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  1. Sadly if this is true, I so want Rhule fired as to me that scenario is inevitable if not now then next season …. So do we really think Rhule will bring in a OC prominent & good enough that he could be an interim head coach if Tepper decided to fire Rhule during the season ?? Rhule has to know he’s on the hot seat so now he has to decide to bring in a bonafide OC who could help Rhule maybe save his job but also be a threat to take his job or will he go with another dark horse who won’t be a threat but hopefully be good enough?? UGH I hate how next season already feels like a lost season to me. I’ll be hopelessly optimistic like I always am but with the track record of college coaches not succeeding in the NFL and the sh*t show we’ve been witnessing I doubt Rhule is going to be the one who breaks the mold.
  2. I didn’t vote because I’m extremely pessimistic but I’ll still watch all the road games and go to the home games. (This wasn’t a choice… so why I didn’t vote )
  3. How many times has Rhule said something and then the complete opposite happens .... its been a lot .. so maybe that will be the case here
  4. Yes and considering I’m sure there were probably some good offensive lineman available at that draft spot … yes even more.
  5. And Beane was our GM. That was a major screw up by Richardson when he didn’t promote Beane (whom they were supposedly grooming) and brought in Gettlemen instead.
  6. Pete Carroll was a head coach in the NFL before being a college coach. He was an NFL coach for the Jets (yes, only 1 season) and the Patriots. Was also a Defensive Cooridator between those two jobs. To me that’s not the same as college coach with no NFL HC experience. Eventhough he wasn’t very successful his first two times as an NFL coach he had experience and obviously learned from that as demonstrated by his time in Seattle. I’d be more open to a college coach if they had the kind of background Pete Carrol did. Again, not the same to me as college coach with no NFL HC experience.
  7. Another in the looooooong list of failed college coaches in the NFL. Overall college coaches almost never have success in the NFL. Tepper needs to end the inevitable when this season is over and move on from Rhule.
  8. An entire draft first year and most last yr all spent on defense and they still suck.
  9. No to the third season for Rhule. College coaches rarely have success in NFL. This team is regressing and Rhule appears to be in way over his head. Unless the purpose is bringing him back for another year to tank and get a top draft pick in 2023, then just end the inevitable now. (This off-season)
  10. College coaches rarely have success in the NFL. With the team regressing as it has, along with what we have seen since he's been here ... keeping Rhule around for another year is simply delaying the inevitable.
  11. Until the Panthers get rid of this entire staff of college coaches ... the Saints and every other team in the NFC South has more upside.
  12. College coaches rarely ever have success in the NFL and Rhule has show he will be no different. This team has regressed across the board and most likely will deteriorate more this final quarter of the season. (Would nice to be wrong in this). Keeping Rhule another year will just be delaying the inevitable.
  13. The mistake wasn't passing on Fields & Jones ..... the mistake was not taking Slater. Now the Panthers need to use next years first round pick on the O-line and then have to wait another whole year before being drafting a QB in Round 1. Where as if they took Slater then next draft could have gone QB or even another OL if didnt like any of the QB's and then have two top picks on the line when drafting a QB the following year. I guess they could go QB next draft and cross fingers and hope we have a better oline next year, but this current staff does not give me the optimism that is possible. Ugh.. this sucks being in No QB, No Oline and a staff of all college coaches hell.
  14. Yep .. to me, making this situation worse is not only do we have a from college head coach, the entire staff are from college. I’ve seen enough and based on the fact college coaches rarely have success in the NFL, I’m ready to move on to new staff to facilitate the inevitable now. This is why your option to let them figure it out, isn’t an option for me.
  15. I’m done already with this entire staff. College coaches rarely have success in the NFL and it appears that will be the case here. Tepper and the GM need to speed up the inevitable and change the coaching staff.
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