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My morning...

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Not to hijack Murph's thread but Cat do you have one of those Polaris or Shark automatic cleaners for the pool? They are expensive but the best investment / invention for a pool ever. Hit a switch and the pool is any dirt is gone in minutes. Also, my GF converted her pool to saltwater this year. Throw in a couple of bags of salt in the beginning of the year and it's maintanence free for the rest of the year. Total cost is under $20 a year and there it is always crystal clear and so much better for the skin.  



Is it a vacuum? We have a stupid expensive vacuum that cleans our pool. I don't remember the brand all i remember is that it was shockingly expensive.  My hubby looked at salt but we couldn't do it for some reason. We use fiber clear which is cheap but we have to backwash it in every 5-6 weeks. 


All this rain has us constantly having to drain our pool so it will skim. Normally it's not any maintenance but this summer has been a bit more work with the storms and for some reason we have calcium build up on our jacuzzi tiles which is strange because they say we don't have too much calcium in our pool.

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any pool that Johnny Rocket's feet have been in automatically requires much much heavier cleaning than any other body of water, EVER

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