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  1. Almost forgot, I will have to take my 12 full bags of crushed aluminum cans in first before I can place that bet.
  2. I'm putting my life's savings on the 9ers to beat us by 20
  3. "We doin good ball boyz, let's fu ck this up" Coach Macadoodoohead.
  4. We play in good ball. ...spit. Or da odder team, playin like sh it.
  5. Anyone else disappointed that the new Fox series The Cleaning Lady was not a spin off of Family Guy?
  6. I dont get why we are even playing this game...we just going to lose. please forfeit so no one gets hurt. Am I doing it right?
  7. We gonna lose so bad and people are going to bully me at work over it. Like I can control the game. Its not fair
  8. Is that Chritian dude playing or not? He better not fick up my fantasy football poo.
  9. In a world of perfection, chaos is a revolution. Namase
  10. Never heard of him. He must not get open.
  11. Well we played a good game but couldn't muster out a win. The Saints had our number the whole game. We'll get revenge against the Saints at the end of the schedule
  12. Most panthers are extinct so they cannot die of embarrassment... They're already dead.
  13. I get it the puppy represents facisim and the duck is a symbol of mother Russia's control over her blind but faithful followers. If we don't stop the war, climate change will kill all the polar bears. Powerful video..
  14. I agree and move it to Oregon. The Oregon Trail Panthers.
  15. Just because Jerry liked to play find my pe pe. We get this garbage
  16. Great game very competitive, both teams left it all on the field. Nothing to be ashamed of, guys these are my guys, sobs,. I wish the new head coach much luck, He's going to need it because I destroyed this bitch..sob Matts post game speech.
  17. The first player ill pick will be kicker
  18. I'll coach the team for 1 million dollars!! Suckers. And I'll guarantee the number 1 pick 2 years in a row.
  19. Jesus H Christ people this is our 4th preseason game, just this one counted. You gotta ease him back in. This was a great game for the limited amount of time these guys have been together. Let's wait till the Giants game before we burn this bitch down
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