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  1. Our starting Oline very well could be; Icky, Mays, Bozeman, Corbet, Moton. The more positions Brady can play. The better it make us as a team.
  2. Ok then, I'll play. One reason they may be giving him C snaps is because we only have 2 real Centers on the team. Finding out if Brady can play C makes sense. Another reason could be they want to have extra bodies during the dog days of Training Camp. So finding out now whether he can give it a go, is smart. Yet another reason could be that they don't plan on him starting this year. So the more he knows, the better we are. This does not automatically mean they want Brady at C.
  3. So...No, you cannot think of any legitimate reasons they are giving Brady reps at Center? I bet you never really put your heart into finding any reasons for giving Brady C reps? It's OTAs, what better time to try these experiments?
  4. And you never let the BS get in the way of a truth. I know bashing Robbie at this time is cool. But the fact remains. K. Allen of the Rams had 11 drops, DJ had 8, and Robbie had 7. That's the facts Jack. Ah the Huddle. A ray of sunshine on an otherwise crappy, rainy day.
  5. Are you sure you cannot come up with 1 or 2 legitimate reasons they are trying this?
  6. lol Sam can't even walk on the practice field without getting made fun of.
  7. You got that from 1 15sec clip? Where Corall throws the worst pass of all 4 QBs? Wow, that's one bold statement. Matty better work out. Cuz he's got a loyal following already. "Matty's Mafia" It may be OTAs for the players. But the Huddle seems to be in mid-season form. lol
  8. Finding new things to get worked up over, is hard work. Damm hard work.
  9. Maybe just looking for that emergency Center. There was a game last year where we had guys on the sidelines practicing their snaps. We only had 2 Centers last year. Maybe we are trying to hedge our bets so to speak? Or maybe it's just OTAs, and they don't want any of our real Centers getting over worked?
  10. I was just trying to defend Robbie with the only ammunition I had. K. Allen of the Rams lead the lead with 11. So Robbie was not the worst. Got attacked, so I defended myself. I may have gotten defensive. So I am once again, taking a deep breath. And moving on. As you were, and continue with the Robbie bashing. After all. He kinda deserves it.
  11. Yes Sir. Let the Robbie hating continue unabated. No reason for alternative thoughts. Let's just bash certain players, and leave the rest alone. Is there a list of players folks can bash? Or is it just open season?
  12. Walk in back some more. There is a difference between Drops, and Drop %. If you get confused. Google is your friend.
  13. All I did was respond to Mr. @onmyown posting a stat that was factually wrong. And the Robbie hating crowd jumped in like they were offended. lol You gotta love this place.
  14. No you didn't. You posted that Robbie lead the league in drops. Which is patently false. NOW you want to quantify yourself with this drop %. lol
  15. lol Robbie didn't lead the league in drops. Quit making crap up. And not one person thought that Oline was going to solve anything. Again. Quit making things up. If you have to make crap up...
  16. Oh damm. I never should have stated a stat that wasn't anti Robbie. Duck and Cover. Duck and Cover. People call out his drops. I show he didn't even lead his own team. Huddle melts down. Yup, just another day.
  17. FYI. Robbie didn't even lead the Panthers in drops. DJ had 8, and Robbie had 7. https://scores.nbcsports.com/fb/leaders.asp?type=Receiving&range=NFL&rank=232
  18. Welp, this is going to be a fun thread. Full of negativity, snark, and out and out lies. As the Huddle tries to out Huddle each other. Let the games begin. I'll go. Robbies' hands are so bad. Even All State won't insure them. Bada bing.
  19. Thankfully, we are still very young as a team. So we do have some time to find that QB. If it is not Corral, then swing away next year. IMO, as soon as Matt can master the playbook. He starts. Then let the chips fall where they may.
  20. Jesus dude. How many pressure packed situations have you ever been in? The Panthers don't give you enough negative material? Now you have to go in search of it? Empathy, thou art a heartless bit(h.
  21. Jim McMahon Sonny Jurgensen Matty "Golden" Corall
  22. My favorite trick of the Cult Of Negativity, is when they take words out of context to ridicule folks. Well, that, and when they swoop into threads and derail them with their personal attacks, and negativity. It WAS getting better after the FA period, and the Draft. But man, it sure is amping up again. This is the time of year for looking forward, to being excited for what the newcomers can bring. It should be a fun time to be around here. Too bad most folks are doing duck and cover, every time they actual do post.
  23. There were 4 other teams that gave up more sacks. Chicago led the league with 59 We had 52. So we were right there. Bears-59 Ravens-57 Bengals-55 Jets-53
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