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  1. Thank you for this information. Information and discussion on why many feel there will not be long term effects is different than saying these particular vaccines will have "no longer term side effects".
  2. I’m not saying whether the vaccines are safe or not overall. I’ll agree it appears they definitely are in the short term. But the majority of people started being vaccinated around Nov/Dec 2020, for many of the millions it’s been more recently. It’s now just May, so we are talking less than a year.... and really it’s been around 6 months for most, if that. That is NOT long term, so to say there are no long term side effects is not possible. You can feel there won’t be any, and feel confident in that but again to say there has been no long term side effects is not possible until an actual peri
  3. NE at home early in the season,,,, either week 1 or 2. The league will want Cam playing QB when the Patriots come to town and that is most likely early. The longer season goes on, increases chances he gets hurt or replace by Jones (the latter being less likely)
  4. In hindsight the best strategy would have been to go into last season with Allen and Heinike and hope to end up with a top four or better pick. Instead they brought in Bridgewater hoping for a winning season. Instead Teddy was mediocre at best, pretty avg to bad in the second half of almost all the games and 0-8 in game winning drive attempts ALL with like you said skill players. So the Panthers are still no better with Teddy unless he improves tremendously, which I don't see happening based on what we have seen, and most likely the Panthers are again on the outside looking in at draft
  5. I totally agree. It penalizes a team for being up two or more scores by basically giving the other team an extra possession when they are trying to catch up or tie a game. It also seams a little gimmicky. I would not be a fan of this change at all. If you don't want to have to rely on an onside kick, don't find yourself down by two or more scores.
  6. Bottom line for me is Bridgewater played average to poorly in the second half in almost every game last season. He was also 0-8 on game winning or go ahead drives. The roster was good enough to not look that bad as a QB and to have at least one or two game winning drives.. a QB who can elevate his team or was a even top fifteen QB would have done more with less and would have played better. Unless the coaches and GM don't like a QB to draft then I'm fine with Teddy this next upcoming season but wont be expecting much more than what we saw last season (unfortunately). The Panthers definitel
  7. This for sure. That was the worst thing and part about the whole Cam Newton thing ...
  8. Upate: sweet ... for my two seats combined, only a total increase of $64.38 . Makes sense since it would have been really poor optics for a big increase in prices right now with no fans last season, and uncertainty going forward. Not that Tepper really cares. My guess is he will wait for bigger increase for when the Panthers hopefully have their next franchise QB and starting winning again
  9. I hear ya and am right there with you. We've sat through some pretty awful football at times. Overall I enjoy being at the stadium on game days and what I miss this most is being able to focus on particular players, spots or positions on the field .. instead of only seeing what they show you on tv.
  10. I will not walk away. I just don't like to pay an increases on anything and just a little nervous about how much this years could be; but overall I still enjoy and miss going to the stadium on game days and season tickets to the Panthers is one of the few things I'm still fine paying for.
  11. Seeing what Tepper charged for soccer (apparently some of the most expensive tickets in the league for a team who hasn't ever played yet) ... I'm a little nervous with what, if any, ticket price increase might look like for the upcoming season. I can't see how they could justify an increase, but you never know and they'll probably use the "all the money we spent to make the stadium covid safe" excuse. We will see soon
  12. with this stuff. I would have been "happier" had the Panthers lost to WFT and in a way kind of wanted that BUT what did the tank the game people want the Panthers to do?? Did you watch that game? WTF was not just bad that day but horrible ... tanking or trying to lose that game would have been almost impossible. That is how bad WFT was that day.
  13. When it comes to the draft my attitude is you have to just trust the guys who are paid to do this for a living and are supposed to know what they are doing. We drafted Luke when we were were stacked at LB. We have been puzzled before and ended up with some studs. Plus what I found interesting when they were talking about the pick, was the part about possibly grooming him to play Safety AND we need some of those. ​Panthers definitely still need some play makers on offense though.
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