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  1. Its moments like this make me feel that I wasted 27 years being a Panthers fan. Anybody want to buy two pals? Let me know. Atomic wtf.
  2. For me: Having Fields available at 8 and making a weak trade with Pats. Such as only getting their 2021 1st and next year's 2nd. Still have Ptsd over that damn superbowl lost to those cheaters. Fields is a baller!
  3. 49ers are freaking out like the Jacksonville Gm in Draft Day. Still think he got robbed in that trade
  4. If my maths b fancy....Panthers will be on clock at around 945pm. Right,?
  5. DO U have any tickets left?

  6. If you need tickets please see my listing.


    Thank you!

  7. Raise ur hand if u thought we would be 17-1 going to the SB this season when Benjamin got hurt. My hand is down.
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