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  1. Great video, but not the one I was looking for. This was filmed from the dash, guy in the passenger seat, car off.
  2. Sorry for the garbage thread. Trying to dig up a video. It's basically a guy yelling in his car about "throw the d*** ball to Julio! You know the M*********** is open!!" followed by various high-pitched scream noises. It's pretty much gold. Does anyone remember this and maybe have a link? I'm pretty upset to find that I no longer have it. Fine with this thread being deleted after I get to the bottom of this. I mist find it so that I may cherish it forever.
  3. If you need tickets please see my listing.


    Thank you!

  4. I disagree. If we add Percy Harvin, Aldon Smith, Anquan Boldin, Vince Young, Ditka, and Jesus, now that's a roster.
  5. To everyone freaking out, keep in mind that we had 12-win and 15-win seasons 3 years apart with completely different secondaries (JNo didn't play for a lot of 2013). If your system doesn't put emphasis on secondary, then don't pay corners 16m. Love the guy. He's a great person, a great player, and had a hell of a season, but something would have to give somewhere else on the roster to keep him at that number.
  6. If you had taken a poll the night before last years draft (and we probably did) asking what position is our greatest need in the draft, I doubt linebacker would have been in the top 3. Further, you say that we always happen to draft based on an area of great need in the first round, but you're predicting a TE. True, we need depth, but TE is one of the most productive positions on the team right now.
  7. Buhhhhhh! I'm going to be out of the country for the draft. Europeans hate sports.
  8. On a side-note, remember...um...when Greg Hardy....um....sacked Carson Palmer when he was....um...playing for the Raiders? That was awesome. Wish we still did that a lot.
  9. Hotel booked. Bag packed. Trousers changed. First playoff game ever for me. Had a seat waiting with some friends with PSL's for the 2008 NFC Championship, but...well....let's not get into that. Anyone know where I can buy a blue poncho at the last minute? Wally-Mart has failed me again.
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