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  1. sadly what he was drafted for in the first round LMFAO... more like FML. Let's just roll with Mays for the love of God
  2. That's ludicrous but sadly not outside the realm of possibility. But I think it's safe to say, something akin to that might be the last straw for some of us here
  3. Damn Jon. That sucks bro but I hope a good broad is just right around the corner for you. I love to cook personally. My oldest son could be a professional chef when he grows up. It's just something about adding your own literal flavor to something and have people enjoy it
  4. You just don't see my guitar in the avatar eh? LOL at least you didn't ask if I played bass #usedtoit
  5. ...and this was 8 years ago. Wow I feel absolutely ashamed in my metaldom right now
  6. Wait a minute!!! Hetfield and Mustain on the stage together?! Btw the new Megadeth tracks fugging SLAP
  7. Who was the 4th white guy?? I saw Christian Sam and Baker
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