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  1. I look at that deal very differently. I don't see it as 2 1sts for CMC. I see it as a Would they give a 1st for CMC, more than likely, AND would they give a 1st for Teddy, absolutely NOT. Me personally I don't want to trade CMC since I think he is more valuable on the team and not elsewhere.
  2. Lmao, love this Cheeto commercial
  3. Can we never get another commercial for "The Late Show" if it is going to be that stupid O_o
  4. Mike fuging Remmers holding the hell out of his man and the guy STILL gets the sack lmao
  5. Seriously though, watching this is just reminding me of just how stacked TB is on offense. Gonna be interesting to watch what they do in the offseason though.
  6. They are lucky Gronk has lost a step he would have been gone. Oh, nevermind, didn't matter Fournette in on the next play.
  7. Man, it is still so strange to see the local commercials playing during the Super Bowl lmao. Had a commercial for a furniture store play earlier that I actually knew one of the people in it.
  8. Oof, I normally try to at least watch the halftime show, this one is kind of really tempting me to change the channel until it's over.
  9. Yeah, maybe if Remmers was the only problem on the line then I might agree with them. They definitely got hit with the injury bug at the wrong time and wrong position that much is for sure.
  10. Gotcha, hard to tell online especially on this board lol
  11. I think it was possible with a dive and reach but a close one for sure
  12. Only problem is with their injuries on the OLine so far if you scheme for him you may leave another spot vulnerable.
  13. Dr. Squatch will take you places you never thought you'd go.......NAKED. lol, ok I liked that one.
  14. Chiefs shooting themselves in the foot. Can't make stupid mistakes like that in the Super Bowl especially against Tom Brady.
  15. Stupid is what it was in my opinion lol.
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