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  1. What happens if the defense blocks/intercepts/recovers on a 1/2pt try and they kick it through the uprights via dropkick, is that worth 1 point?
  2. Ok, I gotta give it to you on that one. I laughed my ass off.
  3. Link doesn't work in the app. It just sent me to an '08 religion debate or something.
  4. I was wondering what happened to him. People were raving about him at the Senior Bowl but he completely disappeared in the last month or so.
  5. and now I can quit watching after the 5th! win-win
  6. so there hasn't been a WR taken since Funchess. starting to look like other teams thought there was a drop off in talent too
  7. You literally said "if you want Cam to be better, put better players around him" as if we can't get better without a better supporting cast. Tannehill, Luck, and Wilson all had garbage OLs and receivers last year and they still produced.
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