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Community Answers

  1. Mike has some pretty good insight on Tepper and our franchise. His son was on our coaching staff last year before the raiders hired him in February
  2. I have a feeling we’re going to interview lots of candidates then hire Lou anarumo
  3. Meanwhile another CJ to Dell touchdown
  4. Blakshear would’ve caught that ball
  5. lol we don’t have the players to successfully run a play like that
  6. Other than the mini playoff push we had last year I think bringing Cam back was the best thing that’s happened during the Tepper era. The “I’m back” game was amazing
  7. At least Rhule was funny. We were able to sit back and laugh at some of the things he said and did. It’s just sad watching Frank coach.
  8. Nobody should ever wear number 90 after Julius peppers. Please retire that number
  9. Frank coaching for his job but won’t just give Chubba all the carries.
  10. It’s weird seeing a coach on this staff yell at a player. Good on you Ejiro
  11. Chandler was drafted because he played next to ickey in college lol. He’s not good.
  12. Nothing that I have seen this season gives me any hope that we will win this game. With that being said let’s go Panthers 24-16 victory coming up
  13. I can’t believe Howell and Stroud are leading the league in passing yards.
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