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  1. And Durant played better. It’s not like Scoot played bad. Also when Oden was coming out, the league was chasing the next big man. The next shaq, thus the reason those guys catapulted up to the top. Hence check out Hasheem Thabeet around that time.
  2. Against college kids where only about 2 guys he was going against that night would even make it to the league Scoot was playing in. And while we’re on pressure, how about the NCAA Tourney.
  3. Umm he did eventually at approximately 830 or so last night. Why did Stroud pass Bryce when the Panthers traded to 1. It’s all based on assumptions.
  4. And the funniest part about it. His mid range game, which his shooting there is top tier. On film a lot of those shots are from the college 3. So imagine if he was playing in College from the closer stripe and Miller was playing in the developmental league with a further stripe. The numbers would look a lot different. Again, if you would just turn on the tape. You’d see.
  5. That’s fine. And you missed the part where I mentioned the ones complaining about it you can tell are the ones who have never watched him play. He has great mechanics and is a Excellent mid range shooter. And actually a better deep ball shooter than Donanvon Mitchell coming out at the same height. This isn’t a MKG situation. But go on.
  6. Before the season During the season After the Season This is like the whole Bryce thing all over again. Bryce was the clear cut projected top pick until we traded up and then everyone flipped and assumed and went to Stroud just because a YouTube series off 10 plays, height, and a dap up caught on video. When the dust settled it’s what was project all along. Its always been Scoot number 2 Before the season During the season and after the season But once we got the 2nd pick it’s well……the other guy is taller, and the other guy fits a positional need better. Look at every mock before the order was announced.
  7. Scoot was always regarded as the better player and still is the better player despite Miller’s good college season up until the tournament. Not a knock on him. But Scoot was always regarded as a can’t miss type prospect who just was unfortunate to be stuck in the same draft as the most hyped prospect in generations
  8. So we’re not passing on Scoot in this scenario?
  9. Give me Scoot. this Team needs a guy coming who can slash to the basket. The 3 point shooting isn’t a concern to me. The ones complaining are the ones you can tell have never watched him play. MKG, that dude had one of the most fugged up mechanics. Scoot actually has some pretty Clean mechanics and a damn good mid range shooter. He just needs to extend it out a little. Scoot has been working with Curry as well as they are close. Remember, people were clamoring for Donanvon Mitchell here and that dude is the same height if not a inch shorter than Scoot, and also was about the same level 3 point shooter coming out into the draft. Scoot is the best player not named Victor and can pair well with Melo in todays NBA. fug taking anyone else because of “need” and passing on the better player. That’s a Marty Hurney 2.0 level sh!t
  10. Maybe on madden. But in the NFL. Little to none did. ”Affer talking to all my sources with all the teams across the league. There is a Consensus QB1 in this draft (Bryce)” - Daniel Jeremiah, former NFL scout, current NFL draft insider for NFL network etc
  11. Yes. by a good margin too.
  12. This wasn’t PJ Walker the MVP of the XFL and their version of Patrick Mahomes?
  13. Meh. Chris Simms is nothing more than a hot take artist he had Baker, Mac Jones, Zac Wilson, and Carson Wentz ahead of Trevor Lawerence last year.
  14. really good read. here’s some good nuggets from the article
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