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  1. Everyone talking talent evaluation on Bryce and I get that, but EVERYONE had him as one of the first two QBs picked.
  2. I can agree with Gamble. Kasey took too much flack for the SB. Up until his last couple years, Jordan Gross was VERY unappreciated by a lot of fans. After he left, people realized what it meant to have a stable, really good LT.
  3. Just my two cents worth about culture. It can absolutely make a difference in wins and losses. With the same group of talent, great culture versus crap culture can make a difference at ANY level. If we had a couple of Thomas Davis/Jake Delhomme type of personalities in that locker room along with a coaching staff that set that standard, we would be several wins better immediately. We would not be championship level due to our lack of talent, but we would certainly be better.
  4. Let’s be honest. Most of us are going to think ANY hire Tepper makes is bad. I hope Dan does well.
  5. Beane worked his way up from towel boy to assistant GM, without having the advantage of playing in the NFL or “knowing people”. That’s pretty darn impressive to me.
  6. Show me any reputable sources that had him being undrafted, which is basically what the folks here bashing Bryce are saying—that he doesn’t being on a roster.
  7. I just keep going back to how all of the experts and mock drafts had Bryce being drafted in the top 5, and 95% had him going #1 or #2. Hard to see how everyone was wrong.
  8. EVERYONE had Bryce at #1 or #2. And that was before the s2 test (although that may well have sealed the deal at #1).
  9. Yes... How many of these guys gave up on Brown after the first year?
  10. I still think he has a chance to be good. Not worth the trade up (my opinion, only a generational QB would have been worth that but we were starved for a franchise WB). Give him a good O-line, another receiver or two, and some coaching and we will see. Again, not worth the move up but we can’t do anything about that miscue now. The right situation I think he can be ok. I just can’t see how the entire league missed on this pick— that’s mostly what I’m basing this on.
  11. Was just getting ready to say about time for Icky to get beat again…
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