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  1. Again, play until you hear the whistle. Touch or not, there was no whistle thus no reason to let up as much as he did. You never assume the refs are going to make the right call if there is no whistle since 9 times out of 10 they don't. Sure, the play was overturned but if he keeps playing until the whistle the ref screw up wouldn't have had the chance to cause anything. As I said, the ref was wrong, BUT he messed up as well.
  2. Regardless of the ref, you play until the whistle blows. Just because you THINK you touched a person down, as long as that whistle hasn't blown, you keep playing. That is like one of the main things they preach so I'm willing to still keep blame on KB for that. The ref might have screwed up but KB did the same by not playing until the whistle.
  3. Well, 3rd round pick next year and a 4th round pick this year but regardless, I've got no complaints. For the potential he has that is a pretty good steal.
  4. poo wrong topic and I can't delete. Oh well, screw it lol
  5. I'm assuming he likely said something that he thinks he probably shouldn't have said out loud about him being the "Future of this Team". The team probably wasn't wanting to be so straight out with it.
  6. Damnit, I really hope that the trade Fitterer was teasing last night isn't one for Mayfield. I'd support him because he'd be a Panther but that'd be pretty disappointing.
  7. What happened? Wasn't paying attention
  8. Lmao, Russel Wilson gone and NOW Seattle wants to draft OLine
  9. Lmao, Tom Grossi just said the Browns might take a Lawyer with this pick
  10. Jesus, I like the Vikings but fug that dude wouldn't shut the hell up and make the pick lol
  11. Kyler Gordon does not seem happy about being picked by the Bears lol
  12. Jeez, Vikings apparently don't really want anybody in this draft. 2 trades to teams within their division. Stuff is freaking crazy
  13. The athletic being a stick in the mud only giving it a B+. It was definitely at least an A.
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