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  1. 1. Bryce Young. Dude just has that poise and the IT between the ears. Has more than good enough arm too. 2. Zay Flowers- EXPLOSIVE. Smaller guy, but get the ball too him and he’ll be a play maker. Reminds me of a slightly faster Tyler Lockett coming out.
  2. 1st: CJ Stroud- I don’t think QBs go before the 1st pick. So Stroud falls in our lap here. Even if Bryce and Stroud go off the board. We will go QB. Whether it be Levis or AR. This is a Talented group, and there will be no more kicking the can down the curb. Tepper will not let the same mistake happen again. Where we opted to go BPA with Derrick Brown Vs aggressively pursue a QB like trading up for a QB like Herbert. They do it the right way this time pairing the QB with the new HC. 2nd: Zach Harrison- 2 of the deeper position groups in this draft is edge rusher and WR. Which we will take advantage of. YGM has been a liability and a Huge weakness on this defense. Harrison is a elite athlete with tremendous upside. He falls here due to his production not matching. He has been solid this year, but not taken that next step. With multiple other Good Edge Rushers in this class, causes him to drop SF 2nd: Zay Flowers- like mentioned above. We take advantage of the 2 groups. Many don’t realize how big a need at WR truly is. DJ Moore is the only proven guy. Terrace Marshall has shown some flashes since Rhule left. Buts it’s been a small sample compared to 1.5 years of disappointment. Shenault has been nothing more than a Gimik play guy. He was traded from Jax because he couldn’t create separation and run routes. When we specifically designed touches he’s been fine. But that absolutely not what you want from your 1-3 WRs. Shi Smith seems like one of those training camp warriors, really struggling in the regular season. If you notice what most of the top QBs all have in common. It’s they have stud Weapons around them. Additionally, explosive weapons have become a hot commodity. Flowers is Tiny, but is a Explosive playmaker. If he was 1 inch taller and 10 pounds heavier, he’d be a 1st rounder. But with the depth of this class, he falls in our lap here. Flowers is a nice compliment to DJ and Terrace. 3rd: Dalton Kindcaid- Panther use one of the 4th rd picks they acquired in the trade, to move up from their next pick. Kincaid is a stud and a potential weapon at TE. TE has been a Major weakness for this offense. Kincaid give Stroud that nice safety blanket. 4th: Tank Bigsby- Foreman isn’t resigned for next year yet. And Chubba Hubbard ain’t it. This is a very good RB class. And you’ll see some talent fall to this spot. Tank is one. Even if we bring Foreman back. RB is one of the more injury effected positions. So you need more than 1 capable RB on the depth chart.
  3. No it’s apples and apples. in 2011 it was the same story there’s no _____ in this class. Especially after Luck pulled out.
  4. https://www.nfldraftbuzz.com/Player/Bryce-Young-QB-Alabama that site you linked says he runs a 4.55 shuttle. when he ran a 4.19 in HS https://247sports.com/Player/Bryce-Young-93127/high-school-178400/
  5. Huh? Last years class was the Gabberts and Lockers. Mid guys who played in collegy systems and put up big #s. this class is fine. This class I call the Justin Herbert effect. This time last year everyone was drooling over Young and Stroud, some even claiming would go top 3 in this past draft if they were eligible . They’re still in school, so people try to nit pick them and try to force flaws.
  6. I swear some people in our fan base if they were around in 2010. Wouldn’t have wanted to draft Cam because we just took Pickles in rd 2 the year prior.
  7. I watched Brees take hits and Russell Wilson take big hits. and both of those guys missed less time to injury in this league than Big Cam, Luck, and Wentz. If you can take a hit, you can take hit. And Bryce like Wilson using his feet well to maneuver around
  8. Exactly glad we didn’t take some of these fans advice back in 2011 because we wouldn’t have taken Cam since we took Jimmy Clausen in rd 2 the year before.
  9. He could also be QB3 or 4. That class is already getting hyped. And that class has toolsy guys as well with Maye, Ewers, and Caleb Williams. he could end up working his way to QB3 in this class on tools alone and with a good Proday/Combine, will go rd 1 this year.
  10. He does deserves a shot and will get one. but there was a reason he fell to the 3rd rd in what was touted the weakest QB class in almost a decade. I think he’ll develop down the road into a good backup though.
  11. Hooker will be 25 this January Joe Burrow won’t turn 26 until December Justin Herbert doesn’t turn 25 until next March
  12. Wilson is struggling now for the first time in 10+ year. Wilson was only 5 pounds heavier coming out than Young currently. Wilson’s body has held up better than Cam, Luck, Wentz, etc who were 6’5 240+ pound guys. height got you scared? Stunning stat for you. Kyler Murray hasn’t been at the top of betted passes. In fact Hebert and Josh Allen were 1 and 2 last year in that category. Both are 6’5 or taller. The league has changed. This isn’t your big stiff hang in the pocket QB league anymore. heck Patrick Mahomes spends as much time of not more time out of the pocket. Same with Joe Burrow. Also watching Tape. When in the Pocket, Young’s vision is elite and knows where to step up in the pocket and in the lane to get clean passes off. This is something Bree’s was good at. funny while we are on Brees. That dude in college at Purdue wasn’t the quick trigger, he used his feet a lot and well.
  13. Just noticed Hooker is older than Brian Burns and Tua will be 26 by the end of his rookie year. (Joe Burrow is 25 currently) and will be over 30 by the end of his rookie year.
  14. Same HS class as guys like Tua, Tee Higgins, CJ Henderson, Tristan Wirfs, and Ceedee Lamb 7 months younger a than Sam Darnold and older than Brian Burns
  15. Has Ohio State been any better? And have we been saying thing about Stroud and what program he is coming from?
  16. I’m not giving out excuses. I simply am pointing out its not as talented. That’s not even just my opinion. That’s scouts opinion, that’s draft experts opinion. And again. Stats ranking is due to sacks given up etc. so all the NFL people are saying the talent isn’t there on that OL. And the OL stats are good. its 1 of 2 things. Either they are playing crap competition or the QB play is pretty good. And I’m sure you agree that they aren’t playing Crap competition in the SEC. So that only leaves 1 thing. if Ohio State had a OL where it was said to have the worst in years. And scouts and draft experts are saying there aren’t any high NFL caliber OL on the OL. Yet they still “rank high”. Is that not on Stroud for them ranking high and not giving up sacks?
  17. 2nd day is 2nd rd FWIW. And day 2 RTs are still considered top tier RTs. See Moton and the Bills LT. and just because it’s Bama doesn’t mean their worst is still elite. If that was the case you would still several of them drafted high. Which is no the case. The only reason they are rated as high as they are as noted above. Is Youngs legs and the way he can maneuver and avoid pressure while keeping his eyes downfield scanning and processing. That’s still a “Elite trait”. That’s how Russell Wilson has made it in this league. That’s how Bree’s made it in this league. Traits aren’t just 6’6 260 runs 4.5 and throws 90 yards. There’s mental traits as well. Additionally athletic ability isn’t just taking off and running like Lamar. It’s the the ability to maneuver and avoid presser behind the LOS like Rus. Young can still rip it too
  18. Levis will be interesting. Will have to look at him totality. His full film, interviews, workouts, pro days. he has tools. And it’s a risk. Plenty of people have swung and missed on guys like him. Then again, if you hit. You hit big. (See Josh Allen). Allen really didn’t look good or put up stats at Wyoming but ooozed in traits
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