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  1. he didn't get me, but i am stirring the pot!! mwhahaha.

  2. Thank you sir, much appreciated. I'll be sure to give a report once they have been drank.

  3. Hey, sorry man, I've been really busy this past week (I was in Vegas). I'm actually going to get some other trades packed up tonight, so I should be able to have yours shipped out tomorrow as well!

  4. When can I expect this stout to arrive my man? The anticipation is building.

  5. Ha! Despite my name, I'm not some Bo Berry biscuit fiend. I did, however, have one last weekend. Awesome stuff!

  6. Everytime I see your name, It makes me hungry :(

  7. I knew I should have voted for you! It's all good -- hope this thing is real and you get your modship!

  8. sorry u lost. if it is any consolation its probably because i went to almost every user profile and asked them to vote for me. o and I gave out Bjs.

  9. Thanks for the vote, man!

  10. Thanks for the vote, good sir!

  11. Believe it or not, I don't get very much rep from the Lovely Ladies... as a matter of fact, very little. The guys in there are all mooches.

  12. Ha! And I do it without posting boobs (which I appreciate, by the way!).

  13. Your rep has grown strong... the dark side I sense in you.

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