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  1. IMO, that is a tough choice. Paradis, Miller, and Moton played well last year. If you put BCris at LG, you only need to fill LT. Or, if you put BChris at RT, and Moton at LT. You need to find a LG. I like going BChris at LG. I don't like DTs collapsing the pocket. I want my QB to be able to step up. Plus we have Tremble to help out. Or, if we put BChris at RT. We have a bunch of guys to throw at LG. Flip of a coin kinda thing? Edit to add. With a little luck, this could be something. What that something is?
  2. I agree. The QB position is just too valuable. That goes for blocking as well. Just get in the way, and let someone else do the dirty work.
  3. If Sam stinks it up, he stinks it up. As a franchise, it would stink, because once again we are QB hunting. But I'll be honest. I'm not going to let my fear of past regimes failures, stop me from rooting for Sam. The Panthers have given him mucho tools, with quality coaches here to teach him how to use said tools. It looks good. And as a Panther fan. Isn't that the goal? I truly believe that there are a bunch of Huddlerz who just can't see past recent, hellz our almost entire history. They just know Sam will fail, because, that's what the Pantherz do. There is a new Sheriff in town. With an all new History to make.
  4. Sam is getting his share of criticism, some justified, some just plain untrue.Your last story fits the latter, so I pointed it out. You defended Cam hard, giving numerous excuses for his time here. Yet shrug Sam off with no effort put into it. If you are going to disparage someone, at least put some effort into it. There is a lot of fretting over Sam. I don't converse with most, cuz they use fear to support their facts. It's damm hard to ease folks fears. So that is not a hill, I wish to die upon. If you actually think I'm anything but entertained by our exchanges. You would be mistaken. Or here's an idea. Quite stretching the truth trying to prove a point. The truth shall set me free.
  5. It's always enjoyable to see fans of other teams stop by, and explain our history to us.
  6. Oh, I get it now. Because I wear Rose Colored Homer Glasses, I can't be right? But because you keep it real, you are right? PFF has Burns @19, and 1 of the top Edge Rusher under 25. But that's not Elite? DJ has back to back 1200 yd seasons, with 5 different QBs. But that's not Elite? If keeping it real, means you can undervalue our players, I'll pass But I am going to continue to give credit where credit is due.
  7. C'mon dude. You go on this long song and dance about what Cam went through. Then say Sam wasn't treated as badly as folks think. But yeah, you are soooo unbiased.
  8. If you are the Panthers Head Coach, fighting for wins. Why would you take your best weapon off the field, when you have no capable back-up? If Chubba can find success, that just might allow Rhule to actually sit CMC once in a while. At least that is the hope anywho.
  9. All that sounds like a Cam fan trying to downplay Sams struggles. You gloss over Sams situation, then tell folks to move on. lol How dare folks talk about their shiny new QB. Right?
  10. Did you actually read my list? Or did you just respond to the first paragraph? And show me a fan without Rose Colored Glasses. And I'll show you a fan that has other interests. Every Die Hard Fan wears em. I mean, if you are a fan, and don't wear them? Why be a fan?
  11. We get it, you love you some Cam. Because if you think we went to the SB on just Cam alone?
  12. Chubba was a great pick. He had really good success in this exact system. He absolutely can be a home run threat. To me, that was the drawback of sitting CMC. The drop-off in production. This was another example of the present regime not just adding players, but adding players that actually fit their basic scheme. Then they coach em up, and put them in a position to succeed. Competence, thou art a welcome sight.
  13. Riddick had a great year last year. If he has another one this year, would that not be great? What about DJ? We have to count him. Arnold is a guy who has a chance at a big year. Not a lot of chatter around his name.But yeah, other than the kids we think have talent, that's pretty much it...for now. So...Elite-CMC, Moton, Burns, DJ Maybe-Chinn, Brown, Horn, and maybe Riddick Not bad, not great. But it is a pretty good start.
  14. Imma add Horn, cuz I like him. And of course Moton. Riddick is close, and Bouye has a shot. Those last two are stretches, but they are talented. That's still a lot of paychecks down the line.
  15. I get what you are driving at. We need to dial down CMCs touches. I bet almost every Panther fan would agree. However, there are a bunch of RBs that are going strong. Maybe they haven't led the league, but they carry their teams. I mean, Gordon, Gore, Ware, Zeke, Drake off the top of my head. Running your RB into the ground is bad. You are worried we will overuse CMC. I hope we don't, most hope we don't.
  16. I would be interested to see what your list would be? I get 7, or 8 depending on my mood.
  17. I agree wholeheartedly. I have always operated by the adage, "Aces in their Places".
  18. I have no doubt that if Sam puts in the work, this staff will help him realize his full potential. And so far, it appears as though he is putting in the work. There are plenty of reasons to believe that Sam can exceed expectations this year, and moving forward. I mean, being optimistic for the future, sure beats where we were just 2 short years ago.
  19. I just don't get it. With all the things this staff is doing to help make Sam a quality QB. I don't see how you can't be excited over what could be. Talented targets, better Oline, and actual QB coach, an OC who appears to know how to scheme, and a Head Coach with a Philosophy Degree. Teamed with a much improved D, and there is reason for optimism. At least IMO anywho. I mean, man, if this works, we will be a team to be reckoned with. I tell ya what.
  20. Yupperz, no shortage of poorly run teams. At least Carson went on to have a pretty good career. But Luck? He got robbed. My Lions also have a bad history with team building. They seem to be trending upwards, but who knows.
  21. Weight is a subject that has a lot of angles. I think, for a RB, there is a weight that fits. Too much, and it can mess up your smoothness (For lack of a better word.) Too little weight, and you lose power. It's the Goldilocks theory. Too much? Doesn't work. Too little? Doesn't work. Just right? Works. Now, with all that said. I have no clue, nor scientific research to base this off. It is just how it worked for me. But, that was a long time ago. When weights were not as prevalent as they are today. Hellz, my High School did not even have a weight room. lol
  22. As to the tank. I don't think we tried to lose games, we just had a knack of not winning. I believe Teddy had a major role in that. CMC thing? I think not letting him play had more to do with getting him 100% healthy before he hit the field again. He just never got to that point. Hence, he didn't play.
  23. If you put out a plan on how to ruin a young QB. The Jets showed us the blueprint. It's too bad so many can't see that, and judge him without all the context.
  24. Part of me thinks this is a strong possibility. I don't remember ever seeing CMC in a sling. Coinky dinky? Who knows. That WFT game was a mess. It came down to who could actually football. And unfortunately, they were just better at being bad than we were. lol
  25. @CRAis trying his darndest to not actually insult Sam, while simultainly not giving him any credit whatsoever. Walking that line is tough. Been wracking my brain trying to remember any QB being treated as badly as Sam. I can't. The kid deserves a chance to show who he truly is. And I am kinda glad it's us.
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