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  1. I’m not one of those people that think Brooks is too small, but in fairness to our boy Stew, the man hasn’t taken a snap in over 6 years. Brooks is taller but Stewart was/is built like a tank
  2. not even remotely comparable situations but go off bro
  3. He didn’t say he thinks that will happen, just that it’s something that could and that no one really knows till we see him under the new regime.
  4. Ok I know it’s the offseason but why on earth are we posting P Diddy threads in the panthers forum? This literally has nothing to do with the team
  5. Youre literally the one that brought up politics when no one else was, dude.
  6. I like Keon but cmon man, if that were even remotely close to the case he’d be the #1 WR on the board without question.
  7. Why are we making threads about a tweet that’s over a year old
  8. Beason was a dog. My first jersey. Had it not been for his Achilles I think he’d have cemented a legacy here
  9. Not happy with this trade/our new status as the new factory of sadness but giants paying burns 30 mil per year doesnt mean he’s actually worth 30 mil per year, it means the giants are willing to pay him 30 mil per year. Absolutely blows to lose him but he def ain’t worth what he wanted.
  10. A second and a fifth? Jesus. Poverty fugin franchise. I’ve never felt disdain like I do for Fitt.
  11. A ton of the top WRs in the league have been from after the first round Stevon Diggs Devante Adams Cooper Kupp DK Metcalf Tyler Lockett Puka Tyreek Terry McLaurin AJ Brown Amon-Ra St. Brown Keenan Allen Chris Godwin hell, even our own Steve smith yea of course you got your first round guys like Chase or Jefferson but there’s historically been a *ton* of WR talent from after the first. Finding good wide receivers after the first is definitely possible, it’s done pretty much every year, just not by us lol.
  12. I think the logic is that if both teams score a TD and it goes to sudden death, you get the ball first in sudden death, which I get the logic of. Everyone’s just blasting it cause it didn’t work. the bigger mistake was not running the ball/going for a FG in their last drive before OT. They threw, it was incomplete and kept them out of FG range
  13. Half this board was ecstatic at the possibility of trading for Deshaun Watson so maybe everyone should hop off their high horse.
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