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  1. Ok seriously, to complete your right of passage, you must beat Denver by 35. Please, please, please do this.
  2. I agree. If anything our 2nd half probably put your heads on straight. This feels a lot like the Seahawks-Panthers NFCCG in 2006 (sorry to bring that up, but same sort of mismatch right now)
  3. lolol Arizona. Enjoy the Super Bowl guys. Couldn't happen to a better fan base.
  4. Palmer is shook. If you guys can go drive and score here this might get real ugly for Arizona
  5. I don't know, barring you guys taking the foot off the gas like you did last week, I'm having a hard time seeing this game be close.
  6. That was awesome. Hope you guys blow out Arizona
  7. lol there's no way that happened in real time but its sure hilarious
  8. "Anyways, white is the traditional playoff color for Carolina and was worn on some of their most impressive playoff wins. But I don't expect newcomers to the NFL to know that. " I'll be the first to admit the insurgence of "12's" is very annoying (sidenote I hate that term as a whole, but thats another thread for another day) .. but this is kind of ridiculous. lol. I'm a pretty knowledgeable NFL fan and I had no idea the Panthers had a traditional playoff color.. further, weren't most of your bigger playoff wins on the road? The magazine cover shows the NFC CG where you beat the Eagles in Philly.. of course they'd be in white. Saying "lol they don't know our unis are white in the playoffs!" is akin to me going "Russell Wilson hasn't lost by more than 10 points in his career" .. its a fun stat thats 1) meaningless to the game and 2) only really talked about by that fan base. The Greg Hardy thing though... man... not a good look. There was another poster that asked what needed to happen for the Seahawks to host a home playoff game as the 6 seed too. That one was also fun.
  9. Honest question, how many TD's did Ginn drop this year AND .. how many of those came on drives that didn't result in points?
  10. All you have to write is "15-1" "Ted Ginn" and you wrapped it up.
  11. Really blows my mind that Seahawks fans (or any fan base really) get upset at the notion that maybe .. just maybe .. Cam Newton really is a fantastic player and deserves the MVP. Like.. in no way shape or form does that mean Russell Wilson sucks. Or that Tom Brady sucks. Or Palmer. Or Rodgers. Etc. Just that this season Cam is special and doing things very few QB's before him have done.
  12. Wilson was great this year, but Cam has no one on offense (or at least far less weapons than many top tier QB's) and won 15 of 16. He's the MVP going away. The only guy I'd have considered along with Cam is Carson Palmer and Sunday basically slammed that door shut.
  13. Here comes the patented Bevell prevent offense. Can't wait.
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