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  1. I've been banned for less.
  2. I'd trade his ass in a blink if it meant the return was a Watson tier QB. Davis and the RB committee outright proved CMC's worth in relation to his contract is practically moot. Hell, even if we don't get Watson I'd dangle him for a move in the draft. The NFC South is WIDE open right now.
  3. 1st and CMAC straight up. dont @ me pls
  4. In Panthers fashion Haskins will be the reason a QB isn’t selected until round 3. Bank it.
  5. 1st and Bridgewater right fuging now for Watson.
  6. Tax return check goes straight to Joe Buck mute option Television Sets..
  7. Omg stewy!!!!!!! Blowout like I fuging called it fug these chicken hawks.!!!!
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