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  1. Well, there is still a possibility that those 1 year deals can turn into longer term deals. This team seems to be of the mindset that if you can help the team, you can stay. This has been at the back of my mind since all these deals started coming in.
  2. Hyperbole much? I know you were trying to be smug. But you don't have to insult a large portion of the Huddlez to do so?
  3. Great awareness Hawk Eye. lol Although I have noticed his posting pattern is a tad on the negative side. So I have that going for me.
  4. What's most sad for me is the fact that most folks spend up to 8 hrs a day on their phones. And it would take less than an hour to do a little research on the subject. That, and the lack of empathy associated with these folks.
  5. Please don't talk for me. I'm a big boy, with big boy thoughts. Mkay? I'm already excited. Starting 4-0 would only be icing on the cake. How many times must this be said? "This ain't your daddy's Panthers." This teams history is only 1 year old. Going on the terrible twos.
  6. Why does it matter so much to you that JR doesn't have a stadium, or Gym named after him? You just needed a reason to bash him I guess. Well, it's started. 1 Training Camp practice, and we are bashing our own players. As an aside. Carter was one of our best rated LBs.
  7. Seattle lost a SB on that play. I know it's a passing drill. But it was on time, and on target.
  8. SB here we come. lol
  9. I sure hope so. That pass was perfect.
  10. Who threw the pass? Nice dart. Poor Kenny. If you don't press DJ that is what you get.
  11. You do realize it is hot in the South? Right? It's not just Hub City.
  12. As nobody outside the Org. knows the exact numbers. This is a blatant attempt to mislead folks. You make it extremely difficult to pull for you when you do this ish.
  13. I don't recall a Local Donut Shop around Camp. So sorry, can't help with that. I grew up a few blocks from the Local Bakery. I defiantly know what you mean about them.
  14. We are still rebuilding. If you don't see that... We cannot be giving away future assets. We have what looks like 3 very good CBs. Let's let them play first. If one of them stinks it up. Then we can discuss bringing in another CB. Especially one that is going to put more than a crimp in our Cap.
  15. No sweat. It sure ain't worth getting all worked up about. I mean, there is a Starbucks on the corner of Pine St. As I have never been in there, I don't know if they even sell donuts.
  16. It's actually just down the street of the entrance to the College on Church St. Krispy Kreme. About a block from the Marriott. The entrance off Pines St. Where the Camp entrance is. Is on the other end of the College.
  17. You need to try Shotz. It's in the little strip mall behind Food Lion. It's in the corner, just down the walk from Mr. Gattis. Great food, great atmosphere, and alcohol. Lot's to do. Tell Carly behind the bar Cookie sent you. She'll know what it means. lol Oh, and I go to Karaoke on Thurs. night.
  18. Ditto. Well except for that cattle prod thingy. That sht...is a story for another time.
  19. It is possible that his Agent did explain it to him, and he still didn't understand. He may have been too inhibited to ask for a more in depth explanation. It is not necessarily his Agents fault.
  20. If he plays like he has. We will be fighting for a high pick that's for sure. If he plays decent. We should be competitive. If he plays well. We can put the fear of Zod into teams.
  21. In the last 2 years. DJ has gotten a ton of practice on contested catches. lol
  22. He's got talent. He's got weapons. He's getting coaching. And he's putting in work. He's set up for success that's for sure. Now all we can do is hope for the best.
  23. IMO, the only difference between RT, and LT is the QBs blind side. So teams want that T to be competent. Well, it is a different position, so there is a learning curve to switching. I'm sure they are going to try and mix and match their way to the best line they can. So we shall see how this works. Also, if we get lucky and we actually figure out the Tackle positions this year. It does set us up for a bright future.
  24. Yupperz, as basically our whole line is in flux, let Moton spend this year getting acclimated, let Brady learn RT. And let's mix and match to our hearts content. Sooner or later, we'll find our 5 for this year. After the season we can evaluate how it went. But for now. Let's try and get our 2 Tackles ready. With Paradis at C. We can let all those Guards fight it out for the 2 starter spots. Sounds good. I tell ya what.
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