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  1. Not sure if posted yet but this is a great offseason video detailing the fall, rise, and fall again of our team. Ahh the memories https://youtu.be/PNolq-QqYmI?si=ycsW6lFNytopea1p
  2. If he’s the pick at 33 I’ll take it. I trust Morgan as the GM and being a former player to find talented players. I’ll trust Morgan’s picks and decisions until he gives me a reason not to.
  3. They probably won’t appreciate him saying this. That may change the plans
  4. I think Dan Morgan is going to make sure we get Payton Wilson
  5. Someone will take a chance on him in round 1. I hope he falls to us though
  6. Too be far though there is nothing else you to be proud of. They’ve botched every decision so far. At least she didn’t give some BS answer. Idk what she really could’ve said regarding that question that would’ve been a god answer
  7. He’s going top 15 after that performance. No doubt
  8. I haven’t heard a date or time yet. Does anybody know?
  9. This is great video showing our new coaches personal life and how he overcame struggles. Definitely worth the watch
  10. I think he led the league in forced fumbles in 08. Great safety not afraid to lay the boom
  11. Who agrees?? I’ve seen enough. Smart offensive mind. Revitalized Geno Smiths career for a season, has Baker Mayfield winning a playoff game?! This is our guy and the future of young offensive minded coaches. He will be a successful HC
  12. A lot of people getting their hopes up for a Ben Johnson or Bobby Slowik hire but no chance that happens especially after those teams won this weekend. I think Evero is the backup plan because why else would Tepper deny interviews. A new coach would want his own DC. It’s going to be a David Culley type of year. Evero, Frazier Tabor probably. Maybe new QB after this upcoming season then our coaching job will be more attractive when the new coach can draft a new QB.
  13. Welp, another head coaching opportunity better than ours is going to be available tomorrow.
  14. We neeed more former players as GMs. It’s working out for the niners. Successful players know talent. I’m all for Morgan taking it over
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