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  1. My personal favorite was about Ron Rivera and his ample chest.
  2. I was at y’all’s fraternity house for a party where everyone surrounded him fighting a guy that looked like Jay-Z. Frye got his tail handed to him. Oddly, the Jay-Z doppelgänger became my roommate later on. I’d say that was 2002. Im sure you were probably there.
  3. “#8 pick here I come...you thought the RGIII deal was bad”
  4. Especially if Miami wants him. They would gladly trade up with ATL.
  5. If they are wise they will hold out until one of these teams offers up something. In no way should he be cut. Too many teams could use him, mainly because of the QB demand this offseason.
  6. Man, if that's the case...we really need to jump up to #2 to go get him!
  7. Would be an amazing draft if we could get Tua, a LT at 18, and still have our second to pick a LB or CB.
  8. Wouldn’t put it past McNair to drum this up to get back at Watson, not realizing how much he would lose by being so stupid. And in turn, not getting picks or a franchise QB.
  9. If you were a lawyer, wouldn't you drum up national attention to hike up the payout?
  10. I vote this for ‘comment of the year’ award, when it comes around.
  11. Man, this reminds me of the thread when Greg Hardy came on here. Was a never ending battle. The fans versus Greg. Hey Teddy, are you any good at MMA?
  12. Time for Tepper to show the outside of the box thinking we've been missing. Buy him an island under his side entity Brass Balls, Inc. Turns out, Watson only wants to play for the Panthers now.
  13. Nah, he’s kicking back relaxed...he signed the best backup QB in the league. Things are looking up for the WFT. Soon to be WTF.
  14. Hoping Luke steps in on this...he would be a scouting machine.
  15. I'm sure he would love to come here and play behind our stellar OLine...
  16. The way I see it...say you spend a 1st on an unknown QB through the draft. Could work out, could not. Your next two drafts could net you a bust, and a solid starter. That’s three 1st round picks. Or, you have a sure fire bonafide QB at the age of 25, which would make you an automatic contender. I say pick Watson for the three picks.
  17. Teddy burned a lot of bridges the moment he shifted blame on Coach Rhule and everyone else, instead of himself. The next press conference, you could tell at Rhule went right back at him. The whole organization took notice. That and horrible play down the stretch...he dug his own grave.
  18. What if we had a first rounder every year...say one was a bust, one was average, and one was a decent starter. Would you prefer this or a bonafide QB for those three years?
  19. The WFT forum was hoping he was just going to be an advisor Sucks to be them.
  20. So that's what it feels like to not have a huge gap of no Panther football.
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