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  1. I saw a lot of your points in the thread when we initially extended his contract, and several make sense. I thought that we might let Robbie walk after this year if Marshall and Shi worked out, or maybe even trade him. Fitterer is a trade-loving SOB! But, I don't feel that the contract is a bad one at all, and am not worried about Robbie's lack of stats yet. This is a team sport, not fantasy football.
  2. pretty sure they did the same in the Taints game.
  3. I AM excited to see how Sam handles this. They sputtered after CMC left the game, but came out strong after half time. When the same thing happened last year, Teddy turned to poo.
  4. He made a HOF career out of talking poo to CB's.
  5. Chuba ran hard. I'm proud of the rook. I just hate that he missed that easy TD catch.
  6. Previous management never got the importance of a solid secondary, and admitted as much. One thing we KNOW about Fitterer is that he understands the havoc a strong secondary can create.
  7. I mentioned this in another thread almost verbatim. 8 consecutive draft picks on D plus Fox, Jones, and Reddick as high-end FA pick ups makes us formidable AF!
  8. I said, preseason, that we had a decent shot for that extra wild card spot. Fug that! I want a bye in the playoffs!!
  9. 34-0 Panthers Snow's D pitches a shutout. 6 sack, 4 interception game. CMC rushes for 150+ yards and a TD and catches a TD. Arnold and Marshall each get their 1st TD. Robbie gets a TD.
  10. All it takes is drafting starters in the mid rounds, somewhere that we have not historically been good, but appear to be getting a lot better at. As long as you have starters on rookie contracts, you have money.
  11. And with current staff, we have the money to do so!
  12. I really think that this is what is going on. Brady will open up more of his play book every game as long as Sam continues to progress. No reason to get cutsey as long as our D is making sure we're playing with a lead. If Sam, or any QB, has to worry about game-winning drives and taking the team on their back, it opens the floodgates for mistakes and going back to what we saw when he was a jet.
  13. IDK, You have to have the right personnel in place for this kind of shenanigans to work. We spent a lot of draft and FA capital over the last 2 years collecting these players.
  14. OR... he built the hard hitting D that he needs to win, and NOW he can finish up building the offense. We extended Moton and Anderson (a Rhule pickup last year) and picked up the 5th year options on DJ and Sam.
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