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  1. Tepper celebrating “we did it” (last year): Tepper Tepper sitting there by himself looking confused while everyone else is celebrating behind him: Tepper
  2. All depends on how far or what you got in return. trade down 5 spots for an additional 5th-6th rd pic. trading down 10+ spots for Pennie’s. No. if there is a single guy your deadset on at 101. I’m not picking up the phone.
  3. I’m in the minority. But I’m not taking TE unless it’s truly the BPA on the board. Canales runs 11 personnel (3WR 1TE), and doesn’t use TE primarily in the passing game. *Top TE last year for him was 5th on the team in targets even behind the RB. Keep adding to the WR room if the BPA is a WR If BPA is CB, run that in. As Evero loves using that 3-3-5 with the nickel a Lot
  4. Saw someone comp him to Aaron Jones. Id be thrilled with someone like that. i known talking to some draft people. Several felt he would’ve been a 1st rd guy if not for the ACL tear this season. If our staff and medical team feels good about him doing their homework into the medicals this offseason. Then this is a good pick. Our HC point blank told you all he wants it to be a heavy heavy run offense with playaction. And right now we have Miles Sanders who is only here because the bad contract the last regime and his former coach (Reich/Staley) gave him. And Chubba Hubbard, who would be a RB on 90% of the teams in the league.
  5. That RB had 1 ACL tear and wouldn’t have made it past Dallas in rd 2 while that LB had a Shoulder injury, Multiple knee injuries including being reported last night that he is completely missing a ACL now in one knee. and almost fell out of rd 3
  6. True. But Michael never worked as a scout etc. he just bought the team and forced his input like Tepper. Dan worked his way up as a Scout post playing football. Plus, teams Dan was an Assistant GM prior to here. All the combined LBs that were taken in the top 100 ended up being pro bowler or all pros. Now Wallace is the 4th one taken in the top 100
  7. There is a reason why 30 other teams passed on him for so long. Then at the end of the night last night, I believe Will Brinson (state alum in the NFL Media for like CBS) mentioned and believe Schefter too. That Wilson’s knee is so cooked that he doesn’t even have a ACL on one of them anymore
  8. Give me Edge Cooper dude is a Monster
  9. And apparently they don’t get a comp pick if he walks now too
  10. Ridley is the top WR target left in FA. As is Morse at Center. We are now in the bottom half of the league in cap space after the Burns tag. Even after these cuts. We can pursue and want all we want. But trying doesn’t mean we’ll land them.
  11. Hate it because he was a great guy. Him and his wife did a lot off the field. They reminded me a lot of of the 2015 guys who many of us fell in love with personality wise off the field. He looked good with Wilks because he was a good power run blocker and that’s about it. And when you run the ball 90% of the snaps, you’ll look pretty good. I go back to this last offseason when we were all jumping wanting to make him a Top priority FA signing. And when we didn’t sign him right away. Reports came out from Mike Kaye, Person, etc. that the league didn’t view him as high as much of us fans. He came back. Played in a scheme that for one didn’t fit him. But looked downright awful sadly. I know some want to blame the QB. but no QB big, tall or small. Shotgun, pistol, undercenter, or back deep in punt formation. Center or any OL Shouldn’t be getting beat in 1 on 1 reps with ease in pass pro. Didn’t matter the DT. Any time any DT put a swim move on him, they went by him like Michael Phelps. When teams used a stunt, he looked like he didn’t know what to do as his feet were in concrete. Then he just couldn’t downright move in the zone to pickup anyone. I really hate it. But it had to be done.
  12. Concerns and events https://x.com/avl_mike/status/1765412318911828008?s=46
  13. https://x.com/josinaanderson/status/1760433355529621578?s=46 wont let it embed it from my phone. So if someone wants to add it. but this part makes me nervous. Can only imagine what Brown and his agent are thinking watching this
  14. He legit had Cooper Kupp as his WR1 that year while everyone laughed and call him crazy. Also he was really high on Tank Dell Last year while people tried to say he was just feeling for the fellow little WR.
  15. I’ve been pounding the table for him in rd3-4. And for the crowd who hate Bryce’s arm strength and want to compare him to Tua. Well, then this is the type of guy you want on this team. He got the nickname Yac king for a reason. Get the ball to him and let him work
  16. Don’t forget spending 19.2 mil on Miles Sanders, Hayden Hurst, and DJ Chark. or using 2 of the picks acquired from CMC for a 24 year old project Edge. Who never got a jersey until reporters started pressing questions about him mid season.
  17. True. Because if the plan is to cut Donte to save money. It’d be like 2016 all over again.
  18. https://www.the33rdteam.com/2024-nfl-free-agency-5th-year-option-costs-for-2021-1st-round-picks/ have to make the decision by May 2nd Horns option will cost 11.29 mil keep in mind. We have roughly 29 mil in Space (probably will open 10 more with restructures etc) and have Burns+Luuvu as FA.
  19. Thielen wouldn’t have even started on the last 2 teams Canales was at. And would’ve been the number 3 option like he was at the end in Minnesota
  20. I suspect this room is going to look completely different next fall. By Any mean necessary. The is arguably the worst in the league. Additionally. Our New HC has been credited for turning around 2 QBs who just so happened to step in to situations that had top 5 in the NFL WR duos.
  21. Deepest HC pool and we could only come up with a guy who has been carried by some of the top 5 WR rooms in the NFL?! His own Dam former team didn’t even want to consider him for their opening
  22. Yet so is Dan Quinn. Who they’ve been diving deep into. i have many been high on Canales at all. He has been a predictable play caller for the most part. It’s been pointed out he has used less motion (which is a big part of modern offenses) than even Frank Reich. He had 2 top 15 WRs and one of the better LT’s in the entire NFL this year which helped. Also it is a huge red flag that the team where he was an assistant with for 12 years. And the guy everyone’s credit and points to for Canales in Geno Smith, is their current Franchise QB Why aren’t they even reaching out, considering, heck not even a rd 1 phone interview.
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