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  1. How on earth do you read “refusing to make a judgement on him until the situation improves” and take “100% on board that he nailed the Young pick” out of it??????? Lmao this board
  2. Saying Bryce was the consensus top QB prior to the draft isnt cope, it’s literally just stating a historical fact lol. You can feel however you want about his future or performance this year, but even if literally every single pass was a pick or into the dirt, it wouldn’t change the fact that at the time of the draft he *was* the consensus top pick.
  3. This is not inspiring confidence. Dude is taking no accountability. We’re the new factory of sadness lmao
  4. I know a lot are waiting for Reich to confirm he wanted Stroud/other clashes with ownership but he’s always striked me as a guy that has no desire to rustle any feathers and just take his retirement money and go home. Even if Tepper completely over rode Reich on Young over Stroud, I don’t see that being something frank would ever confirm.
  5. That sucked but there was at least the hope and optimism of a new regime/era on its way.
  6. Been a fan for 15 years and this is the worst I’ve ever felt about the team. Actually turned off the game yesterday and didn’t care. I actually miss being pissed off by the team but now it’s just apathy. Unless Tepper had an about face and stops involving himself to the degree he has, we’re fuged.
  7. No one with options is going to want to coach here, and Johnson is going to have many of them.
  8. Good candidates with options? None. will people still want the job? Ofc, there is some truth to the “only 32 teams…” mantra *but*, the best candidates with options will absolutely not want anything to do with here with Tepper at the helm. we aren’t getting Ben Johnson, or Slowik, or the next McDaniels, or a Demeco. The only appeal for working for our org at this point is salary. its fugging sad
  9. Dude had to go but I don’t think any HC candidates with options is going to want to come here. Tepper is pure toxicity and now that Snyders no longer in the league to draw the spotlight away, is quickly establishing himself as the worst owner by far.
  10. Absolutely not. Weren’t m were reports of how happy the raiders locker room after he was gone? Beyond that - the poo he pulled in Denver and Indy - the dude is a snake. Nope, nope then absolutely tugging nope again. Him being some sort of QB whisperer is way over played IMO. Between carr and cutler, he has a history of shipping QBs to start worse guys cause he thinks he’s the poo. He’s not, he’s just poo. IMO at least. Riding the coattails of Brady and the patriots org just like Adam Gase did w Peyton.
  11. Foreman was offered before Sanders was signed
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