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  1. Kinda figured... And not surprised it flew over most of the heads around here.
  2. This almost sounds like somebody else.... Tom Brady
  3. Home Team's only worth a crap on Wednesdays. That's the only day they have the BBQ wrap on deck. Martin's on Folly Rd. has a very good, but sorta pricey, brisket sandwich. Best brisket I've had since Hard Eight in Ft. Worth.
  4. Any chance they package the rest of the picks and get another 4th? 6 picks, nothing past the 4th round... doesn't sound too bad.
  5. Thought you were going to remind us that Marty Hurney works for the Foreskins.
  6. Yeah, won't happen, but that would be the scoop of the century. Would listen to that a dozen times. Love hearing DG talk.
  7. These podcasts are great. Jeremy will reach the pinnacle of boss-dom when he can wrangle nipple shorts onto one of these things. That would be the best huddle podcast evar.
  8. That picture of gettleman looking all mafia and poo is just pure Boss.
  9. Seems to me they need to approach a guy like Harper with a staff position of some kind.
  10. Possibly, but how do you know this wouldn't have been his type of play to begin with had he come in with the cap and contracts as they are now as opposed to what they were then? This might look like adaptation, making changes, and learning from mistakes, when in reality, it might just be his first opportunity to make these moves???
  11. This is the result of "going all in"... They don't have any $$$$$$$$$$$
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