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  1. Honestly? Throw is late and gave the LB time to get close because CMC was about 3 zip codes away from him out of his break. That said, in Matts defense hes probably only thrown to any of the starters a handful of time. I'd expect the timing to be off.
  2. I'm getting back to work till team drills come back.
  3. Nah - the pace is frenetic and the offense and defense are lining up at the same time. Defense was dominating them in 7v7. 4 forced fumbles/pass break ups from hard clean hits. Pats radio team says their players don't look ready to get hit. Cant say the same for offense because they're focusing on their own offense but the D sounds like they came out more prepared than the patriots
  4. ANOTHER hard hit and forced fumble. Downfield completion to Kirkwood.
  5. Brandon Smith with a big pop to break up a pass and then a forced fumble per the pats radio team
  6. Bozeman being carted off per patriots radio
  7. There were two miscommunications - one on the rpo to Smith where he was blocking rather than looking for the ball and a second on the 3rd down along the sidelines where the receiver didn't break when/where Baker expected him to. Then the mishandled snap. These are ALL errors that are usually the result of a lack of reps and timing. If I'm seeing that as a coach and my seat was a little warm - tomorrow I would declare the competition over and give Baker all of the first team reps from here forward to get that corrected. This of course will likely not happen because ole Rhule isn't capable of looking in the mirror and realizing this charade is detrimental to the team and in turn his own job.
  8. Intrigued by the Izzo add. Was getting a lot of hype in camp when he was drafted before he got injured as a blocker and just became expendable when they got Henry and Smith. Probably nothing more than a body at this point with his inability to catch on anywhere since then but looking forward to seeing him in game.
  9. First look at Baker in a panthers uni, of ourse Matt Corral, WRs not named DJ and Robbie, the new and improved offensive line, CJ Henderson and his next steps in the secondary. Theres enough I'll be watching the third and fourth quarters for more than just background noise this year.
  10. Ding Ding Ding. Was 100% coming to say this. I fully expect tomorrow when Baker gets the snaps that Boze is his center. Let them get the exchange down together and mirror each other throughout camp.
  11. lol okay. Hes not Josh Allen or prime Cam... but hes also not Teddy Bridgewater, Chad Pennington, Kenny Pickett or Jimmy Clausen. He realistically is probably a top 16-32 arm in the league. Accurate, high velocity, low elevation ball. Bakers issues have always been those that come with a gun slinger QB. Its the "No, no, no, YES" plays that eventually turn into "No ,no, no, no, no nooooooooo" plays and the mixed bag of results that come with that style. I'm not saying he's a top 16 QB in the league but from a purely physical aspect there arent 64 QBs with a better arm than Baker. There probably arent 32 either.
  12. Feel like I'm a part of history. Wow. Its actually happened.
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