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  1. lol Robbie didn't lead the league in drops. Quit making crap up. And not one person thought that Oline was going to solve anything. Again. Quit making things up. If you have to make crap up...
  2. Oh damm. I never should have stated a stat that wasn't anti Robbie. Duck and Cover. Duck and Cover. People call out his drops. I show he didn't even lead his own team. Huddle melts down. Yup, just another day.
  3. FYI. Robbie didn't even lead the Panthers in drops. DJ had 8, and Robbie had 7. https://scores.nbcsports.com/fb/leaders.asp?type=Receiving&range=NFL&rank=232
  4. Welp, this is going to be a fun thread. Full of negativity, snark, and out and out lies. As the Huddle tries to out Huddle each other. Let the games begin. I'll go. Robbies' hands are so bad. Even All State won't insure them. Bada bing.
  5. Thankfully, we are still very young as a team. So we do have some time to find that QB. If it is not Corral, then swing away next year. IMO, as soon as Matt can master the playbook. He starts. Then let the chips fall where they may.
  6. Jesus dude. How many pressure packed situations have you ever been in? The Panthers don't give you enough negative material? Now you have to go in search of it? Empathy, thou art a heartless bit(h.
  7. My favorite trick of the Cult Of Negativity, is when they take words out of context to ridicule folks. Well, that, and when they swoop into threads and derail them with their personal attacks, and negativity. It WAS getting better after the FA period, and the Draft. But man, it sure is amping up again. This is the time of year for looking forward, to being excited for what the newcomers can bring. It should be a fun time to be around here. Too bad most folks are doing duck and cover, every time they actual do post.
  8. There were 4 other teams that gave up more sacks. Chicago led the league with 59 We had 52. So we were right there. Bears-59 Ravens-57 Bengals-55 Jets-53
  9. Deflect, and attack. Rinse and repeat. You spent the first year here being all DR. Phil on everyone. Telling anyone who would listen that they needed to calm down, everything will be all right. Now you have evolved into this. lol It's okay. You are not the only one in the Cult of Negativity.
  10. Well TBF, he needed to come in and make sure you knew he knew that you were being emotional. If you think about it, he was trying to build you up, not put you down. Nah, he mad at you. lol
  11. The big IF this year is whether we can actually run the ball effectively? IF we can. That RPO is just that much more potent. I am excited for the possibilities.
  12. Deflect and attack. The bastion of the negative.
  13. lol. Maybe we can disperse with the Personal Attacks.
  14. Yeah, all the negativity has brought out the worst in folks. They can't wait to pounce on any poor soul they deem unworthy. Even when you get into a discussion, they have no compunction derailing a thread. It is defiantly difficult to have a civil conversation.
  15. At this point in time. LG being a MOD is just embarrassing.
  16. Broke my readers last night. Just put some Super Glue on them. They're stuck to my nose. Woe is me.
  17. Hey, I'm just being real. We are a very young team. That is the truth. Very young teams have depth issues. That is also the truth. I'm sorry if my observation does not meet with your approval.
  18. I'm sorry, this is a goofy damm thread. We are a very young team. OF COURSE WE HAVE DEPTH ISSUES. But hey. It's not as much fun when critical thinking is involved.
  19. He's losing his luster at Mich. Can't beat their 2 biggest rivals. Is losing recruits, transfers are up. Thinks he is one of the kida, and he can't get any good QBs to commit. The biggest complaints are how he acts like a spoiled brat on the sidelines, and won't talk to local media after loses. He ain't gonna be there much longer. Cuz his reputation is going south in a hurry.
  20. Just an FYI. I was pooing Harbaugh, not you. He is a grade A douchenozzle.
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