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Just now, Jeremy Igo said:



We just cannot have that kind of fug up this season. 

Ive never understood the staffs obsession with him.


He's never been That good.  Yes he's had 1 or 2 good plays, but man on man 

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11 minutes ago, ellis said:

That was an audible. FWIW.

I was thinking Manhertz thought it was a run play it was so bad. 

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That's what a payday will do to some people...

Just kidding, he was never that good anyways. And that is supposed to be where his value resides. LOL

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4 minutes ago, Jeremy Igo said:

FYI, Pats could have ended the Panthers season here with a shoulder hit. Be extremely thankful he went for his waist with a clean sack. 

Exactly what I said to myself... Thank God he went lower.

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It was going to be one of our vertical shots: QB1 saw something be liked out of 21 personnel. Audible was scheduled to be a max protect, possibly all-go. Maybe deep post? 

Just goes to show you how it all has to go right for a play to work.

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    • I agree with switching out Williams' position. But why has he been the starter these 2 games? Because Greg Little had been in concussion protocol since early preseason. He was released from the protocol just 2 days before the last game. Little's not a vet; he couldn't just slip into the game plan and know what to do.  Why does everyone forget that when discussing Williams and LT? As if concussion protocol is a coach's fault. I expect to see changes made on the left side given our mini bye week.
    • I love Cam. Like seriously I absolutely love the dude. But if we are seriously taking a QB, I want a guy that projects to play longer in his career. Of course you can never predict health, but we all knew Cam would get banged up with his play style and wouldn’t have a ton of longevity. His play style, doing flips into the end zone, has been fugging awesome to watch. But the biggest lesson I’m taking away from this is that next time, I want a QB that can play til he’s 38. Because once once your QB is finished (not saying Cam is btw) you are closing your window and accepting it may not be open again for a LONG time. It’s hard to find a QB. We found a stud in Cam. But I hope the next stud we find can avoid the big hits Cam has taken and stay around longer. Again, this is all assuming Cam is done, which I’m not so sure he is.   
    • That's the trademark of a Rivera/Hurney squad. I love that its also an odd year just to rub more salt in those Panthers fan wounds... b-b-but wE sUpPoSEd tO WiN oN tEh oDD yeARs   God I hate everything about football right now...
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