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  1. I've loved the Panthers since I was a youngin'! i was 5 years old when the Panthers first started playing. I grew up in Roanoke, VA surrounded by Redskins fans. My mother was a Redskins fan and my father was a Rams fan. When I was so young, I started liking the Panthers mainly because I liked the colors and mascot. When I got into 7th grade (2002), I started playing football for the first time, and that is when I first actually started following football and learning about. Naturally, I started paying attention to the Panthers every weekend and fell in love immediately, despite having to follow on my computer usually from NFL.com just seeing the play-by-play since the Panthers were never shown locally. It wasn't long before I became such a die-hard fan and talked non-stop about the team and the backgrounds of all the players that I actually converted both of my parents, and they both root for the Panthers now because of me. After a few years of watching at sports bars or having to listen to the radio (after purchasing the online radio package ofcourse), my parents got DirectTV solely so I could watch the Panthers. I have loved sports all my life, yet somehow the Panthers became the only team that I had any attachment too, and the attachment has been very strong. Many people think of me when they think of the Panthers because I am such a die-hard fan in an area where there aren't many Panthers fans at all. In fact, several people I know actually root against the Panthers simply because they find my fandom annoying. My car is the Panthers blue, and my license plate says PNTHRS1. Everything about me is Panthers. They are what I look forward to each and every week and it isn't uncommon for the result of the game to affect me for the rest of the week. I cried when players like Delhomme and Mike Minter retired, and I smile at all the heart-warming stories that deal with the Panther's players. I am proud of our team, the character of the players, and the culture that is building. I often just naturally say "we" or "our" when referring to the Panthers, and people always give me a hard time about it saying that I am not part of the team. While it is true I am not on the team, the Panthers are so important to me that they feel as though they are truly a part of me. About once or twice a year (some lucky years even more) every year since 2002, I make it down to Charlotte to go see the Panthers play in BOA. I have only been to one away game (2008 regular season finale in New Orleans) and one playoff game (divisional home game against Arizona *sigh*). I would love to make it to another playoff game now, joined by my wife! One thing you can count on to when I'm at a game is that I will be standing and yelling every down on Defense and I will stay until the clock hits 0! I could go on and on...but TLDR....I LOVE THE PANTHERS!!!! #KeepPounding
  2. Luke is the GOAT and my role model. As a former LB I have a ton of appreciation for his play and his passion on the field. However, as great as he is off the field, he also seems to be an all around outstanding person as well. I'm glad to see him get the contract he deserves, proud to call him a Panther, and excited to watch him lead this defense for years to come! Cheers!
  3. I would like to do your ff league as well. [email protected]

  4. Happy New Year to you too!

  5. thanks for the rep!

  6. Thanks for the rep.

  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. It was good seeing you yesterday. Hate the game went the way it did and I hope those ponchos helped. Looked like they were gonna come in handy.

  9. Thanks for the rep :D

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