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  1. That's Scott Fitterer's view as well. I get the impression these two are on the same page in a lot of areas.
  2. The devil on my left shoulder wants me to mention that Brown has a connection to Will Levis via his former colleague Liam Coen... ...but I'm not going to listen to him
  3. I get it... Young is damn near prototypical of what I like in a quarterback. Accuracy, intelligence, processing...the whole deal. Do I feel like it might be unfair to be scared of drafting him because of his frame? Yeah. Am I still scared of drafting him because of his frame? Yeah
  4. I said elsewhere there's a great story to be written with a team that has Sam Mills as a big part of their history taking an undersized quarterback. That said, thinking that he might be less durable because of his frame is unfortunately a rational idea. It's kind of like when something is broken around the house and you assume your kids did it. You might feel bad for thinking that way sometimes, but you still think that way, and most of the time you're right
  5. Guess not... I'm sure the reporters will be tweeting their questions and answers though...
  6. Yeah, there's a lot of "I trust the staff... until they make a pick I don't like and then I'm abandoning my fanhood" going around No staff is perfect, but I think it's at least worth waiting until we see some actual games played before we go jumping off a cliff.
  7. Mike Kaye, Ellis Williams, Joe Person and John Ellis are all very good follows for Panthers content (among others) along with Josh Klein and the Roaring Riot of course. I'm also a subscriber to The Athletic and definitely recommend it.
  8. Understood I originally came on The Huddle because 1) it provided a great time killing distraction from a boring job but also 2) because I really do love talking football and don't have as many "football friends" in real life as I used to. (technically I have a "football wife" but she's a Cowboys fan ) Now that I'm retired but the Mrs is not, it's still a decent time killer. And It's a lot more fun these days with the shadow of Matt Rhule no longer hanging over us.
  9. She's not as well established as some others yet but I think she does a fine job as well.
  10. He's been characterized in the past as a potential Jerry Jones type because of his personality and the way he ran his business. It hasn't really manifested that way though. Some here speculated that the failure of Rhule might prod him to take on a more activist role, but that hasn't happened either. We had a crowd that believed he'd fire Fitterer and bring in "his own" GM (not that It ever really made sense) but instead it sounds like Fitterer is now more trusted than ever. Tepper's mistakes stoked the flame of people's fears over what he could be, and that's a pretty natural human reaction. But thankfully, at least so far none of those fears have really proven valid.
  11. I'd be willing to bet some of the beat writers know more about what all went on than they've publicly said. Would love to see a full-on tell-all from those years but that isn't likely to happen.
  12. I thought it was dropped last year. Not sure...
  13. I was told by someone with knowledge of the situation that we were using the Appaloosa Method and Tepper was secretly manipulating everything from behind the scenes Seriously though... There have definitely been problems, most of which stemmed from temper putting his trust in the wrong people (specifically Hurney, then Rhule). That plus his own admission that he came into the league thinking he was going to show everybody how it was done. The good thing is he's learned from his mistakes.
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