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  1. I feel like the issue is goal line formation, not CMC being powerful enough. Spread out in shotgun, allow CMC to make one defender miss.
  2. Pulled the trigger on Youtube TV. We're paying slightly less than our promotional cable rate a month, however, the DVR & specific channels Youtube TV had made it a no brainer. Very pleased with the service so far. Seamless streaming and the DVR is impressive. We already have most of our favorite series recorded (The Office, Parks & Rec), no need for Peacock.
  3. This is very timely topic on my end. We currently have cable through Specturm, along with streaming services (Hulu, Netflix, Prime). We currently are paying $65 a month which includes all fees netting the internet bundle savings. However, it’s set to increase $30 a month in August. Im really interesting in switching to YouTube TV. It has DVR, which we currently don’t have, plus the channel selections are overall better. Any thoughts on YouTube TV or other similar streaming services (Fubo, etc.)?
  4. WR was an upcoming need. Good pick, looks to have a ton of potential. Brady knows his strengths
  5. Solid Centers on the board to take over for Paradis
  6. Watching JOK in our defense would’ve been insane. Let’s grab some O-line now
  7. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah & Chinn would be interesting...
  8. Three beers down, three beers left in the fridge... this pick is going to determine if I finish the rest by 10pm
  9. Chinn vs Pitts for the next 10 years will be fun
  10. How far in the future can draft picks be traded? Not sure what GB thought would happen, especially after drafting Love last year. If I’m GB, I’m getting back on the phone with SF. 3rd overall, 2024 first rounder, handful of middle round picks and players. If I still like Love, I’m trading back and stock piling additional picks.
  11. Good to hear... I go tomorrow afternoon...
  12. Agreed. RH open buying up to 100 shares a couple minutes ago and the price took off.
  13. Looks like the thrusters have fallen off the trip to the moon
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