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FA youd like to see the Hornets go after

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Obvious all eyes are on Kemba to see what we do here.

Say we let him walk.  Who are some guys youd like to see us go after (be realistic, no Durant's, Kawhi, etc)


Jeremy Lamb, was solid here.  Seems to like it here.  Seems to take a team friendly deal if offered.

Danny Green- Bacon is starting to click (still dont think he's a bonefied starter, but a dam good 6th man).  Borrego is a coach Pop disciple.  Green, a vet, was a Stud under Pops system.  Real good 3 point shooter or stud defender.

Ricky Rubio- again with the Pop/Borrego connection.  Pop always Loved international players.  With the loss of Kemba, he'd be a option as a starter at PG going into next season 

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Danny Green is not coming here when he could get paid just as much to be on a contender. Ricky Rubio is likely to get good money somewhere else. Why come to a Charlotte team that is likely not competing or has a legitimate playoff chance? Jeremy Lamb is about to get PAID. He will likely be out of our price range. If we sign any free agents, I would like to see the team take a chance at signing a young center such as Ivica Zubac or Thomas Bryant. Also, they should look at signing a young point guard, such as Emmanuel Mudiay or Elfrid Payton if we decide to skip on point guard in the first round. I believe we would have enough cap to sign a combination of these two positions, but we surely will not attract any bigger names than the ones I have listed due to the team likely looking to start over with a rebuild. A rebuild would be a smart move for the team, along with taking a few gambles on some young NBA players. Get young and try to build chemistry.


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Jesus we're going to suck, no one wants to play here, and if they did, we couldn't pay them anyway.

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Nobody.  Why continue to build the 10th best roster in the East? Bottom out, get money off the books, rebuild over the next 2-3 years. 

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Not a free agent but Chris Paul is somebody who we might consider if we end up keeping Kemba. 

Proof he could be available: Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey is reportedly hellbent in improving his roster, showing an “aggressive desire” to do so by being willing to involve players and potential draft picks, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Before you tell me I'm idiot for wanting to take on 3 years/120ish million and a 34 year old Chris Paul, I want to say that the Rockets are certainly aware of how close to being a negative asset CP3 is.. He's not going to fetch some huge trade package. Without further delay,  I present to you a trade that pair up Kemba and CP3 and get rid of Batum in the process. I wish Paul's deal was one year shorter so that we'd just be trading 2 years of Batum + Zeller at about $40 million per total for 2 years of Paul at that price. The extra year is bad, and we wouldn't want to give up any picks in this kind of deal. Parker says he prefers to play for a competitive team if he doesn't retire, this suits that desire. Zeller is injury prone too, and Batum sucks. Nene and Hartenstein are just to make the money even.


Kind of just expect our FO to be in to this sort of thing.. I think it was actually reported we were talking to the Rox, but it was Kyler so unreliable. 

Another target that actually makes sense for our longer term outlook is Capela, Rockets are listening to offers to him.. After he looked like crap in the semis against GSW, I feel like they wouldn't be opposed to moving on from him, and we really need a center. He's a decent young guy on a long term deal that isn't even that steep, would be thrilled if we got our hands on him.

As for FA, we're pretty much capped out. Even if Kemba walks I don't think we should go pay anybody too much money. 

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assuming we lose Kemba - i don't want to pursue any FAs.. I want to go full tank mode

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