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  1. As much as I disdain Arians and Brady... I will thoroughly enjoy watching Brees and Payton slow realization that the season and their runs are over. Maybe give us another pick or 2 for an all time Jake like meltdown to end it.
  2. Don't overlook the Texans wanting to keep Watson OUT of the AFC. Thats one thing the Jets or Dolphins can't do. If there were a trade. I could be talked into 3 1sts if it meant we kept this years second. Think there will be a valuable player there at pick 40 and I imagine with Watson we'd be picking fairly late in the draft in the future.
  3. 5th round or later as a flyer. And I'd bet he'd be there. Injury concerns are very real. Hes a great story and by all accounts a hell of a guy... but no way in hell I'm touching him in the 2nd when legit OTs should still be there.
  4. Blake Bortles went 3rd overall and Manziel somewhere in the early 20s that year. Does not change your point one bit. Just another chance to laugh at the Jags.
  5. Oof. I will refrain from "winning culture" comments for at least the rest of the day. Suppose this means he actually went rogue and tanked that game on his own without letting top brass know. Yikes.
  6. Per Rapoport- Texans, Chargers AND Falcons all requested to interview.
  7. First thought was ribs... seeing him limping? May have some problems with the hip? If so THATS concerning. Very interested in finding out the extent of it.
  8. Oh fore sure. Still plenty of game left and of course the the combine and interviews but I've seen enough tonight against top tier competition and the best DC in the country that if Ruhle and our GM to be named later are on board - I'm with them.
  9. 24 hours ago Zach Wilson was a Jet and Fields was the next in a long line of Ohio St QB busts with him falling all the way to Carolina at 9. If that holds true I will graciously take him in. The zip and deep ball touch (even on the incomplete one) were great and something I would love to see Robby and DJ hauling in. Whichever of the 3 may end up in the blue and black I trust will bring plenty of firepower to our offense.
  10. I am more than okay with Fields as the consolation prize. I feel very good with any of the top 3 guys.
  11. Fields can help his stock with his performance against Clemson waaaaay more than Wilson. Id agree I dont know that the Jets would entertain Fields over Darnold. Could opt for Chase, Sewell or a trade back instead. I liked what I saw from Fields last year just think he's not taken the next step I was hoping to see. Still, covid season, impending draft etc. I could very easily learn to love the Fields pick dont get me wrong. But Zach Wilson is my guy right now.
  12. The arm talent is extremely impressive. He was my guy unless Sewell fell. Now starting to worry neither may be there at 4.
  13. Its incorrect. Shocking that a writer for NFL.com wouldn't know how to calculate the draft order I know (sarcasm) We still hold the 4th pick based on Strength of Schedule. Carolina (.531) Atlanta (.536) Make sure to cheer for the Seahawks, Cowboys and whoever plays Arizona (and the WFT of course)
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