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  1. The more I read, the more I think the best approach with Darnold might be to basically treat him like a rookie and coach him up the way you would if this was his first year in the NFL.
  2. Also FYI, there's a lot of other good stuff in this article (including a discussion of what the Falcons might do at 4). I recommend reading the whole thing.
  3. In his latest mailbag (link) From Danny (@BetTheOver85): How likely/unlikely is it that Sam Darnold becomes Ryan Tannehill 2.0 and rejuvenates his career? Danny, I think Carolina’s got a shot to resurrect Darnold’s career. Getting a left tackle to bookend with Taylor Moton, and maybe that’s Sewell at No. 8, would help. But from there, he’s got Robbie Anderson and D.J. Moore to throw to, and Christian McCaffrey alongside him, and that should at least give offensive coordinator Joe Brady a foundation to build off of. I believe your comp is pretty apt, too. One thing Tannehill need
  4. Well, Lord knows an ambiguous tweet from last year certainly means more than what he's said publicly in just the last few days, right?
  5. Probably a good one though. Ryan was rumored to be the top candidate for OC before Joe Brady came into the picture.
  6. Yep. Lousy way to pick a head coach though. I had a former brother-in-law who was a very fun person to be around. As far as trust though, I wouldn't put him in charge of a lemonade stand, much less anything more important.
  7. Darnold's arm definitely isn't average. Whatever other weaknesses he may have, that's not one of them.
  8. I absolutely hate the 4th and 15 proposal. Like the other onside kick proposal though. And yeah, eliminating overtime from preseason makes sense.
  9. As I recall, Woody Johnson kept Rex Ryan despite poor results because he loved his bravado. (I remember shaking my head when I read that)
  10. We've seen multiple sources suggest the Panthers don't love all of the top five quarterbacks, and more than one suggesting that it stops at Lawrence and Wilson. You might be able to throw Fields in there, but I'd have serious doubts about Lance or Jones.
  11. Fair enough I'm curious what your opinion of Robert Saleh is vs the other choices (if I recall correctly, there were many). Also wondering if you had an opinion of Matt Rhule given that he was almost the Jets coach a while back.
  12. I think Douglas is going to be a pretty good GM. Lord knows you haven't had that in a while.
  13. If we drafted a project quarterback over an elite left tackle prospect, I would lose a lot of faith in our current braintrust.
  14. Not solidifying our line would absolutely be a mistake, and given that 1) it's something both Fitterer and Rhule have pledged to do this offseason and 2) it's an oft repeated one already, it would be a tough one to forgive.
  15. Lance over Sewell or Slater would be insane. You could conceivably make an argument for Fields at least, but not Lance.
  16. If they repeat those mistakes, then yes I absolutely can.
  17. Heard that before too. Each time we have a chance at finally solidifying our offensive line, we find an excuse not to. Then we wonder why we are where we are.
  18. Like we did just two years ago? How many times in the past has this team thought they could get a left tackle in a later round?
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