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  1. Everyone should be all in on Bryce. 1. If he develops into a good QB, we can build around him. 2. If he completely sucks, it doesn't matter who the coach is next season. We finish in the bottom 5 of the league and try again for a QB in 2025.
  2. Not ready to call him a busy with this leadership, play calling, O-line and receivers. Absolutely have no problem bringing in competition in camp next year. I agree with that 100%.
  3. We need to play Bryce the rest of the season for a few reasons. 1. Let's see if a change in coaching helps in any way. 2. The more reps he can get in live action, the better. More film for him and the coaches (and the next coaches). 3. We can see if he has a chance to be what we thought he could be when he was drafted.
  4. We have the value of hindsight for sure. If had kept Wilkes and Darnold and were .500 right now, what percentage of the fanbase would have been “we should have traded up for a QB, hired an offensive coach” yapping right now?
  5. If the weather cooperates, I'll be chasing wahoo offshore or speckled trout inshore. If not, I'll watch the Panthers and while whining about the lack of good fishing weather.
  6. We are dumb. How many legit NFL starters do we have? Not All-Pro, just starters. Eddy, Hekker, Brown, Burns, Luvu, Thelien....
  7. Yeah that touchdown Stroud just threw, he had 5 full seconds to throw. That's an entire 3 down series for us.
  8. It's one thing to be bad. It's another to be stupid. It's so painful being both.
  9. But for hope, we do have a nice young core. And Bridges hasn't gotten in any trouble in the last 24 hours.
  10. Definitely need someone to get these guys to buy in to playing defense.
  11. It's great to be a Mountaineer! Suck it JMU.
  12. In my opinion, the most Panther thing to do would be up 10-7 at half, down 17-13 at the end of the 3rd. Final score 31-13.
  13. Our guys standing around while Bears guys push the pile.
  14. Can't say it too many times. Chuba is so much better than Miles.
  15. Hey at least we get to play again Thursday.
  16. Low point of the franchise. Don't even have anything good to looks forward to in the offseason.
  17. That's what I'm on. I may be thankful to be having some issues. It's ugly.
  18. Not that I'm complaining because this is unwatchable anyway, but anyone else having issues with their CBS feed?
  19. I'm thinking he didn't run for his life like Bryce has had to so far today. I didn't watch so I don't know. But I don't see ANYONE having success the way our Oline is playing.
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