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  1. He's not the only person what? Speculating? Lol. Maybe should have led with one of those guys instead of the guy who was banned by the NFL Network from covering the Patriots. Regardless it's not newsworthy and didn't deserve its own topic here. Unsourced and uninteresting. A waste of time for everyone.
  2. It's not even news. Lol. Just speculation from some random reporter with a pretty interesting "Incidents" section on Wikipedia. In May 2017 Breer dismissed widely reported allegations that baseball player Adam Jones was the target of racist taunts by fans at Fenway Park because, according to Breer "I've probably been to 200 games at Fenway in my life. Never heard a slur yelled at a player."[6] In 2017 Breer repeatedly defended NFL front offices against allegations of "blackballing" Colin Kaepernick for his decision to protest the national anthem.[7]
  3. TBF if I didn't have any context I would just assume you're talking about Scot here.
  4. Something like 2500 square miles larger than the Charlotte MSA. It’s honestly no comparison. The upside of the Triangle to a baseball team isn’t the population. It’s the lack of competition. Not sure that I would pass on Charlotte’s population just so I only had to compete with hockey. If the Carolinas end up with an MLB team it will almost certainly be located in the Charlotte metro area.
  5. This is unnecessary. You don’t have resort to abusive behavior just because you’re losing an argument.
  6. Outside of Horn and Brady’s guy falling into our laps I’ll give the rest of the draft.. a meh Not too hyped about a project TE and projected guard though.. this draft definitely needs to be evaluated after perhaps the preseason to even confirm if anyone from Day 3’s draft make the team. Let alone contribute. if the season weren’t Samdarn or bust I’d give it a solid B, though.
  7. I like Horn. Everything went downhill since then though but not as disastrous I initially thought. I don’t like the concept of drafting like we’re coming off a Super Bowl victory. But if it’s Fitts style.. fug it
  8. That’s a Michael Jordan dunking on the monstars level reach . I’m sorry.
  9. Who called him Kittle LOL. Ima need you to log off dawg
  10. Solid pick, won’t make us miss Olsen, but a blocking TE is just as good an OL depending on how they’re schemed.
  11. I don’t give a poo whose alt you are chuck
  12. LOL Ive been here much much longer than you chuck
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