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  1. Joe Brady's overrated. Depleted Houston secondary and you can't scheme up to exploit that. Let's see what adjustment s get made after halftime.
  2. We had the defensive rookie of the year in Peppers, opposite Rucker, Kris Jenkins was a beast in the interior. Linebackers Morgan, Witherspoon. Alot of people overlook how great our safety play was that year. Both Mike Minter and Dion Grant were probowl level talents that season.
  3. Yea that's what caught my eye as well Hartsfield looks to be grabbing his wrist or something at the end of the play.
  4. I predict the rookie throws us two picks. Panthers hold another team scoreless in the 1st half. We coast in the 2nd half. Royce Freeman gets some carries. Panthers 30 - Texans 7
  5. Definitely is looking like the league's best free agent signing of the offseason. In his last 17 games Reddick has 15.5 that's tops in the NFL. And being able to pair this beast with Brian Burns is just unfair and has transformed this pass rush into the best in the league. Locking him up long term has to be number 1 priority for the front office. Reddick blowing up Jets offensive guard as he's pulling.
  6. The best defenses to date imo. 2013, 1996, 2002, 2003, 2015. I think this team has the talent to surpass all those teams, the great thing it is a young squad, poised to get better.
  7. Their running game is the biggest threat, Mark Ingram, Phillip Lindsey, David Johnson are all capable backs who can gash you if you're not playing sound defense. If this was last season when we struggled to stop the run this game would have been closer than it should. The Panther improve run defense upfront should be able to neutralize their running game and put the ball in the hands of the rookie and that's when we can force mistakes. I think we see a similar showing in the first half of our previous games and improve offense play in the 2nd half.
  8. When did the Saints all of sudden become a bad team? They stomped Green Bay the week before, and most people on this board were talking about how deep and talented they were leading up to the game and didn't think the Panthers could pull off the "upset". Only a few of us were confident we were about to dog walk them. Now everybody talking about how bad they are.
  9. This is the 1st game he's gotten carries and the Saints are one of the better run stopping teams in the league look at what they did to Aaron Jones the week before.
  10. Teddy wasn't a bad Qb here. If we had the defense we had this season we would have won more than 5 games last year. The coaching staff wanted to move on and thought Sam was the better option he is younger and still has more potential. looks like it's working out for us and Denver.
  11. I mean yea those are better teams. But based on the small sample size the Panthers have looked like one of best defenses in the league. Pitching 2 shutouts in the first half of both games is rare to do in the NFL regardless of who you play.
  12. They shut Davis down, not so much the Jets rushing attack as they gave up 152 yards on the ground whereas we only allowed 45 against the Jets.
  13. I'll like to see them give Royce Freeman a shot down at the goalline.
  14. Star and KK were good but they hadn't peaked yet. I'll take a 2nd year Derek Brown over a 2nd year Star or KK. Can't argue Luke or TD but Blackburn and Klein were just two guys. I think 2015 with Norman and crew was the best secondary we ever had, but I think this unit's secondary is close, combined with the pass rushing dominance similar to 2013 I think gives them the edge. But a lot of games to play we shall see.
  15. 2013 was tough with Luke, and Johnson and Hardy terrorizing offenses, but I think Burns and Reddick may be a even more potent due coming off the edges. No one's Luke, but I think this squad's secondary is much more talented than the 2013 team.
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