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  1. I always thought the strategy they had for the Cardinal game was the best going forward for a few weeks. Oh well.
  2. Exactly what did we do lose 11 starters due to graduation? This is the NFL every team has turnover and players getting paid millions to perform. If we are rebuilding then so is over half the NFL. Our roster is good enough to compete now. Unfortunately our coaching staff missed on the most important position at QB and that has hampered the possibility of having a better record this season. I'm not too concerned about last game this defense has performed better for the most part of the season. We have got hammered by power running teams. That needs to be addressed. The oline play has improved from what it was at the start of the season. I'm looking to see if the coaching staff can get the team prepared and bounce back against Miami and get back to .500 on the season.
  3. Rhule shouldn't be fired, but some reporter should ask him why it took late into the 2nd half before he decided to shadow Mclaurin with Gilmore.
  4. Yea I can't get with this reasoning. Rivera and Washington were fighting for the division and a playoff spot last season when we beat them. I doubt he was too concerned about where Carolina was going to be drafting.
  5. They let Mclaurin torch us for an entire half, before trying to cover him with (I don't know) a former defensive MVP shut down corner.
  6. That seemed to be the offensive game plan for Rivera.
  7. What exactly are we rebuilding? Are the Redskins built? What about the Eagles? What about the Giants? What about the Patriots with a rookie Qb? The truth is this team is and was good enough to win all those games, coaching decisions and in game coaching cost us some winnable games this year, nothing being "built" is going to change being outcoached.
  8. Man I just went back and checked the 2019 preseason roster and Taylor was still on the team. I knew my memory was correct. And again he looked way better than Grier.
  9. Oh well never mind then I thought there Heinicke, Grier, and Allen were all on the same roster at one point.
  10. What did his competition do? Because the subject is relative to how he looked compared to Grier.
  11. Preseason mostly. That's the only time we as fans can really access backups. The game he did start and got hurt in he looked much better than the one game Grier started. edit: not sure if Grier ever started a game, but he did play in the regular season and looked bad.
  12. Well from my couch I had saw enough whereas I thought Heinicke looked the better of the two, but I'm not paid the big bucks. I just go by the eye test.
  13. What defense has? The bottom line is the Panthers were leading up to this game and still are one of the leagues best defenses. They've played games like last week more often this season than what they looked like today.
  14. What you pointed out can essentially be done about every Oline, every game. The Oline while not perfect kept defenders off Cam for the most part, and he had a pocket to step into. I'm failing to see how the offensive line was a glaring issue. The refs and those bogus holding calls that kept putting our offense behind the sticks was the bigger issue.
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