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  1. This FO doesn't know how to handle injuries. They rushed Cam back and he's never been the same. "CMC goes on IR". Man can't believe they are taking it slowly with CMC. He's done and the FO is stupid. That how it is?
  2. Went through the pages waiting to see Franklin on it. We really missed Burris tonight even more than Horn just because Franklin was out of position so much in the pass and also in the run.
  3. Got to give credit to Brady on his short yardage play calling. We had been struggling with that all year but not today. Unfortunately most positives were on the offensive side.
  4. Exactly this! Chinn is part of the #1 ranked defense in the entire nfl. Everyone on that field is doing their part and contributing to that success. Sometimes it's Riddick or Fox or Shaq or Burns or Brown or Donte or Chinn. I am glad that our defensive line is playing so well and we are scheming so well that our safeties aren't making a ton of tackles. Nobody should have a complaint on this defense right now and I bet you Chinn isn't complaining.
  5. Even last year he exceeded my expectations. This year it looks like we are going in the right direction even more. From 2019 until now look at the roster. There maybe 3-5 non rookie guys that are still on this roster from 2019. He has turned this roster into a hungry but extremely young team. Bill Belichick was complaining about all the 27 years olds on his team. poo 27 is an old man on our defense and we are #1 in the league after last year I thought we would be the worst defense in the league. I wasn't excited about the past couple of seasons but Rhule has definitely won me over.
  6. So is it odd not to hear anything from the Panthers, reporters or the player yet? Or am I just being paranoid because of the rumors about him mentally
  7. @KB_fanYes it is selfless. It's a very odd defensive group that we have. They are so young but yet seem to all be playing for each other. Yes we have our stars, but they are just as happy when Morgan Fox or Brown or YGM make plays. I responded to you a lot on twitter but Chinn is my best example. Stats don't blow you away but he is essential for our #1 defense
  8. @BurnNChinndidn't read all the replies but you can't go just by individual stats. We have the #1 defense collectively. I am glad our defensive line is getting more tackles than our linebacker. That is a good thing. Also, we can't talk just about Perryman vs Carter. Everyone is doing their job so far on this defense. Look at your username. Chinn isn't having fantastic numbers, but I guarantee you he is a big reason that offenses have no clue what we are doing week to week.
  9. No such thing anymore. I see someone sneeze or cough and I give them dirty looks and stay away. I agree with the rest of the huddle plague and locusts coming
  10. Saw this. Very interesting. Developmental DE. Does that mean Christian Miller out?
  11. "DBO" Panther's are next level with their analytics! Can't beat yourself if you don't practice. Rhule just playing chess out there.
  12. As a Realtor here, it is absolutely crazy. I thought it might pop when the foreclosures start hitting from job losses however I am starting to think differently. Right now, there is such a low inventory because the amount of rental investors buying up property. Rental prices are crazy high so why not have a producing asset. I mainly list homes. Sold 41 listings last year and I was shocked how many investors especially the rental investors were paying market value for homes. If that is the case then we are going to see low inventory for quite some time.
  13. I don't know much about college players but I want a d linemen. I am expecting a DE but wouldn't be surprised with DT which would gather the ire of all national analysts which I would like.
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