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  1. I’d honestly argue that the shirt is too dark and too blue. IIRC our official color is “electric blue” not “teal blue.”
  2. I’m 40 now and wear a Panthers hat every time I leave the house. I also rock a Panthers face mask most of the time, and am currently wearing a Panthers coat, too. Also my shoes are Panthers blue. Ride or die, betch! For real though... gatekeeping hat wearing is kinda strange. As far as NE colors. They’re close enough. I have few cheap 9Fortys that are my go to, I also have a 9Twenty that’s all black except for our logo. The blue is just a shade more radiant than it should be, but it’s definitely close enough.
  3. I truly wish you nothing but the best, bud. Good luck with all of it. I'd like to know/hear more about the barn-living/set building and see more pics of all that, too.
  4. If it is such NO BIG DEAL GUYS to you, then go ahead and go everywhere in your F150 without a mask, or lick toilet seats for all I care. Evolution will take care of you. But if you do go out without a mask, know that you're being passively violent. And if someone takes it upon themselves to call you out on it, and/or defend themselves from your assault on common decency, then you deserve it.
  5. If we stopped dumb people with dumb opinions from posting, you would have been gone a long time ago.
  6. So the argument against wearing masks is that it is potentially only 10% efficient? LOL Would you rather have 10% of a million dollars, or 0%? Great, big brain logic going on here. Wear a mask of some sort so your dumb asymptomatic ass has at least a 10% less of a chance of spreading A VIRAL PANDEMIC. I'll wear my mask so I can also have a 10% less chance of catching it from all your mouth breathing ass, and combined we can potentially cut the risk of A VIRAL PANDEMIC spreading by 1/5th. If you argue against mask wearing, you're an insolent toddler. Just
  7. seriously might be album of the year so far
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