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  1. Good Lord, just give Brady the trophy and give everyone hours back of their lives.
  2. In all honesty, I feel sorry for defenses now. You can’t do crap. However, that was tipped way before any hold. This is why I hate having Brady in the freaking SB.
  3. Wentz was a good QB not long ago. However, last year was not good. I think he’s certainly better than TB. Plus, it doesn’t negate the prospects of taking a QB and having him sit if one falls.
  4. It could be we’re not interested in giving up a king’s ransom for Watson. I happen to think the Texans are still playing hardball. They have all the cards at the moment.
  5. I agree with the above. Brees was never known for having a “rocket arm.” Placement is the key. It’s what’s made Brady the GOAT for QB’s.
  6. Rhule is a good coach, players like playing for him. That’s a fact. Will he take us to the promised land? Who knows, that’s yet to be determined. Stafford is a very good player. He would have been great here. I was just nervous about giving up a lot of draft capital for him.
  7. I respect that but I feel Rhule got almost everything out of this roster. With Rivera, it’s a 2 win team. This team had no business being in some of these games this year. I do agree that we want to see improvement each year. As for Haskins, it was a win/win move. If you’re able to rehabilitate him, you get a solid player dirt cheap. If not, he literally costs you nothing. Him going to Pittsburgh is a good move for him. Good team, great defense, aging QB.
  8. He would do well in our system but I don’t want to give up the 8th pick for him.
  9. Can we do it without giving up a first? Watson I’d absolutely do a big deal on, but not Stafford.
  10. Especially after we trade our first for Stafford.
  11. The guard, Brown, has been terrible as well. I expected more.
  12. Agreed, the QB play has not been anything to write home about today.
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