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  1. Main difference I've seen though is that I saw some Dallas fans not liking waving Knight and other being happy it gives him an opportunity to play elsewhere. I really didn't see those same sentiments for the other Dallas guy. But *shrugs* just kind of thought Fitterer might have tried to take a shot on him since he said he was exploring options for the OLine but no trades were available.
  2. I mean, the guy clearly seems to be doing things right to avoid infection since he was playing in Texas after all. As long as he could continue to follow the regulations I'd be fine with him personally. They are really strict on testing for unvaxed players from what I've read. I am curious what his reason was for not reporting to the Raven though.
  3. Ah shoot, I didn't even see that Zylstra got hurt. Man, what the hell is with the injury bug we have this season.
  4. We had a chance to claim Brandon Knight when Dallas waived him (they hoped to stash him back on the Practice Squad) but we passed for some stupid reason and the Ravens claimed him instead.
  5. The real question is how many of those 31 was at a point when Sam was having to try and not get killed by a defender or was already getting tackled thanks to our Award Winningly bad OLine (primarily the interior) thus there not being an actual chance to get the ball to the open man.
  6. I'm assuming it would have went off of our record last week but even then when would have had the chance before them. fuging figures. Don't get why we wouldn't take a chance on him.
  7. I actually have no clue how our team looks at it. I know that per the current rules if we did pick him up he'd have to wait 5 days before he could enter the facilities but too much after that I'm not sure.
  8. In all honesty, most of our line are Non-starters Vax'ed or not
  9. After today's game, I'm even more on board with giving him a try. We pretty much have nothing else to lose seeing if he can help at any OLine position. Not sure if he will drop to us but if he does, fug it, bring him in.
  10. Yep, definition of a "Team loss". Offense finally got their heads out their asses, give us a chance to win, and the defense fails us in overtime.
  11. I've been chatting with a few of them. That is exactly their reaction so far
  12. We are lining up so far back. I don't like that already
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