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  1. Looks like all the Shaq haters are gonna get to see what this D looks like without him in the middle.
  2. And Hubbard got a reception. He must have been on the jugs machine in the offseason.
  3. 7 yards a carry for Chuba. The Hubbard Express is on the move. CHU CHU!!!
  4. I'm proud of the way our D and our O line have played today
  5. ATL better call Matt Ryan and Julio cause Ridder ain't it.
  6. He's had 3 hard runs today. He's moving the ball. Yall better stop hating on Chu Chu.
  7. PAY THIS MAN!!!! YESTERDAY'S PRICE IS NOT TODAY'S PRICE!!! Ya'll don't want to pay Burns cause we gotta pay Jaycee, but homie can't stay on the field. Brian show up to work every day.l
  8. Luvu come bro. I know you were being held but I need you to hold on to the QB
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