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Community Answers

  1. Cam doesn’t want to come back here. It unfortunate but it is what it is
  2. Too pricey and can’t stay healthy. We already have that spot filled
  3. Walter football has been consistent for years. Predicted us to take Horn last year
  4. ESPN Just because the music is so nostalgic when somebody gets drafted
  5. Watching Tunsil drop because a video got leaked of him smoking out of a gas mask. Not panthers related but that was the wildest thing I’ve seen during a draft
  6. I noticed that as well. Scott and “the coach” didn’t start saying coach Rhule until the very end
  7. Dave “That’s a question for Scott” Tepper
  8. It’s believable. The guy played with two massive knee braces on. A guy that size definitely has knee issues. Seems like he could be another Otah
  9. There’s no way both Neal and Cross go before Ikem
  10. Lewis Cine looks like a great safety. If we grab a pick in the 2nd round he’d be a steal
  11. Rhule you’ve known him since college. Have a talk with him
  12. His son is on our coaching staff so this is actually interesting coming from him
  13. JaguarGator uploaded this video. It’s a rare throwback to when we had the worst goal line offense of all time and this loss helped us not make the playoffs
  14. Tepper and Fit still letting Rhule have a say in signing people. Another Temple player
  15. In the words of the great John Fox “it is what it is.”
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