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  1. I’m no doctor but CMC looks completely fine to me the way he is walking and I think he’s just disappointed that we’ve ruled him out. Quite honestly the staff was probably like “we don’t need you tonight, bruh.”
  2. Mods can’t be bothered with getting rid of all the racists and misogyny here so do their job for them.
  3. Probably my favorite draftee at the moment. I bet he can eventually make CMC expendable.
  4. Hope the Chiefs don’t snag Meinerz right before us
  5. Guys calm down. We might be completely done with our draft by the 5th round. More moves coming.
  6. FWIW Jaelon Darden is our sleeper WR pick later in the draft
  7. Meh. There are other options, but I’m pretty sure they thought Little would be there.
  8. Panthers did exactly what I told you they’d do, just a different team.
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