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  1. Good!! Whenever I travel, go to another city or area I pay all kinds of travel and tourism taxes for their stadiums, arenas and venues. So now we can let everyone visiting and traveling through Charlotte pay those same taxes and fees for ours.
  2. The grass is not always greener and losing the Panthers Franchise to another city is a big no thank you to me. First the fan base and others wanted a new owner. We got one and he turned out to be worse (up to this point). Now the fan base and others want the team to leave so we can either have no NFL franchise in Charlotte with the hope of get a new one some time. Again no thank you. Whenever I travel, go to another city or area I pay all kinds of travel and tourism taxes for their stadiums, arenas and venues. So let everyone visiting and traveling through Charlotte pay those same taxes for ours and make a deal for the stadium upgrades.
  3. Not sure how much owners have a say but I can’t believe Tepper would be ok with the Giants not coming to Charlotte.
  4. The Panthers are getting better by subtraction. After watching the sh*t show last season, I am glad to see the majority of the players on that team gone.
  5. Do I like what I see so far sure. However, nothing will make me excited at this point except a competitive team and wins on Sunday’s.
  6. Going to be interesting to see what the plan is at LB is because from my perspective the group (besides Luvuu) was pretty average. The Panthers are going to need some guys to step up.
  7. I don’t buy the “other players are going to be watching” and by not accepting the rams trade this team made their decision. Yeah others will pay attention, but overall and as it applies to that, and the they placed a value when didn’t accept that trade is that was a different regime who made that decision. Dan Morgan did not set that value and if going to say Tepper did then maybe this is showing he is letting the football people make the football decisions. I did appreciate and like he played out the last year and didn’t hold out. There is something to be said there and maybe should be rewarded in a way. But he didn’t produce at a level we would have like to have seen and that was the risk both sides took. So now we have to trust Dan Morgan and the staff.
  8. I am not sure how to rip a CD anymore. I can ask my son if he can with his PC.... but that being said, I was able to copy it onto a zip drive (maybe same/similar to rip it) and able to play it from there via clicking on the .exe file. (its quirky to where first time it starts then doesn't work, I click again and it starts and intro kicks in that time, etc) I can get this to you somehow if you wanted.
  9. Do not recall exactly where we got this. I think it might have been a give away at the stadium on game day. There's a great video highlight intro that's ~ 3 min long and then after a screen shot of what's on the disk, then hit the exit and you get a "this is Bill Rosinksi signing off". I thought some on here might enjoy this. Go Panthers. Video of the Panthers 2004-2005 CD-ROM playing on my computer
  10. For all the Tepper hate ... whether or not Canales works out, Tepper, Morgan and the organization made the right move not waiting on Ben Johnson or Slowick.
  11. Exactly!!! After all the smoke blown up the Panther's fan bases ass after the last offseason AND I will add also when Rhule & Brady were hired... I can really care less about these opinions anymore.
  12. For sure the execution and decisions made were terrible. I would argue the currency (players & picks) was not to bad compared to past/other trades, etc. But that is debatable for sure. I also understand trading DJ if that was the only way to make it all happen. I think the BIG mistake there was missing on Chark, Hurst, Sanders, Marshall and maybe Mingo (yes, only a rookie) along with what looks like missing on Icky at LT also. Which all falls into horrible decisions. Overall I hate what a sh*t show it has become here and it is definitely frustrating to see how it has all played out.
  13. This is why I am not so bent out of shape "the Panthers gave up the #1 pick" because if not for the trade, they roll into the season with a veteran QB, DJ Moore, etc and end up finishing picking between 8 to 12 again. If anything the mistake was they picked the wrong QB.
  14. I’m a Bryce backer because we have no choice at this point. We can’t change the past and Bryce is going to be the QB next season and very possibly another .. so I’m backing Bryce because I’d rather see the Panthers be better.
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