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  1. Going to camp in the middle of nowhere is a team-building exercise. The players had no choice but to bond with each other and learn the playbook. Now that is gone. They now have to deal with the distractions of the outside world. Not a fan of this.
  2. Wofford is about to take a huge financial hit with the loss of income that the camp provided to them.
  3. Well, technically it was Dom Capers and Mike McCormack in 1995.
  4. I edited myself earlier but my conspiracy theory is the only reason we traded CMC was he turned down the Tepper's request for a threesome. She got mad and offered herself only while Dave watched in the closet. CMC refused again and BAM he was traded.
  5. I bet she and her husband go to key parties. CENSORED***
  6. We need the Jets and Lions, good job so far Detroit to win. Keep our playoff hopes alive. Lol
  7. I would move the team to Canada. We could be the Toronto Ice Panthers. The very rare and exotic Canadian panther is our mascot. Boom international game in the bank!! Those French dudes in Quebec would travel to watch the NFL.
  8. Um where did you read Luke is making a comeback? Or are you just asking a hypothetical question?
  9. Becoming an NFL head coach guarantees a coaching job for life even if you get fired after 11 games.
  10. Come on down to Charlotte Zach. We need a TE and we are still technically fighting for a playoff spot... Lol Three-time Pro Bowl tight end Zach Ertz is ready to move on from the Arizona Cardinals, according to his friend JJ Watt. The team later confirmed the release. Ertz reportedly made the request in hopes to sign with a Super Bowl contender and secure a second ring. Watt, a three-time Defensive Player of the Year, broke the news Thursday. The retired edge rusher called out ESPN's Adam Schefter in the process, joking that the job of an NFL insider is easy. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/te-zach-ertz-requests-release-from-cardinals-to-sign-with-contender-jj-watt-reports-183137486.html
  11. BTW Dwayne Jarett is currently a flight attendant on Spirit Airlines.
  12. I have to run RPO on my old computer just in case my system crashes.
  13. I want to win so bad. I do not want the Bears to get the #1 pick. fug those assholes
  14. Our offense sucked. Defensive coordinators knew exactly what plays we were running and they would just tee off on us. A master offensive coordinator should not allow that.
  15. Coaches only coach players to teach them the game. The most important thing for a coach at the end of the day is to know that the team had fun and gave it their very best. No amount of money can change that. The pizza party is a bonus
  16. It's odd to me to see Devin Hester's name. He did some great things but HOF worthy? I don't know.
  17. Peppers is in his first year of eligibility for the Hall of the Fame. The Wilson, N.C. native and University of North Carolina great played 10 of his 17 NFL seasons in Charlotte—where he collected a franchise-record 97.0 sacks, two First-team All-Pro selections, two Second-team All-Pro selections, five Pro Bowl nods, and the 2002 AP Defensive Rookie of the Year Award. Smith Sr., who was eligible starting in 2021, now makes the semifinalist cut for the third straight year. He currently sits as the ninth leading receiver in league history (14,731). https://sports.yahoo.com/julius-peppers-steve-smith-sr-144046207.html Didn't see this posted. At least some good news for the Panthers!
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