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  1. Very very very few people return the same after Achilles. this injury is the one that ultimately ended Jon Beason’s career
  2. Cam Did play out of his mind. but remember we didn’t win the whole thing because another team with an Elite Defense
  3. Was just on and said that this Panthers team is MORE talented than the 2015 Super Bowl team.
  4. Nice! Daley has all along he is more comfortable on the Left side
  5. Didn’t we see this same Story with Norwell and Rivera? Norwell was the clear better but it took an injury to the starter that was struggling before Rivera put him in?
  6. This Defense has been balling out and we just got a solid vet CB coming back who has yet to play
  7. Literally just a college football guy on college football’s biggest pregame show. Saying they should Try to talk Rhule into coming. heck some talking head could say Pete Carroll back to USC or Bruce Arian’s should be approached. Doesn’t mean it’s happening. Nothing to see here, Rhule ain’t going anywhere.
  8. Get to know him. Kid is definitely going to be on our board. Dominate Center who would’ve been the top one in this past draft class had he came out. wrestling background. Actually pinned Bucs star RT Tristan Wirfs
  9. After all the hype in camp Where was he today? I barely even noticed him on the field. Ian Thomas was always in at TE today
  10. Dam Stafford cannoned that pass
  11. Deonte IS better No idea why he was inactivate. This feels like we are still aboard the Rivera train of playing more veteran players over a more promising rookie
  12. The yardage is way off Horn gave up 1 catch for 10 yards. The 1 TD catch Horn gave up was a 8 yard pass. Jackson gave up 58 yards. Jackson gave up 40 alone on the long catch to Mims and gave up a 35 yard catch to Corey Davis earlier just between those 2. 35+40= 75. 75>58
  13. Not just OL he has been Rivera 2.0 in reguard to playing a struggling guy just because he is a vet over a young development guy. we saw this last year at LB with Whitehead
  14. Let’s hope another OG doesn’t go down today
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