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  1. well it's a good thing we went out and got him
  2. Bro... haven't we been saying this since CMC was drafted? I wonder why it's never been utilized?
  3. FTLOG please stop posting this douchey ass bitch
  4. Wasn't foster 220 lbs too? He had power too But I think Chuba shows us something if there are holes tomorrow
  5. I balked at The athletic at first, but I'm glad I got in on that deal for $45 for the year. It's pretty damn sweet TBH
  6. True, but I believe in our FO to find the perfect safety to fit what we're doing... AFTER THE MF O-LINE
  7. It's called poo changes during the season and other needs emerge
  8. It's an odd year. We all know what that means lol
  9. In the league my friend, in the gawtdayum LEAGUE
  10. DOPE. Actually to my eyes Ian Thomas has played harder this year than he has in the past. He's been actually really good blocking and FINISHING plays! But Yeah bro it's clearly Tremble time in Charlotte. He's ready.
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