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  1. As long as we scored an early 2nd OT I wouldn't hate it. I mean financially it makes sense and would be a BPA situation.
  2. 1 Sewell 2 Slater 3 Surtain II 4 Parsons 5 Horn 6 Pitts 7 whoever's left on OL 8 read #7 again
  3. LOL his career high was in 2017 with 9.5. besides 2018 his highest is 6. He's been finessing folks since the Michigan play!!!! Fraudulent
  4. Pieces are in place. Let's hope he works his ass off, that's all that I'm looking for TBH.
  5. I think the trust level he'll have here will be completely different than there I hope. That could factor into the progression with your point
  6. I almost said the probably worst joke ever uttered on this board. I'm a little ashamed of myself
  7. Don't get me wrong, I meant to say "or Slater" haha but enough of the projections, gimme a proven stud
  8. Look Cam Newton is still my favorite ayer in the NFL. But COME ON MAN. There aren't any more maggots on that dead horse. Stop kicking it for FUGS sake
  9. Yeah. Stop the bleeding. Draft a goddamned Left effing Tackle. One who always plays there! Not a guy with "traits". A full time left fugging tackle. BY GOD it's past time. Do what you have to, to get Sewell. IDGAF
  10. Yeah that one Lance game this year was just jaw dropping...
  11. I'd love to kick the tires on Hooker 100%. Just live in center field lol
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