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  1. The pro of these stupid TNF games is we have 10 days till Dallas, almost like a mini bye. Means he likely misses only 2 games against Dallas and Philly with plans to have him back for Minnesota. The team not placing him on IR seems to indicate they also think he'll be 100% by that 3rd game. We saw last year they aren't afraid to shut him down till he's 100%.
  2. So examples of rare throws would be like the 25 yard dart to Marshall on our first drive that he dropped? Or the back shoulder fade to the opposite hash to DJ Moore for 27? Secondly I respectfully disagree. Darnold navigated the rush, stepped up in the pocket and while drifting left launched a ball to the right hash that traveled from our own 35 to the NY 12. Did Robby slow up? Yes. Did he have to come to a complete stop or come back to the ball? No. Id argue that was by definition a big time throw. I dont want to make excuses, he wasn't perfect but people throwing around words like "mediocre" either haven't been fans very long, have a vendetta or have somehow forgotten the poo show of QBs we've matched out the last 10 years. Those are throws we haven't seen made since 2018.
  3. Sam was the least of my worries today. Not perfect by any means but was well above average and most importantly was not a liability or someone we won the game in spite of. Hot Take: I thought this was the best QB play we've seen since Cams (pre TJ Watt hit) 2018 season. I dont even know if that's that hot of a take with the competition being a one armed Cam, Kyle Allen, Will Grier, Taylor Heineke, Teddy Bridgewater and PJ Walker.
  4. Agreed. Was irritating to still see them poo on Sam. You know who else had notorious happy feet? Peyton Manning. As long as he continues to read the field, plants his foot and and drives the throws right on target then I dont care.
  5. Id argue its better. Corners are glued to their guys, the pass rush is swarming Wilson and impacting every throw. Wilson's had his arm sleeve shredded since the 1st quarter from guys grabbing at it. That doesn't show up in a box score that says: "Z. Wilson pass incomplete short left"
  6. Again. Has looked SOLID. Theres 2 missed throws for TDs im sure he'd like back but he's shown me a hell of a lot in just one half. Looking forward to seeing how he builds and adjusts.
  7. I'm getting serious 2013 Giants game vibes where the headlines the next morning referred to the game as a "Feeding Frenzy" I bet these players missed having fans in the stands and as a fan I've missed having something to cheer for.
  8. Want another takeaway before the half. Im getting greedy now.
  9. Atta boy Sam. Hes had a couple misses, unfortunately in the red zone and both would have been TDs but he has been fuging solid outside of that. Robby had to let up a bit to get it but damn what a dime.
  10. fug YEA edit: this is not the GameDay thread lol
  11. So much for Cannon being one of the best gunners in the league. The Ruhle kiss of death remains positive comments in a presser.
  12. Grier gets the nod from me for now. With the exception of the throw on the miscommunication he looked solid. Neither he or PJ are going to win us games with their play. If we only keep one and don't add a Veteran during final cuts then my preference comes down to which on helps Darnold get better behind the scenes. Is one of them better than the other in the film room, have a better grasp on the playbook etc. Backups should make the starters better. QB is no different.
  13. There are well over a dozen sites that don't require a login, don't require you to pay a penny and broadcast the game in perfect 1080p with at most a 10ish second delay and maybe a pop up or 2 to close out of. They are also completely illegal and as such, not posting links because people posting links is a good way to bring unwanted trouble. Use Google, use reddit, its not hard guys.
  14. Not saying its better but never forget this classic after the Matt Moore Vikings upset. Smitty: "Ya know, 22, little youngster, had something to say so I just had to establish the rules and regulations of the game." Reporter: "Which were?" Smitty: "89. Bottom Line. Thats why he's going home" 89BottomLine has been my Xbox and PS name ever since
  15. Wow, the disrespect. Cant believe they're just going to give away Panthers Legend Rasul Douglas' number like that.
  16. Only thing missing from a full on nostalgia trip to 2015 was a good ole "Google that poo" Welcome back brother. Make sure that helmet is pointed in the right direction.
  17. Would that not make NEXT years pick more valuable then? The argument presented is a a 3rd in 2021 is more valuable than a 2nd in 2022 which is generally how future draft calculations have had these things forever yet your comments are to the contrary. I too agree based on the extenuating circumstances surrounding covid that may not hold true with THESE particular years. I believe it was Rappaport alluding to this as well prior to the draft that we'd see less trades of future picks for this reason.
  18. Also has serious medical red flags that go with him. Blood clots in your lungs are a pretty big deal, especially when there's no in person pre draft visits where your own medical team can clear him. You're taking a massive gamble on a player that could walk away from the game at any time or worse. The Panthers along with every single team in the league, including the one that did eventually draft him all felt the same way. We obviously are comfortable in the group of guards we took, including the one we drafted over him, heading into camp.
  19. I think the expectation is he comes in as a LT. If that doesn't pan out and he turns into a starting LG its still a solid pick. I really like this pick. I dont love that he'll be 25 in September and his level of competition certainly leaves something to be desired BUT this guy is a phenomenal athlete.
  20. Interesting his weakness is listed as being an average athlete. Everything I read and watched seemed to indicate this guys explosiveness at the BYU pro day was next level. Short arms and inconsistencies I could see and the guys certainly could use some coaching up and is already 24 but I like this a lot. Could be a day 1 starter at LT. Based on how quick that pick shot in I'm betting the Panthers brass felt the same way.
  21. Really think there's 1 of 3 things ultimately happens and I think the beauty of the Darnold trade sets us up for any of these 3. This gets out and a team behind us panics and moves up to 4-7 for a QB which only pushes talent down. We'd be guaranteed 1 of Sewell, Chase, Pitts or Slater. We get a blue chip player and roll with Darnold. The above happens and spot 8 is now seen as the last spot to move up and get the last of the 5 qbs making it far more valuable likely netting us at minimum a future 1st offsetting any capitol lost in the Darnold trade. Or we simply take Fields because of genuine interest and had no way thought he'd be available without moving up to 3 to secure him. If NY was offered a 1st for Darnold I'd imagine worst case he'd be flipped for at least the 2nd we traded for him if we wanted to jump ship immediately although id imagine they play out the season with Darnold the starter and move one of the 2 in the future for a bigger return.
  22. Appolgies, looks like it was a radio interview. I'm on my phone so we'll see how it goes but here's a link to his radio interview and a screenshot of the tweet. *Bonus* Now theres a tweet from 5 minutes ago that Zach Wilson is going to be a bust too. http://www.charlestonsportsradio.com/2021/04/20/the-mauro-midday-show-4-20-21-hour-2/?fbclid=IwAR0cKFnius1Fv4HYntlp0em22vNAt2hdHPwkE7Pb7_dme2q6D0b_U90nYeU
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