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  1. Sorry Agent 89, but now that D.J. is wearing my favorite number, he's my favorite player.
  2. From the highlights I see he gets open, catches the ball, gets touched, falls down. Reminds me of Greg Olsen.
  3. shouldn't we have like 12 picks coming up soon?
  4. Just run commercials through the whole pick it's fine. This is all fine.
  5. I can't wait to see who we get with the Agent 89 pick.
  6. In other news AJ McCarron has gone home to Georgia. Didn't know he was still in the leaguue. Is Colt McCoy still a thing? McCarron was a poor man's McCoy.
  7. we must think manhertz is going to drop to our next pick
  8. I was scared to do it my whole life til i did it. Then I spent more time taking it apart and trying to put it back together better than I did playing games on it when I built my first one. It's 6 years old and still running. I've built a newer one since. My 4 yr old has claimed it as her's and helps me maintenance it.
  9. I miss Chuck and PanthersUnited. They were hilarious.
  10. The second you brought him up I knew he was off the board. xD
  11. NFL NETWORK - "He's a really smart guy isn't he? He builds computers in his garage." Fug I build computers in my kitchen. If you can put together legos you can build a computer. Maybe I should have been drafted this year.
  12. Didn't we loose him the year we got Pickles? Would have rather kept him for real.
  13. I feel like this has been a very Defense heavy draft.
  14. I'm saying tho... We need a QB. What's Matt Moore doing these days?
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