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Charlotte Shopping Ben Gordon, Trying To Win Now (Other News)

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Well, like I said, what other options are there for what we have to offer.  Smith is a huge upgrade in talent, even if he is an idiot.

Before this shoelace crap, over the summer when he was brought up, it was almost unanimous that everyone here wanted him, and we apparently did show interest but he re-signed with the Knicks.


I think the crap he's doing now is on purpose so he can force his way out of New York without asking for it.


He could give us the scoring we need to possibly push us up into a 4th seed if all plays out well.  I mean, they've basically come out and said they're playing for a playoff spot.  He's on a short-term deal, he can score, we're not gonna get much better, and he'd help us RIGHT NOW.


i don't like smith cuz he IS an idiot.  but i have to say that will be a good trade cuz he is a slasher and shooter.  he is better than nick young and jamal crawford though older.  it goes smith, crawford, and young, in that order, IMO.

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