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  1. My hair is Red The Panthers are Blue Oh, how I want field passes Oh, Yes I do.
  2. Roses are Red Violets are Blue Luke will tag your ass And you will like it, too. You know I follow you and my twitter is @‌KelliStorey
  3. Brilliant catch of that expression.
  4. I am also really excited to see Chris Harris back with the team! I always really liked him.
  5. Your training camp write ups are back! I have missed them so.... Football, baby! FOOTBALL!!!!!
  6. This has made my Friday. Damn, I can't wait for September!
  7. I guess I missed something. Didn't realize cargo shorts were bad....?
  8. That is a lovely sight. Football is almost back!
  9. The guys at ESPN won't be able to stand up for a week.
  10. I love this thread! Time to see who I need to add now...
  11. Foxy picked up that Ball and ran with it....
  12. Oooh. I love fried apples! Seriously, I eat sweets rarely. I just don't want them most of the time. My weakness would be chips, bread, starchy stuff. I can eat my weight in that crap.
  13. I'm not a hater, and I don't avoid it in my forkful of pie, I just prefer the sweet Apple goodness inside better.
  14. Oh, and I'm not a crust hater. It's just not my favorite part.
  15. I rarely eat the crust. The filling is the best part, so why consume the extra calories? Now, if we're talking graham cracker, then that poo is gone.
  16. You weirdos are pretty ok in my book.
  17. I had to get in on that last night. James is such a ginormous douche.
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