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  1. The XFL teams have the superior logos and jerseys. USFL teams look cheap and off brand to me. Have you guys picked your UFL team for this season yet? I'm still in the evaluation process. I think I'm going with the one of the 3 Texas teams in this 8 team league. I lived in San Antonio for a while as a kid and the Brahmas uniforms look pretty cool.
  2. yoooooooooo this is perfect lmao. laughed so hard i almost fell off the toilet.
  3. Some of y'all are worse than my gf. Just go looking for problems. You gotta chill. That's like saying you're not sure if you're wife's good for you because her ex was able to peacefully move on and isn't broken up over things.
  4. Even if it is all in jest this is my favorite thread of the day. Thanks OP.
  5. Any other franchise would have been happy to have prime Shaq, but since we had prime Beason, Luke, and TD Panthers fans were spoiled and don't properly appreciate Shaq. He got that dog in him. It's the curse of being good but not Great - Elite.
  6. We play the Cowpolk again this year. Bring him in for intel lol.
  7. @NFL_DovKleiman 𝐑𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭: #Panthers have agreed to terms with #Broncos LB Josey Jewell, per @RapSheet
  8. Don't let that man leave the building. Keep eyes on him 24/7... If he tries to escape or call for help.... You know what to do. Throw money at him
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