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  1. What's you infatuation with dildos about anyway? That's really creepy an old guy almost twice my age posting about dildos in my profile!

  2. Wow, you can change stuff on my account, didnt realize you were so preoccupied with me! Lol

  3. I better watch out for you, i see you have a history of being a taddle tale. Did Jangler scare you too much so you had to taddle? LMFAO

    1. SuperMan


      Anything you say has no credibility for one you're a saints fan, and besides that you are into bearotica and gay porn.

      you talk big game but when it comes to putting out you are the one with the 2 inch prick.

  4. What were you saying about using dildos in the ass!?!? Seriously bro, don't leave stuff like that on my profile weirdo!

    1. SuperMan


      nice try mr bearotica.

  5. Hey Buddy, why you avoiding me on Facebook? I figured after all your stalking, you would at least respond,

    1. PhillyB


      haha whose alt is this

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