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  1. I'd like to think no longer having Marty around would help that stop. Of course, the team is still owned by the guy who thought it was a good idea to keep Marty around for three years.
  2. Did this campaign somehow force Fields to look bad in some of his biggest games?
  3. Fair take. Still worries me though...
  4. Agree on Tepper. Last thing I want is the guy with zero experience as a talent evaluator dictating to the guys who actually have a clue what they're doing.
  5. To be fair, Ryan Grigson did a sh-tty job of protecting Luck. (yet people kept saying we should be more like the Colts)
  6. Release a player so he can go after a Super Bowl ring... Player signs with the Arizona Cardinals Side Note: Who is JJ Swatt?
  7. Wilson's skill set is fantastic, but the knocks on him (i.e. questioning whether he can physically hold up in the NFL) sound way too much like the ones I read about Teddy Bridgewater when he was coming out. That's what scares me about him.
  8. Normally I'd just look it up to be sure. Today I'm too busy.
  9. Didn't see that coming. Admittedly haven't been following the story that closely.
  10. Because I don't recall a story about it. If they did, I've forgotten it.
  11. Interviewing coaches and GMs is something an owner and / or team president do commonly. Not the same as getting involved in the actual player personnel decisions those coaches and GMs make. That's Jerry Jones territory.
  12. I don't know that he was banging her. Perving on her? Probably.
  13. This is a pretty rare situation, not to mention purely hypothetical at this point. Regardless, I'd say Watson playing poorly is extremely unlikely. Watson not playing at all? That's conceivable.
  14. That's how he started with Houston too. Granted, I wouldn't be as worried as I would be if Jerry Richardson was still our owner. Richardson was well known for promoting people into roles they weren't qualified for. (like making a PR guy the GM)
  15. The NFL itself has actually fined players for faking injuries in game situations before. Doubt this'd be much different.
  16. Knew he got promoted. Hadn't heard about the Texans. But yeah, Drummond isn't a personnel guy.
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