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  1. The scary part is why wasn’t Fitterer fired with him.
  2. Lol What?? there’s going to be up to maybe 60 of us there on Sunday … was thinking my son and I would be the only two
  3. My son and I are still going because we just enjoy being at the stadium on game days. We are going this Sunday with the attitude of being there to laugh at the spectacle it will be, be there for the sh*t show and yeah be at the stadium. And hey.... maybe the Panthers will pull off a miracle
  4. This part is the one I am not 100% in agreement on. I get it, Tepper has not been good and maybe too involved in many of the decisions BUT overall he did not build this roster. Tepper did not miss on Sanders, Hurst, and Chark. Tepper did not miss on Icky (still to be determined). Tepper did not miss on Marshall. Tepper did not miss on how many other positions did the Panthers draft that have not developed nor contribute. Yeah I get it, he did hire these people and I was not happy to start with the Rhule hire but was with Reich and staff brought in this year. So again, I put way more of this blame on who built this roster. Where I will lynch Tepper is if we didn't pick Stroud because of him.
  5. This is where I have been. I wanted Stroud but at this point there is nothing we can do about it, the draft is over and there is no redo.
  6. I agree!! The next three games are winnable. The Panthers should not be this bad and I am expecting wins at least 2 out of the next 3. If they beat Houston they should win three in a row.
  7. Duh, I did forget DJ. For Moose, don’t not know why I was thinking he was somewhere else first so yeah him for sure. I guess overall I think of all the misses since Cam was drafted. And there has been a bunch.
  8. The amount of times the Panthers have missed on a wr is a lot. I am trying to think, but can not recall any great to even good wr's they have drafted besides Steve Smith. Everyone else, the best wr's in Panther history all came via trade or free agency. That totally sucks, and this failure at drafting wr these past 10yrs has been detrimental to the organization.
  9. Well you did say .. “Just wait until our fans watch Chicago take Caleb Williams with our no. 1 pick.” So that does sound like you are saying the Panthers finish last. It’s not provable in either situation to know how this season would have played out if they don’t make that trade but if anything has shown us, is the most likely scenario is they finish where they aren’t picking early enough in the draft for Caleb or another top QB again like the past many drafts. The narrative the Panthers gave up a top or early pick is false because they are simply not the same team without the trade. And yes we can argue about that all day
  10. So be it and this is somewhat a false narrative the Panthers gave away a top or early pick because without the trade the Panthers are a different team rolling into this season, with a veteran QB starting , DJ Moore on the roster, etc. They are probably not picking early enough in the draft for Caleb or another top QB just like the past seasons.
  11. I totally agree and my choice was Stroud but at this point the draft is over, we have Bryce and nothing can do to change that. The same team and same QB doesn't win the Superbowl every year and there is more than one good to great QB in the NFL every year .... So yep, now its lets see him develop -hopefully to good and better if to great.
  12. I get the animosity towards Tepper as the Panthers have been a sh*t show since he bought the team. That being said, I do not see any indication he doesn't want a winning team. Tepper has spent money and made the effort to be successful. Sadly he has not made good decisions, and hopefully the recent ones to bring in Reich, etc turn out well (not looking good so far). But again, he has spent money and is doing what he thinks is right to be successful, so is Tepper that worst owner .. I say no, but if he does not learn at some point and get it right then I will definitely become a yes.
  13. Partially yes overall more so because they picked the wrong person. Can't get to caught up in the we would have had a top 3 or whatever pick in the draft because without that trade they are probably rolling with Dalton or another vet QB again and maybe end up with to many wins again for a top pick. Sadly we here now and have to let this play out with nothing to go by right now but hope
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