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  1. Yupperz, no shortage of poorly run teams. At least Carson went on to have a pretty good career. But Luck? He got robbed. My Lions also have a bad history with team building. They seem to be trending upwards, but who knows.
  2. Weight is a subject that has a lot of angles. I think, for a RB, there is a weight that fits. Too much, and it can mess up your smoothness (For lack of a better word.) Too little weight, and you lose power. It's the Goldilocks theory. Too much? Doesn't work. Too little? Doesn't work. Just right? Works. Now, with all that said. I have no clue, nor scientific research to base this off. It is just how it worked for me. But, that was a long time ago. When weights were not as prevalent as they are today. Hellz, my High School did not even have a weight room. lol
  3. As to the tank. I don't think we tried to lose games, we just had a knack of not winning. I believe Teddy had a major role in that. CMC thing? I think not letting him play had more to do with getting him 100% healthy before he hit the field again. He just never got to that point. Hence, he didn't play.
  4. If you put out a plan on how to ruin a young QB. The Jets showed us the blueprint. It's too bad so many can't see that, and judge him without all the context.
  5. Part of me thinks this is a strong possibility. I don't remember ever seeing CMC in a sling. Coinky dinky? Who knows. That WFT game was a mess. It came down to who could actually football. And unfortunately, they were just better at being bad than we were. lol
  6. @CRAis trying his darndest to not actually insult Sam, while simultainly not giving him any credit whatsoever. Walking that line is tough. Been wracking my brain trying to remember any QB being treated as badly as Sam. I can't. The kid deserves a chance to show who he truly is. And I am kinda glad it's us.
  7. I think this is high on most folks lists. Keeping CMC healthy is a must. And Chubba has a real shot at doing just that. The kid can run, catch, and is a pretty good blocker. I do expect him to get touches, the more the merrier if you ask me.
  8. As to Slye. If all the work he is putting in this off-season works? Then yes. For all the rest. This staff is heavy into analytics. Stay with the science, and everything should work out fine.
  9. I guess I am not as concerned about the Oline as most folks. We were middle of the pack last year, and we should be even better this year. Paradis, Miller, and Moton have the right side locked down. Put BChris at LG, and that is a heckofa start. Throw everyone else at LT. Add in Tremble, and we should be able to compete. Easy Peasy.
  10. "Change of Scenery" is a cliche', because it's true. It happens quite often. But man, there are quite a few Huddlers who are absolutely convinced that Sam is going to fail. He is stepping into a situation that is absolutely taylor made for him. Talent at the skill positions. OC with the ability to scheme to Sam's strengths. A Coach who is perfect for this process. The only negative for Sam's success is the Oline. If they can be adequate, or even better, Sam may just show out. With Training Camp just 2 weeks away. It is the perfect time to be excited for the year to come. Football is in the air. That is defiantly something to smile about.
  11. "I think he is going to attempt the Reverse Weinke" "That's a bold move Cotton, I hope it works for him." Yup, works for me. lol
  12. The movers didn't bother you the other day delivering my couch into your head? There is a whole lot of room up here. I may get a bigger tv, and maybe a recliner. Oh, oh, oh and a mini fridge. Just admit it. You love me. You must, cuz you talk about me all the time. I mean, C'mon man. You let me live rent free in your head as it is. lol @ you. Now go away, or I shall be forced to taunt you a second time.
  13. Yupperz, just a Panther fan who comes here to converse with others about our favorite team.
  14. The difference being. My response was just a post.
  15. It is just a saying. I was in the middle. So voila. No ulterior motive involved.
  16. A rose between two thorns. lol
  17. Weinke won his first start, then went winless the rest of the year. 1-15 baby.
  18. Part of me wants to say, you go boy. Stick up for our guys. But part of me wants to say. Is there really such a thing as a good excuse to disparage someone?
  19. Thankfully, there are still a bunch of Huddlerz who still like to discuss football. So at least we haven't sunk out of sight. Yet. But we are on life support at the moment. And we do have a couple really good Trolls hanging around. They can be extremely entertaining. Folks trying their dammdest to talk sense into a Troll is priceless. I will say, man, I hope we start fast this year. Cuz if we start the year out badly. This place may be toxic.
  20. I truly do try to only respond to post that are actual football related. I hate getting sucked into those throwing shade tirades. It is too damm draining. But it is getting more, and more difficult to ignore those. Mainly because there are just so many of them. Then you get sucked in, and then you feel like an idiot for falling for it again. lol It's a vicious cycle.
  21. I did start by saying that my numbers were shaky, and they would be approximations. I was just hoping to be close. But yeah, I want that long term deal done. I don't want our first attempt at keeping a star player to go down the tubes. I also agree that if we give Moton a 4 or 5 year deal. Not matter how much it is, by the time the deal is done, it will not look nearly as bad. So I say go for it.
  22. Wow, that's an awful lot of hate for a person you have probably never met, or talked to, or have any idea what is actually going on in his head. Interwebz warrioring at it's finest. I tell ya what.
  23. We would wind up paying him, if we franchise him 3 times, approx 52mil. So about 17mil a year. Not bad. The question becomes, how is Moton going to handle being tagged 3 times? I can't even venture a guess.
  24. There are a bunch of us here in Pantherland who are excited for what lies ahead. We can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Feels good to have a brain trust we can actually trust. I know that we still have a hill to climb. But man, it feels good knowing we are being lead by folks who look to actually be competent.
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