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  1. Everybody wants to light up a soccer stadium. However, this is only possible using a soccer match
  2. You guys are always being meanies to my Uncle Tepper. Uncle Tepper only loves you guys yet you beat him like the Roman's did to Jesus. Shame on you.
  3. Don't worry guys Uncle Tepper will be number 1 one day.
  4. I was in England on the 4th and these people don't even celebrate 4th of July. Not one fireworks stand around. It doesn't make any sense. I thought the whole world celebrated Independence Day.
  5. Never understood how people today can still drink and drive. There is this great invention called Uber. So if you get a DUI go fugkk yourself.
  6. -3-16 Thats right we are the first team to lose -3 games.
  7. I'm going with Howell and Mickdurgin.
  8. I'm going with Deonte McCray and Eku Williams
  9. I ain't paying for this sshit product. Too many free sites to watch this sshit show for free.
  10. It's appalling when your wife likes to the read comments here.
  11. We could have had Anthony Richardson or Stroud. But we don't. Ha ha!! Lol. Flmaof@@ FML!!! SMD!!! IhmFL!! FuPanters!!
  12. Lucky, I missed Corey's last show at a kids birthday party at a Sea World. Dude was killing it.
  13. She likes to pose in bikinis. I find that appalling.
  14. Uncle Tepper is cool as sshit. He let's me sit on his lap while he is driving and sometimes I get to shift the gears.
  15. We have a big party planned for Uncle Tepper. It's a surprise so don't tell anyone.
  16. Pizza Inn was the sshit. Pizza Hut dine in was pretty good as well. It's odd that Pizza Hut delivery quality is terrible.
  17. I'm sure if we put our mind to it we can find a good new home for Tepper and his Panters
  18. I tried out for the special Olympics but lost out to a guy who had no feet, hands or a brain.
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