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  1. Yeah well its all in fun. What falcons board do you post on? will they ban me if i join?

  2. You know for a Falcan's fan you're an alright guy. Glad you stuck around here.

  3. Yeah no worries. Yeah I really hope we jump on them early. But they got some damn good pitchers. Should be a good game.

  4. what did you pay for that gamecocks card set?

  5. so red dead is the shiznit? online play?

  6. do you play BC2 on 360? if so add me. GT is Pepp90.

  7. thanks pal. and btw the pic of hayden on your profile is hawt!

  8. doh! i didnt see it.

  9. did Geathers get drafted?

  10. I love your sig! That show kills me! Did you see the christmas speacial?

  11. Where you at in TN? I am in Nashville.

  12. Nice lol! Put it this way Halo is played out. I did crack out on it back in the day though.

  13. did you call me an obama lover then neg rep me?

  14. yo what up man? you should put together a dan morgan vid since he is now on the site. what do ya think?

  15. Is that message legal.

  16. like the new av. funny stuff

  17. You +rep me saying "here have it back."

  18. What was that for?

  19. Have you checked out the new Taylor Swift pics I posted? Theres a real nice on in there.

  20. Everything I've seen on the interwebs is censored. But its from the CMAs and its her in the red dress.

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