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  1. Thats not what he's saying at all. Hes saying we should look to make a separate deal with Miami for the 3rd pick. THEN package the 3rd pick into our Watson offer. I agree if Miami aquires Watson we arent then trading with Miami to get him. That wasn't his scenario though. And there is some precedence for this. The Eagles traded up to pick 8 before then using pick 8 in a package to move up to 2 for Wentz. All that said, count me in the camp of people who much rather take Wilson/Fields at 3 than to package more assets into a Watson trade.
  2. Thats... not how comp picks work. Previous years salary has no bearing on comp pick formula. Would be completely dependent on the contract he signs THIS off-season with another team.
  3. I dont disagree what he made in contrast to his play was grossly imporportioal. But his salary is not unreasonable which is what I was alluding to. Furthermore I believe he is subject to waivers rather than being cut outright. With his contract being reasonable >2 mil per year for an OT with no dead money for the claiming team I doubt he passes through waivers unclaimed.
  4. 4 year 11.56 million contract. Signing bonus of 5.97 million spread out over the 4 years. Wed be on the hook for 3 years 5.59 million. Thats backup tackle money hes making.
  5. Respectfully disagree... unless our definition of what constitutes a big cap number differs. Here's his base salary which would be all we would be on the hook for in terms of cap hit. 2021 1.1 million 2022 1.6 million 2023 2.1 million Id throw as high as a future 5th to them.
  6. He goes to Miami and that Watson asking price bottoms out. Would essentially come down to us or the Jets. Jets could still put together a nice package but they'd have to ask themselves what price is worth DW and what price is worth picking a QB at 2 and saving assets and money.
  7. Trades seem a bit too good to be true and heavily favor us. The first 3 picks are money but after that it's kind of iffy for me outside of Shaun Wade who I agree in the 4th is worth the risk. If we don't get Watson and trading up for Wilson doesn't pan out then I would be extremely happy with this plan C assuming we can get Lance at 8.
  8. Based on what? Everything in that article is 100% accurate. This isn't some "Fake smile, narcissistic con artist" bullshit we heard with Cam. He struggles making reads because he stares down his first read too long. Its prevalent in the Alabama, Northwestern and the Indiana games. Its a matter of whether the scheme is limiting him (Herbert) or if he is simply slow through his reads because he's been able to get by on sheer athleticism he hasn't needed to (Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson) or if he flat out can't make them (Haskins) He is just as raw as Trey Lance in the sense you'll ha
  9. Saves 4.5 million this year if traded or cut outright. Designate our last June 1st option on him and saves just under 11 million. Both options more importantly gets the contract off the books. Not worth the 14-16 mil per season hes making.
  10. Absolutely not. Restructuring those deals would make it near impossible to move on from them after the season. Best option is including the two of them in the Watson trade (if it happens.) Second best option is to release them outright in 2022 and add another 30ish million to our already 100mil+ Cap.
  11. The real question is what exactly would it cost to trade up. Last time teams traded up for QB at 1 and 2 was 2016. Using those as a baseline Id probably prefer this route, hell, might be cheaper. In 2016: Rams moved up from number 15 to number 1. Rams gave up 2016: 1st, two 2nds, 3rd, 2017: 1st, 3rd. They received the Titans 2016: 1st (Number one overall) 4th and 6th. Eagles moved up from eight to number 2 for another QB. Eagles gave up 2016: 1st, 3rd, 4th, 2017: 1st, 2018: 2nd. They received the Browns 1st (2 overall) and 2017 4th. I would do both
  12. Feels a little disingenuous not including recent drafts. Id say 9/15 of the 1st round QBs since 2017 are pretty damn good. The number is much higher if I include players I'd take over Teddy in a heartbeat. 2017 2. Mitchell Trubisky (Traded up for) 10. Patrick Mahomes (Traded up for) 12. Deshaun Watson (Traded up for) 2018 1. Baker Mayfield 3. Sam Darnold (Traded up for) 7. Josh Allen (Traded up for) 10. Josh Rosen (Traded up for) 32. Lamar Jackson (Traded up for) 2019 1. Kyler Murray 6. Daniel Jones 1
  13. Wentz is maybe the better QB at this point? I honestly don't even know. I mean neither are coming here and neither are even on my top 5 choices of QBs I'd want. The things with Wentz are 1) price to aquire him. I want ZERO PART in trading at least a first round pick (maybe more) for him. That is entirely too much for a massive unknown that we would be hitched to for the long term. Brings us to point 2) That contract. Oof. Any team bringing him in better be damn sure he's the answer because you're stuck with him for the long haul. And he's already 28 years old. Not exactly Wats
  14. Between the two of them? Cam and its not close. You factor in the cost to aquire, contract length and salary cap implications? Yeah I'm taking Cam in that scenario 100% of the time. Now granted neither are going to happen but you didn't ask about the realistic chance it did, just who we'd take.
  15. Honestly, I'm shocked Calvin made it in at all let alone 1st ballot. Just thought he hung em up wayyyy too early and his numbers wouldn't justify a spot. If you're going on number for a WR who never won a Superbowl then Smitty has to be in. And yes I'm 1000% biased.
  16. My favorite Panther memory of Stanley Glover was that he used to bark like a dog at the o line. Thats about the extent of his tenure with us. That said... hes entitled to his own opinion and honestly nothing he said was egregious or out of bounds. I wouldn't trade Chinn or Burns for Watson either.
  17. We'll have a better picture once we se where Watson goes. Only certainty is Jags take Lawrence. Lions, Eagles, Bengals, Dolphins are all probably out on QBs. Falcons and Jets are iffy. Sure a team could trade up but remember a trade up into the top 10 is expensive, even more so when a QB is involved.
  18. 2 Firsts and the Lions take Goff and that contract? Oof. If this is an indication of the Watson Deal, count me out.
  19. Or its Kelvin Benjamin, Shaq Thompson and Vernon Butler for Deshaun Watson. Can cherry pick first rounders all you want. Bottom line is the draft is literally an unknown. Watson however, is not. Also Ryan Kalil* was a 2nd rounder, not that it matters much in the pretense of this argument. His brother was a top 5 pick though so if you want to include him we can.
  20. Id take Stafford on this team any day. The potential with Moore, Robby and CMC is there. But for a FIRST? More importantly, 8 overall? Heeeellllllll Nooooooo. I might give them 40. Two 3rds seems more in line with what a QB in his 30s coming off serious injuries would warrant.
  21. As much as I disdain Arians and Brady... I will thoroughly enjoy watching Brees and Payton slow realization that the season and their runs are over. Maybe give us another pick or 2 for an all time Jake like meltdown to end it.
  22. Don't overlook the Texans wanting to keep Watson OUT of the AFC. Thats one thing the Jets or Dolphins can't do. If there were a trade. I could be talked into 3 1sts if it meant we kept this years second. Think there will be a valuable player there at pick 40 and I imagine with Watson we'd be picking fairly late in the draft in the future.
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