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  1. I'll never doubt my football acumen again. Pre draft I stated after warching film of all 3 Qb's CJ looked to be the better prospect. And then I took a hiatus from the board and came back just a few days before the draft and it was all Bryce, Bryce, he was the guaranteed lock to the the Panthers Qb all you heard was the inside sources, super processor blah, blah, blah. And I started doubting what I saw on film, and assuring myself because hey they are the "experts" maybe they're getting it right. They absolutely didn't get it right, and what I saw on film was the truth. Man I was hoping to be wrong, but nope at all.
  2. They trade or don't want to pay productive players like Foreman, Hassan Reddick,... but then overpay guys like Miles Sanders, give up the mother load for Bryce Young and send another productive player DJ Moore away.
  3. It's official Byrce a turnover machine. Which is crazy because he rarely pushes the ball down the field. It's official I don't like short Qbs anymore.
  4. If that happens I know there must be some inside job to sabbatage the Panthers.
  5. I remember reading a quote somewhere from Dan Morgan who said they would be more conservative going forward with dealing draft capital.
  6. Houston moreso. They are team who were in need of a Qb who we were trying to leapfrog. We initially were trying to move up to 2nd pick, but the deals fell through so we just went straight for the gusto with Chicago and got hosed. And Houston ended up with the better Qb anyways.
  7. If we had better qb play we beat Atlanta, Saints, Minnesota. Seattle possibly but the defense and Oline the bed
  8. Well to be fair there hasn't been any creativity in the running game its straight up the middle into darkness. Chuba appears to have better vision and hitting the seems harder, but our schemes are lacking. This team was running down people's throat late last season after being pedestrian under Rhule and now it's back to worse than pedestrian, so that goes to coaching.
  9. I think that trade was more if a solid to McCaffrey seeing as we weren't winning than to make the Panthers better. Plus we had our eyes on the Watson sweepstakes so I think they were trying to clear cap space in the hopes of being able to sign him to a long term deal.
  10. Weak division is true. Atlanta right now is trying to scramble and see what they're going to do at Qb. Derek Carr is hurt and NO is on a 2 game skid. Ironically the Qb we ran out of town Baker Mayfield and the team left for dead after Brady departure the Bucs are leading the division again. Going into the season Bowles was supposedly on the hot seat.
  11. The margin of talent in the NFL is so small that coaching matters even more. Every team has weaknesses and strengths, good coaching knows how to exploit the other teams flaws while limiting their own.
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