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  1. May I remind people of the DJ contract looming. If there's a shocking FS or OL proven commodity out there, by all means. If not, we stack that paper and get our cap guy on it early
  2. We have a guy that purely works on the cap. We have a better front office in general. If it's meant to be, they'll get it done
  3. Cautiously optimistic. I've been following the Panthers for long enough not to get suckered totally by the May-August fluff pieces that come out and have people thinking "insert player X" will be great for us this year! And then is a complete disaster. That being said, I really do feel like Sam will grow into an effective QB for us, but I also know that's 80% blind homerism at the end of the day. I hope the hunch is right this year. Let's get fuging pounding
  4. overall... Meh. But yeah she bodied Ahsoka
  5. this is why PFF can lick my entire nether region after an afternoon of yardwork in August, in the south
  6. holy SHITEBALLS that was a brave lady. We're just gonna have to get more dogs hahahaha
  7. Considering Dee Reynolds has better dance moves than Olivia, the sister wins by default
  8. Love his energy and always have. I truly am rooting for this cat. They need a personality like that in Detroit.
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