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  1. You’re not wrong. Can’t imagine anybody with career prospects - or self-respect for that matter - would want to work for a bottom 2 head coach. Firing Brady at the end of the by week after the games started on that Sunday is a massive sign of disfunction & dumbassery. Moves like that have consequences.
  2. “Uh yes, Mr. Hamilton, this is Matty Rhule. I was wondering if you’d like to join my staff as it needs an experienced offensive coordinator.” That’s cute Matty, what’s your record & who’s the QB? “10-23 & Sam Darnold.”
  3. Funny you posted this today. The Athletic just published a really long article on the Giants incompetence over the last decade. The decision to bench Manning seemed to be spurred by John Mara. Here are some things that stood out from that article. Then there's this harbinger: https://theathletic.com/3071072/2022/01/18/this-place-is-f-messed-up-from-model-franchise-to-dysfunction-giants-issues-permeate-mara-family-business/
  4. That’s entirely speculation and not based on any fact based research. I read the article and it was listing out how potential trades may work based on his contract.
  5. Kingsbury is a certified donkey as a head coach. His play calling is awful. His teams crumble at the end of the year and he NEVER makes adjustments - which is already a massive problem here. If he gets canned, there goes Matt Rhule’s only guaranteed win of 2022.
  6. Nothing but doo doo butter and piss for the 2022 season unless Tepper gets out of this Rhulian hypnotic spell he is under.
  7. Ah - forgot about this report when he was coaching the Giants. But Ben definitely sounds like a Matt Rhule guy based on the highlighted portion of the report.
  8. Screw Dallas. They've cried about officiating multiple times this year. I'm still pissed about Jerome Boger and his crew taking away a forced fumble and recovery from Chinn week 4. Also - did you see how bad Boger's crew was Saturday? I can't believe this guy got a playoff game.
  9. Something to note: analytic heavy front offices generally don't value the linebacker position. They generally don't invest resources into the position. Cleveland/Philly are examples.
  10. Until the Panthers are good again - the misery of other teams will be my pleasure. I need a cig after watching the Eagles, Cowboys and Steelers losing yesterday. Pro tip: if you really want to be entertained, just tune into one of Philly sports talk radio stations today.
  11. Examples: Cam Erving and Pat Elflein.....smfh
  12. I imagine these candidates are really second guessing things after listening to micromanager Matty's disastrous press conferences and appearances on WFNZ last week.
  13. Al Bundy after listening to a Matt Rhule press conference
  14. I'd trust this guy over Rhule making personnel decisions. At least we know he once scored 4 touchdowns in a single game - the city championship game mind you!
  15. Not bad for a guy that was viewed as a guard by Matt Rhule........smfh https://www.nfl.com/news/2021-all-pro-team-jonathan-taylor-t-j-watt-cooper-kupp-highlight-roster
  16. When Slater is coming off a year where he was selected as a Pro Bowl starter at LT in the AFC and played at an All-Pro level - you do not, under any circumstance, say something like that to the public. Yes, people miss all the time, but he has to have some self-awareness. Comments like that make him and the organization look dumb. He's getting roasted by experts that know OL play. Free agents aren't going to want to sign up to play for someone like that.
  17. And Anthony Lynn (a horrific head coach/offensive coordinator) was dead set on not playing him. It took the team doctor messing up a shot into Tyrod Taylor for him to get the opportunity.
  18. There's a massive lack of self-awareness on Mint Street right now from Tepper to Rhule and others. I keep thinking back to two important quotes from John Madden and what made him successful as a coach and commentator. The first one: "If you make a mistake, admit it quickly and emphatically and don’t dwell on it." Right now - nobody on Mint Street wants to admit any mistakes. I get not wanting to throw players under the bus, but doubling down on the Rashawn Slater evaluation when he's clearly a damn good left tackle is ridiculous. It's okay to say "hey, we missed on our evaluation and we're going to learn from it." That's better than doubling down on your assessment. The second one: "Nothing is worse than a phony. If you’re going to have longevity, you’d better be yourself. And you’d better be yourself every doggone day." Based on all the stories I've read about Rhule, from throwing coffee into his face, telling a coach this might be his last game and how he talks during press conferences - I feel like he's not genuine. You could see with Ron Rivera that he was genuine. So many of us are able to look through the stuff he says and does - yet the owner doesn't see it. I know that's a long post - but to me - those things stand out and boils down to the root problem of Rhule's coaching and frankly whatever the Panthers are trying to do as an organization overall.
  19. The Rashawn Slater thing - I mean - someone in PR over there needs to coach him on what not to say. The fact that he thought Slater wasn't a LT and the dude dominated as a rookie just reaffirms the belief that he (and the rest of the FO) cannot evaluate OL play. Remember - Seattle has had OL problems for nearly a decade. The Seattle FO has nearly struck out on every OL move they made and that really concerns me about this team's ability to fix this position. Passing on Slater/Humphrey/Trey Smith in the 2021 draft is already a massive whiff.
  20. It's the one thing I give them credit for - passing on Fields. The guy can't play & he was worse than Trubisky by all numbers.
  21. I'm not able to listen but........tell me......tell me that he did not just say that
  22. I don't want to hear the words "process," "rebuild," "slow-build," or any other synonyms to these terms. This is the National Football League. Teams turn it around in one year all the time. Kevin Stefanski took the clown show Browns to the playoffs in his first year for crying out loud with a below average QB. Mike Vrabel didn't have his best skill position players for multiple games - yet he didn't make any damn excuses and coached his ass off to get his team to the number 1 see. You either produce in this league or you don't. Winners win, losers lose. Matt Rhule and David Tepper are losers. By the time the offense is figured out, they'll have to retool the defense. You can't waste the talent you have. Performance isn't linear in the NFL. It fluctuates wildly. I'm tired of this organization - mainly Matt Fool - insulting our intelligence. There's nothing genuine about him. Everybody but the Wall Street Wizard can see through this clown. I'll gladly eat crow if Tepper can figure this thing out, but right now he's a total donkey.
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