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  1. I can’t imagine Bryce scratching the top 5 or top 10 busts of all time even if he never improves. even in the last couple drafts Trey Young and let’s not forget Josh Rosen going back a little further are EASILY bigger busts if this is the ceiling for Bryce young. Put down the alcohol people.
  2. Frank getting fired before week 13 year one would be historic. Even urban Meyer lasted longer. There is basically no precedent to firing a head coach mid season in year one. It takes some egregious actions to do so and frank has been the model coach off the field. Even if Frank got fired, this has to be hands down the worst head coach opening in a decade. Meddling owner who yells at you if you don’t win, no talent, no draft picks. Who wants to come here!?
  3. I don’t know when most people on this forum became a bunch of fuging whiners. it’s clear as day that we have a significant number of problems on offense. People much more adept at analyzing football than any of us have consistently shown that. BUT…BUT…WAAAA Bryce young isn’t CJ stroud. Who cares. We made the pick, he still has a tremendous amount of potential to be a great qb. He shas had some bad games and some good ones. But let’s just put it all on Bryce young. Colts had the #32 pass defense and Bryce threw 3 picks, he must be the next Jimmy Clausen!!!! Just chill people. Dude is 7 games into his career.
  4. The amount of negativity in here is astonishing. There are a lot of problems with this team but the more I watch Bryce, he ain’t one of them. He’s going to be a baller.
  5. “Easy draft decision” aka draft any QB with a pulse is literally what the bears did. Let’s not forget how many teams passed up fields for very legitimate reasons. he may be good, he may be bad, he may end up looking like Sam Darnold, only time will tell but not drafting him was correct at the time.
  6. I see too many people out here advocating for “any” QB that’s available. All well and good until you are stuck with teddy 2.0 for the next 5 years. if there is a guy available that we believe IS the guy and not just “available” then we take him but looking at the QBs in this draft I think that’s only Trevor, just like cam in 2011. How do you think the jags and Titans felt about gabbert and locker. I hope we don’t reach for a QB but that’s what most people on this forum seem to want....until they turn into a bust.
  7. Y’all gonna have a fit when they succeed. Say what you want about Hurney but the guy NEVER missed in the first round....can’t say that about our current GM. Not hitting with our high draft pick can set us back years. Only time will tell what our future looks like.
  8. We have to run gimmicks because Cam Newton cannot hit the broad side of a barn
  9. Cam Newton may have a claim to being the most inaccurate short passer in the league.....
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