is an inextricable product of the kindness of the Huddle community, many of them strangers to me before this unexpected and incredible journey began. I am grateful to be able to present it here now and finally stop making these goddamn Point Man threads. Thanks to everyone who was a part of all this - you have my undying gratitude.

Now go buy my fucking movie!

Stream it on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Point-Man-Christopher-Long/dp/B07NBRWYRJ/

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/point-man/id1448565221

Walmart DVD: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Point-Man-DVD/770242663



I’m indebted to you Phil. In an industry that is riddled with nepotism and bias you gave me a shot to be in my film. You’ve given me something to hang my hat on brother. I’m excited what it does for the both of us. I already get a lot of compliments with this piece in my demo reel.  Stoked for what the future brings.

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Awesome Phil! Adding this to my list of films to watch soon , glad it’s finally available 

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What an incredible story! Congrats, PhillyB! I'm buying it just to support local projects and fellow Panther fans! 

Best of luck and #KeepPounding!!!

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