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  1. What's up stranger? I'm not sure what's up with the pm deal? What's going on dude.. 

    1. hank pimple butt

      hank pimple butt

      Well other than weeping like a school girl for almost a week over the Superbowl. Things are good. See if you can pm me here 


  2. I love your crazy ass!

  3. You need to stick with one name either Butter or Sexy Bitch., I prefer Butter but that Avatar is stupid.

  4. busting your balls, lol

  5. French fried potaters

  6. I didnt leave you negative feedback? I have only given neg 3x all by mistake,, That must of been an accident if I did...I will make it up.

  7. You sure like boobies

  8. If u *** Salty I will never luv u again.

  9. I enjoy playing with him.....(in a non gay way)

  10. Unless they have a direct link you can copy, I'm not sure any other way to post it. If I see something I want I click 'save as' then upload to photobucket and post the link.

  11. I just copy img code from photobucket and paste.

  12. $30 for the Upper Deck 4 card lot the other cards I paid $25 dlvd so around $55 for all of them.

  13. I paid around 30 for them.

  14. lol, Glad you liked the Toe.

  15. Great looking dog dude!! Looks like he enjoys the beach....I took my dog to the beach and he was a babe magnet

  16. Here is a pic of my baby jake.jpg

  17. I have a weimeraner dog but the pic is from Sesame st

  18. no problem man keep them coming!

  19. Thanks for asking and im doing good now the burn has turned to peeling and itching but I can sleep now :) ....What a terrible couple of days that was.

  20. layin low...suspended from SCF. On vacation,

  21. Glad you like the new one nc biscuit.

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