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  1. Bruce Thunder Road ”The door is open, but the ride, it ain’t free”
  2. I agree. Overall I was impressed with their football knowledge. Even in the Cam Verses Luck thread, most actually gave Cam credit for being special.
  3. Nice post. Coleman does not get the credit he deserves. Thanks for making his contributions more apparent to an average knowledge fan. (Me)
  4. Great work. Thank you. The shots of Delaire were awesome. Cam is a Beast.
  5. Statistically there is zero direct correlation between a fans thoughts and feelings to a players thoughts and feelings. You are correct. i do however believe fans can have a positive effect on player motivation during critical portions of a game when they chant "Keep Pounding".
  6. Looking forward to the game regardless. I try not to worry about the score in preseason. (Obviously I like it when the Panthers Win) I'm always excited to see if one of the new guys can earn a spot on the roster. I hate that KB is done for the year, and I know it doesn't count, but it's still Panther Football, so I'm happy.
  7. Excellent post. At first the picture made me angry, but after reading the thread and your thoughts, I agree the past doesn't really matter. Thanks.
  8. ​Maybe I missed it in the thread. I know you didn't see it, but who was involved in the first incident? Was the same two players both times?
  9. THIS I would love for Greg to be on the field for the Panthers in 2015. I'm all for players being held accountable/responsible for their actions. I personally feel Greg and the Panthers Organization both received raw deals in this situation. Voth outlined steps/actions required for Greg's return, and I felt some were extreme. If GH wants to play for the Panthers again, he certainly must take positive action towards making the situation right with the FO. (Including sincere amends) I keep reading where people say he could or should play for the vet minimum. I think there is very l
  10. He had a great rookie season. Every time I got a feeling he could develop into a solid WR3, he would make an awesome clutch play that left me thinking his ceiling could be much higher. I was impressed with the way he earned his playing time, and I'm excited to see how far he takes it next year. He definitely wasn't afraid of going after the ball, and held onto it after the catch.
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