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  1. Probably my favorite draftee at the moment. I bet he can eventually make CMC expendable.
  2. Hope the Chiefs don’t snag Meinerz right before us
  3. Guys calm down. We might be completely done with our draft by the 5th round. More moves coming.
  4. FWIW Jaelon Darden is our sleeper WR pick later in the draft
  5. Meh. There are other options, but I’m pretty sure they thought Little would be there.
  6. Panthers did exactly what I told you they’d do, just a different team.
  7. I don’t have team specific info but if I had to guess we’re talking about our old friends Marty and Ron here. I am guessing what is being discussed is trading WFT #39 and 222 for picks 51 and 74. We slide down a bit in the second but get back to back third rounders at 73 and 74. We could then pair those to move back up again or stand pat and get three guys we want. At this point that is my best guess. There is still a lot of things that have to land just right. Plus it could be another team.
  8. Fwiw it sounds like the plan is to trade back in the second, pick up an extra late 2nd or early third, and look at Little, Mills, a WR or DI with those three picks.
  9. Just heard from a source that the Panthers have made some calls about acquiring an additional second round pick, or an extra early 3, depending on how the chips start falling. Rumor has it that we’d like to double dip for Stanford’s Walker Little and Davis Mills. If one or both don’t work out we’re expected to go OL and WR next.
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