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  1. He wasn't that bad either. He did some solid work and was a good compliment to CMC.
  2. Sam to DJ is giving me real strong Jake to Smitty vibes. I know we just paid Robbie, but Sam and DJ have a connection.
  3. Dude looked like he had no idea what he was doing in the first half. Second half he protected the ball and moved forward. He looked like a completely different back. What are your opinions on our #2 back? If CMC is out for a bit he's got some big shoes to fill.
  4. Shout out to Joe Brady for the second half adjustments and to Chubba for stepping up in the second half. He must have gone into the locker room and looked over the playbook at half time and figured out what the fug he was doing.
  5. He has played with confidence and hasn't folded. Everybody keep talking about him seeing ghost is full of poo. This man has had his eyes down field all game. He would be dangerous as fug with a legit line.
  6. Darnold banging it out. He wants this job. He wants to prove everybody wrong. I love it. Man is hungry.
  8. This would be a different game if we didn't have all the drops in the first half.
  9. Props to Joe Brady for the second half adjustments. Not used to seeing that.
  10. Darnold is like nope... Yall not bout to call me a bust. This job here is too kush.
  11. Give me four every time and I'll quit hating Chubba. Just keep going forward and protect the ball.
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