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  1. DJ Moore is 23 years old. Allen Robinson is 27. Hopkins and Golladay are 28. Just to be clear you're telling me a WR entering year 4 is already on par or close to the level of these guys despite being 4-5 years younger? Thats an eternity in the league, hell that's an entire contract length in the NFL. DJ could sign the same contract Golladay did today and after playing it out would STILL be younger than Golladay was when he signed it. Thats enough DJ slander in this thread. Seriously. If you refuse to see that despite playing with Kyle Allen, Will Grier, Teddy Bridgewater and PJ Wal
  2. This has already been addressed in numerous threads. Yes its possible. Yes there's precedence recently and in the past with players looking worse than Sam Darnold in their first few seasons going on to win MVPs, Super Bowls and ending up in the Hall of Fame. Im sure there are more examples but this is top of my head with stats from PFF. 1) Terry Bradshaw 38% completion percentage, 6 TDs 24 (TWENTY FOUR) INTs in 8 starts (3-5) Following Seasons of: 13 starts (5-8) 54% completion percentage 13 TDs 22 INTs 14 starts (11-3) 47% completion percentage 12 TDs 12 INTs
  3. Guessing 1 year 3.5 mil. Anything under 5 ill be happy. Anything over and ill wonder why we aren't making a play at one of the better vet corners available. Still like the signing. Hope he bounces back to his Texans/Jacksonville days
  4. Whats our barometer in terms of bounce back? Hall of Famer? How about: Drew Brees Troy Aikman John Elway Terry Bradshaw Steve Young Brett Favre Just salvaging into a long successful NFL career? Alex Smith Ryan Fitzpatrick Ryan Tannehill Kirk Cousins Thats top of my head. I'm sure there's others. The fact is there's plenty of examples of players bouncing back after a rough start. If Ruhle is on board with it, I'll proceed with cautious optimism.
  5. Somehow I thought the coffin in the living room would be the most stereotypical "Raiders" thing I'd see. Then we went upstairs. Then the basement. Then the backyard. And now I'm laughing hysterically at the amount of money these owners pissed away with their decor choices.
  6. Just curious which charts you're looking at. I just looked at DraftTek and WalterFootballs and the difference in points value on both the 3rd and the 2nd overall is 200 points. The cost difference based on the chart between moving up from 12 to 3 and 8 to 2 is also only 200 points. Not sure where the idea its an extra 1000 points on top of what SF gave is coming from. If you're looking strictly at the charts then we would need approximately 1200 points in value to move up. That would cost our 1st and 3rd this year and a First next year (2630) Now I doubt that would get it done
  7. Based on draft Valuation charts 3 first and a future third would do it. Based on the dumb fug 49ers. Might need to throw a couple future 2s in there with a 4th or 2 coming back.
  8. Mac Jones at 3 will make me spit my beer out on Draft Night and I for one can't wait lol.
  9. Bit of an overestimation lumping me in there with them. Never said it wouldn't happen. Said it'd be the first time in the history of the NFL and I'd believe it when I saw it. I even said I cant believe a team parts with 3 first for the 3rd or 4th best QB. Thats compounded by teams balking at 3 1sts for Watson and Russ. And that's exactly what happened. Nobody says this was a steal for the 9ers. Its an overpay. Besides, still lots to happen at 4 lol. Now if a team trades up to 4 its a certainty.
  10. Oh fug me. Silver lining is 8 is more valuable than 12? Maybe it won't cost as much? Ugh. God damnit.
  11. Bears, 49ers, WFT, Broncos and thats just top of my head. Plenty of other QB needy teams that may not have the capital for 2 - Saints, Steelers, Patriots And of course Houston pending the Watson stuff.
  12. 6'2 is huge for him. Weight looks good too. Ton of concern over his size. I wouldn't have been surprised if he measured under 6 foot like Kyler. That frame means he's got room to bulk up. Never a bad thing
  13. Only 1? Strictly FA? Corner and for me it isn't close.
  14. At 8 we are guaranteed one of Trevor Lawrence Trey Lance Zach Wilson Justin Fields Penei Sewell Rashawn Slater Micah Parsons Ja'marr Chase Kyle Pitts One way or another we are getting a potential superstar.
  15. Oh 100% agree. I can see why he costs more in terms of capital. Only said this would be cheaper and if we're gauging it against the reported value of CMC, Burns AND 3 firsts for Watson, id go this route. Just me and my admittedly personal opinion.
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