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  1. There are 31 talented players leftd, panthers need to be patience.
  2. My source who knows a guy that knows a guy that's friends with blogging transgender that knows a former High School coach that knows the guy that cleans JRs' toilet ......... Told me the pick will be- Keanu Neal
  3. Jack and SIG are Scottish?? I thought we all died out....... makes me respect you guys more.
  4. yep some people do take this poo too SRS, just like ..... there was someone going to kill himself if zod reset pie. @zod reset all pie and check the morgue!
  5. that is true, fozzy did great given all of the panthers STs ranked in 30s. I even believe todman has a better to chance to land on PS than wegher too. Ginn can do KOs too, that position is so devalued now. I can stand there and watch the ball go out of bounds. I believe gano is around 80% in touchbacks.
  6. One thing that's getting overlooked in the keep Wenger over fozzy/todman/Tolbert is the contract. Todman is only signed for one year, while wehger is on a bare minimum three year deal. Fozzy has two years cheap. Keeping todman for KO is very dumb, since most are touchbacks these days. Wegher has been beasting on STs, blocking and tackling. IMO its a easy choice between todman and wegher, gimme wegher all day.
  7. Wegher >> todman Backup LB > Amini Silatolu. I'm just not a amino fan, he had plenty time to show his worth. Health doesnt make it, keep jones and another FS to cover the spot.Its unfair without knowing how injured folkerts, jones, star, And brandon williams are.
  8. hell no! terrible grammar and spell correct are the worse combo. Flesh = fozzynot, shortly = smitty
  9. wrong, he was #2 after cam. klein, mayo are much better than brown, Bresin. Cap, flesh same stew. The talent drop off is huge. Dex be a man and start a trade for shortly thread. He said today he wants to be at home....... true story.
  10. No joke, hill could have made this less pain full.
  11. i was not a fan. Beaston(when he was one), TD, and james anderson...... why draft another 1st rounder? I did watch a few ACC games and there seemed to be at least two lukes on field. Still college game doesn't convert to nfl, most times. best draft pick in panther history thus far.
  12. i disagree with your first few comments. Thomas Davis is a great player that can stay on the field taking on TEs. He's handled jimmy graham over the years. I'm sure you know its a passing league in this current meta. Plus you're suggesting remove shaq if the matchup is a speed slot? Nearly all teams have at least one and most teams start 3WRs now. We' ll see if shaq can be this unique special base defense weapon. I'll say his role will be one giant mountain to climb.
  13. Zod you got a update on Lou young, saw it was a bad hammy pull. I don't see the point in keep Todman for KOs. Ginn/fozzy(he did fine with crappy players blocking)/ other can knee kickoffs just as good. Speed looks super duper awesome without contract/tackling. All the reports ginn, Byrd, and todman are speed drools. Still not in mayo camp, I know he's improved this week. Still he's got PS all over him. Looking forward to Buffalo.
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