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  1. Unk aint that far behind him. Wont be long before we calling him Gramps 2020.
  2. So this is my new stepdad. He's pretty cool, but I miss my pops. RIP Dad.
  3. RG3 look like he's about to go walk into a phone booth then come out with a cape on with those glasses.
  4. I miss your hog mollie banner under your posts
  5. Why do I feel like he's gonna get drafted by Pittsburgh?
  6. My dad's a Bears fan. He's really been enjoying this off season at my expense.
  7. representation is amazing. im so glad that most of the stigma of the black qb has be wiped away. hearing someone talk about how one is "smart" instead of "athletic" blows my mind.
  8. I think that's just his demeanor. He's just a no nonsense dude.
  9. I teared up during the post game locker room speech. I really liked Coach Rivera, but I think I'm in love with Coach Wilks. I don't want to lose him. I will follow that man where ever his career takes him from this point forth. #KeepPounding
  10. Steve Wilks will be a head coach in the NFL in 2023. I just hope it's here in Carolina. There is no one I want more to lead this team. Tepper came from the Steelers. That franchise has history, culture, and stability. Wilks is part of our history and culture, and he's brought stability to this team. He's instilled identity and accountability. Win this game today and Wilks will break Rhules season win record. What Wilks has done as interim is incredible. He is getting it done with a Ben Mcadoo offense. Thats crazy.
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