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  1. No such thing anymore. I see someone sneeze or cough and I give them dirty looks and stay away. I agree with the rest of the huddle plague and locusts coming
  2. Saw this. Very interesting. Developmental DE. Does that mean Christian Miller out?
  3. "DBO" Panther's are next level with their analytics! Can't beat yourself if you don't practice. Rhule just playing chess out there.
  4. As a Realtor here, it is absolutely crazy. I thought it might pop when the foreclosures start hitting from job losses however I am starting to think differently. Right now, there is such a low inventory because the amount of rental investors buying up property. Rental prices are crazy high so why not have a producing asset. I mainly list homes. Sold 41 listings last year and I was shocked how many investors especially the rental investors were paying market value for homes. If that is the case then we are going to see low inventory for quite some time.
  5. I don't know much about college players but I want a d linemen. I am expecting a DE but wouldn't be surprised with DT which would gather the ire of all national analysts which I would like.
  6. great job as usual. I thought Ginn was down by contact as well. These catch rules are just so messed up now.
  7. Trucking those Eagles!!!! That's the start we needed!
  8. just wish ginn wouldn't run out of bounds so easily fight for yards!!!
  9. The first one Ginn could have run back these other two were obvious fair catch calls based on hangtime and field position
  10. Alright we flipped field position also a positive thing. So lets go defense!!
  11. Was that our first 1st possession scoring drive of the season?
  12. He plays for the Ravens now. Of course he will stick up for his team. Now that born to be a Ravens part...who cares! He was a great Panther and now has moved on and so should we. If in the future we can retire his number and pay respects that will be amazing. If he doesn't want to because he is still butt hurt then that is not our problem and issue. It just means there will be another 89 in a Panther uniform.
  13. Great podcast! I think this was the best one yet. A great flow having the 2 guests!
  14. I like this FB for the Falcons. Demarco is what we could have had in Ward?
  15. Man is it me or are the Eagles getting some ticky tack penalties?
  16. We made a ton of mistakes in the 1st half and we are still winning by 1. If we play like we can we should be able to take this. Let's start off quickly!
  17. The replays all sucked to see the "push-off" but it was still a great opening drive. Let's keep the pressure on them
  18. I didn't want to start a new thread so this one will do. Given his injuries during OTAs and Training Camp, does this change your expectations for him? What role do you all see for him THIS year? Also to those who have attended Training Camp what have you all seen? This is the first year that I can remember that our 1st round pic has gotten next to no information about him. I know that he has been injured but everyone has been very hush hush on how we are going to use him. So my question to you all is how do you think we are going to use him? Does he play the Big Nickel but then does that mean Bene is off the field? I just have no idea how we are going to use him and in what combinations if any this year.
  19. I find this interesting. When Oher gets burned, its get talked about on the news, in papers, on the radio and online. When Chandler gets burned people are like well he didn't get burned much today. I am not saying Oher is a world beater but I feel like unfortunately he is our best option. And Im hoping Addison turns out to be a great option for us at DE.
  20. I see a lot of minutes for Walker, Batum and Lin. I don't see Lamb having a huge impact this year. I think they traded for him to see if they can get steal but they are not sure what they are getting. He might have some minutes. Daniels might get some spot up minutes. I don't see PJ or Roberts playing much. I still think we use one spot for Harrison and send him to the D-League. This would leave one more open spot for MLE for a big.
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