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  1. Agree with ladypanther…Fitt knows what’s best for the team. Get the Head Coach ‘his’ quarterback and let him run ‘his’ system. Leave the billionaire to his steak and ketchup.
  2. Is he going to play with a backpack on?
  3. I agree that the 'greats' seem to always be obsessed with learning.
  4. Just because the Texans aren’t sending anyone, doesn’t mean we aren’t choosing Young. We will most likely send 14 to Young’s Pro Day also. And if it’s a smokescreen, maybe some of the pencil pushers, and Jake Delhomme.
  5. The hope is that the Texans believe we would go AR, maybe fearing we would trade with the Colts, which would create a need to trade with us.
  6. I would think an incentive based contract would be necessary for Chark. You play this percentage of games, you get the full amount. I’m not sure how it all works, but it seems if he’s wanting other teams to bet on him, he should also bet on himself to stay healthy.
  7. Would love this…would maybe allow Evero to get a DE in 2nd round.
  8. They must be wanting too much money…our staff seems to stick to their guns for the most part.
  9. How will we ever recoup? The ghost of Steve Wilks begins…
  10. "This is my rifle, this is my gun...this is for fighting, this is for fun." - Private Pyle
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