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  1. Don't know why but it doesn't work on my iPhone 13
  2. MUCH better than a connection to temple or baylor.
  3. Will miss DJ. I wish him all the best in Chicago.
  4. To be fair, he said CJ physically reminded him of Burrow. Said that was before taking a deep dive into what he has between the ears and his personality and whatnot. CJ may or may not resemble Burrow as a complete work. Just food for thought before we place value on what we're going to have to give up for a QB.
  5. I read that Payton had a problem with ownership, although it seems that ownership would have a say in the trade compensation for his hiring so it may not be as easy as all that.
  6. If we have to give up 2 1st rounders for Payton, no way. Our 2024 1st rounder will be hard enough to take, but beyond that and a lower rounder this year, tap me out.
  7. I am slightly optimistic knowing that Fitt and Mrs Tepper are in the room. I'm hoping they have more of a BS meter than Tepper does. On the other hand, I don't know how much weight he will give their opinions so slightly optimistic sounds right.
  8. According to him, he didn't draft anyone. It couldn't be on him.
  9. Glad to know Icky is getting support from so many directions. I'm sure it helps a rookie who's willing to listen. Nice article. Thanks, Darin!
  10. I'm beginning to think the only team the Carolina Panthers can beat is the Carolina Panthers.
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