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Community Answers

  1. Ben Johnson calling a great game against a great team.
  2. Helier has been great but I have to go with Saurbruan
  3. His play style is very similar to Mike Mitchell. I think we should give him a shot.
  4. Would love him as an OC next year
  5. Love Burns but turning this down would be tough. I don’t think the Rams are Burns away from a super bowl and this will probably be at least a top 10 pick by 2025.
  6. With the rules favoring the offense so much the receiver position is getting smaller. More and more receivers 6’0” and under fast and speedy are getting drafted and used more
  7. His 1,000 1,000 season. Even though we didn’t make the playoffs it was cool to see a panthers complete such a rare accomplishment
  8. I believed in Fitterer until now. I’m sorry but you don’t entertain a trade with CMC unless they’re starting with a first round pick.
  9. If we didn’t get a first then it wasn’t worth it
  10. I would hope burns, chinn and Moore would be considered “un-tradable” but this organization did keep Rhule for 2.5 years so it’s believable
  11. We need a coach how is going to work with a rookie QB and get the most out of him. Steve Steichen is probably that guy
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