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  1. Signing a rookie without a knee to be QB 2 with two weeks left to go before the season seems like…not a great move. great arm but the dude moves like a minivan that lost power steering
  2. I’ll take the hometown stud LT prospect that grew up a fan of the team over the sexual predator, easily.
  3. Not to mention someone that was born in the home city of the team and grew up a FAN. Dude was in the stands for our 15 NFC Ship vs the Cards. Absolutely crazy to me. Couldn't love the pick more
  4. Would gladly take him over a rapist anyday.
  5. Would love to see us go after Baker
  6. Hell yeah. Eager to see the numbers after those Kirk and Davante Adams contracts tho.....
  7. Gotta be honest Zod, reading you pine after him on Twitter and the huddle throughout this saga only to watch you immediately flip to “it was for the best” and “spared the soul” of the team and having no problem calling him a serial sexual assaulter only after we were out of the sweepstakes….not sure what to make of that, man.
  8. Funnily enough I think it's the best thing Rhule has ever done, or will ever do, for the team.
  9. If Rhule is what kept Watson from going w us it’ll be the best thing Rhule has ever done for this team.
  10. Thank fudging god. Looking forward watching him get driven into the turf twice a year.
  11. We are literally the only team whos had an offer on the table, been interested from the get go, and hasn't had to make any roster/cap moves to accommodate him. Beyond that- he actually REACHED OUT to ATL after meeting with us, a divisional rival and his childhood team growing up. If he wanted to be here the decision would've been made days ago. He's hedging his bets and we're his last resort. I think that much is pretty obvious
  12. I've followed it from the get go and was completely for trading the farm for him before the allegations came out. Don't sit here and act like our organization is some bastion of honesty, you and I both know its a complete poo show and has been for years. Try having "a little perspective".
  13. Even removing the ethics from the equation, I just can't get behind trading the farm for a dude who 1. Doesn't want to be here 2. Has already shown he has no problem forcing his way off a team 3. Will in all likelihood be a 3 year rental Imagine us trading the farm and him leaving for ATL in 3 years. I could absolutely see it.
  14. The dude is forcing his way off of a team in the middle of a contract extension he ALREADY signed, you honestly think he's gonna ride it out here for a decade? Absolutely no way.
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