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  1. I’m here for it. Keep breaking my heart, but dammit… I’m in!
  2. Coaching is a key but solid QB play and a healthy CMC will help as well. And Horn in the secondary…
  3. There is so much draft speak and misdirection with teams before the draft, no one on the 4 letter network knows what each individual team is going to do for sure. They hit on an educated guess once in a while, but otherwise nahhhh. Look at all the mock drafts and how often they are complete trash by the 4th pick or so. It's easy after the fact for them to say this or that.
  4. I've never been one to pile on the "fire the coach" as the end-all-be-all solution to fixing things. Too many times it's a knee-jerk average fan reaction. On a losing team, the overwhelming cry is "fire the coach" not "get better players". We see this over and over again, with just about every professional sports fan base. Plus I'm not one to focus my sports hate on any part of "my" team that I pull for. As a high school basketball coach, I see this first hand (case in point: There is a guy that coaches in my league who is a fantastic coach. He has parents wanting him fired-- last year he finished 3rd in the conference and didn't have a kid on his roster who would have even made the 1st or 2nd place team's top 8. So I'm pretty hesitant to call for anyone's job. That being said.... Sorry Matt. Ya gots to go.
  5. My plan... for what it's worth (if we are keeping Rhule). -Hire an OC with NFL experience. -Draft O-line. Doesn't really matter who's there at QB with the current line. First round, then package some later round picks to move up to 2nd or 3rd if possible, and draft another offensive lineman. -Bring back Darnold and Cam. No need to trade away any draft capital or decent players currently on the roster for a QB, because we're going to be mediocre anyway at best. Darnold may be decent with a better line and another year working with the present receivers and McCaffery. Regardless, costs too much to try to upgrade at the QB position. -Play McCaffery more in the slot than at RB. Maybe we can keep him healthy longer that way. At the very least, limit his carries between the tackles for goodness sake. Then Tepper can fire Rhule next season and hopefully draft a quarterback. Of course, would rather cut ties with Rhule as option 1.
  6. Agree we need a QB but I don't see any QB being very successful with this OL. I'm not really a football guy but even I can see that.
  7. Wouldn't mind seeing CMC in the slot a little more with these running backs doing a little work like this.
  8. Normally I'd agree, but with our struggles at kicker I'm giving him a game ball.
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