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Panthers hire Ken Dorsey as QB coach

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THE U!!!!!!!

Now if we can just get another young Cane on this squad that can be an impact player immediately, especially on the defensive side of the ball, ill be so happy!

305 til I die

"Born & raised in the county of Dade"

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I'm waiting for Duke Johnson to take over as the Panthers running back in a few years after winning a couple national titles.

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what about average players?

somewhere in the middle

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So a player that won a National Championship by himself will be being coached by a guy that won a National Championship because of his team... interesting

I tend to believe that the best nfl coaches prospects are the ones that were average players at best. You know the ones that never had the raw athleticism and intangibles that a lot of these future HOF players have (Peppers comes to mind). My explanation for this theory is simple.... these were the players that had to be meticulous with their technique in order to compete or stand a chance against other nfl players that were a lot better athletes than them etc.

One clear example comes to mind

Ricky proehl-- never a #1 wr but man could he run routes. His crip technique is probably the only reason he lasted in the nfl so long. Hence why I think he'll be a great wr coach moving forward.

On the flip side, I think that's why a great player like Mike Singletary turned out me be a less than average coach. He wasn't the most athletic but he had great "instinct", and that's something that Cannot be tought. He was a great instinctive player since day 1 (Sound familiar?)

Which brings me to my last point/opinion. I believe our very own Luke Kuechley would NOT be a very good coach if he pursued that venture.

But that's just my humble observation and analysis.

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love the signing!! honestly, seeing cam and imagining how high his ceiling may be, i think we made an awesome move!

never was a dorsey fan, was awful skinny and 0 athletisism...but he was a collegiate success and made the nfl because he was smart, worked hard, and because he was so well schooled in the physics and mechanics of throwing the ball that it allowed him to use every last little drop of what tiny bit of athletic, physical talent he had. cam won a NC at auburn because he was the most athletic freak qb to ever play the game, but was NOT the most fundementally sound passer. when he played his first nfl game, after working with IMG, homeboy was straight up as fundemental passer as any rookie ever!

finally gonna get the tweaking and fine tuning cam needs and deserves from someone who knows whats up!! cam needs results in progression, i believe dorsey has the regimine to get em...great hire!!

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Dorsey= great college qb Dorsey = sucky pro qb . So we have a sucky pro qb training our francise" qb. Don't add up.

Spoken like someone with the Football IQ of a pre-pubescent little girl.

Thanks for playing

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