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  1. I penciled in us playing Cincy week one.
  2. Remember Pats interest in Anderson? They just took a Rhule guy.
  3. We’re most likely not staying at 6, so we’ll most likely not get one of your top 3. We like Christensen enough at LT. A vet signing is still in the works. We’ll look at interior linemen later in the draft and focus on other options earlier on.
  4. FWIW the feeling I’m getting is that there might be a team actually sniffing trading for Darnold, depending on how the rookie QBs fall. I think the Panthers are looking at one QB prospect in particular, but they will have to move around some to get him at a good spot. There is a possibility that, if they get that one, it could lead to two trades. One for a player already on the Panthers and one not. ETA all the Baker/Jimmy G trade rumors are smoke. We don’t plan on trading for either, but might try to sign one if cut.
  5. I’m still hearing a lot of this still holds up. And it is slowly leaking. I’ll drop more as I hear it.
  6. From what I’ve gathered so far, from people I trust to know, is: We have two tackles we would take at 6 if they are there, but will hear any and all offers to move down a bit. We like a lot of mid round OL guys too. We don’t want to take a QB at 6. We already have two potential trade partners for #6 depending on how the first five picks play out. There are a couple players we could trade to acquire during the draft, none of which are QBs, and there are still players of our own that we’d move. One real goal is to recoup at least one pick in the second and third rounds, and possibly multiple in each. We see a lot of role players in the 40-80 range.
  7. The Cardinals know they can call his bluff. He’ll play or they’ll Deshaun Watson him for a year or more. The only thing potentially interesting for us is if they’ll give us something for Darnold or if they’ll now draft a QB.
  8. Draft Corral, trade for his old buddy Elijah Moore, sign a vet Tackle and draft interior OL depth and profit. We can never have enough Moores.
  9. Y’all ever heard of Muhsin Muhammad? Nearly exactly the same thing happened with him.
  10. Y’all realize he and Sam have the exact same salary right? The Browns, and no other team, want Sam Darnold. We have like 20M cap space. Baker would take 18. No.
  11. We don’t need to take any of them… Especially not some dumb fug that decided to got to school with Jerry Falwell. We need to invest in the offensive line, trade McCaffrey for whatever we can get, accumulate draft and other capital for 2023, and go after someone like Grayson McCall in 2023 with a new coach.
  12. … I was ready to give it all up. When we unceremoniously cut Steve Smith, it was a tough time. But I healed up for the most part. When we unceremoniously cut Cam Newton, it has been tough ever since. When Teddy B sat down with his old friends on the opponent’s bench in the middle of a bad season, I was disgusted. When Sam completely fell apart I was dejected. When the league handled Aaron Rodgers with kid’s gloves after the poo he pulled recently, I was ready to throw in the towel for good with the NFL. And then the Panthers right one of the biggest wrongs they have ever done, and draw me right back in… We could lose the rest of our games this year and it won’t matter to me. Some things are at least right once again in the world. Welcome home, Cam.
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