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  1. Cooper Dejean is my draft crush…surprised he’s still on the board.
  2. Have we seen Cam next to Bryce?
  3. Center then Wide Receiver. LB/Edge in 3rd. I just want that line to be dominant and solidified. It’s an offensive driven league now.
  4. Get one of the top Centers in the draft and solidify your line for a few years. Would be one of the better lines in the league if Ickey comes back around. I’d love Center and WR with our first two picks. We can’t fully rely on Corbetts health.
  5. I saw a video of Cooper Dejean (CB-Iowa) playing basketball, and man…I wouldn’t be able to pass up on him, even with C, DE, WR as the main need. Crazy athletic. Our backfield would be nice, if they stayed healthy. He’s projected late 1st though.
  6. The football gods telling him to stay in Charlotte.
  7. Like…I dunno…a monster like Derrick Brown.
  8. I keep thinking there is some new Chase Young news… Only to find out we are still learning about X’ing properly.
  9. I heard he was worth it…puts his thing down, flips it, and reversed it.
  10. I’m guessing these guys aren’t dogs.
  11. I don’t know…Rhule is claiming he wanted Brock Purdy, but was vetoed. But yet, oddly his wife was able to make a pick. Hmmm
  12. “Yes, we turned him down while in flight…we just had a change of heart with the atmospheric pressure and stuff.” I’ll take the ‘mad scientist’ that will lead a team with enthusiasm for 200 Alex.
  13. Mike Evans said he’s never run routes like he has before Canales. So, there might be some interest in the new regime, without the antiquated approach.
  14. Is he a dawg? Or is he going to ask wats that bear doin?
  15. Whammy! Well I hope my parting gift is to keep Evero.
  16. Interesting…I have quite the flexible mind, so I’m not stuck on that. Just thought it might be true. Thanks for the info.
  17. As I stated. But, if you want to do the calculations, I’d love to know.
  18. I think we are all a bit numb. I loved how Rhule seemed like he had all the answers. Sounded like a preacher. Turns out to be a used car salesman. Frank was going to bring the culture back as our first QB. His offense was bland and he was made to hire a makeshift ‘experienced’ staff. I think this time Dan can bring the culture, and Dave can light a fire under the team. Along with routes that can get our receivers open in 2.7 or less. The hope is that the hiring staff actually hired them, and not Tepper.
  19. Can I just say…a lot of people are posting these 32nd in the league stats, but not disclosing that our offense was atrocious. The defense was on the field probably 30% more than most teams. Making that number up, but it seems plausible.
  20. It’s Yin and Yang…the extrovert rah rah guy paired with the introvert smash you in the mouth guy.
  21. I would say it was his way of throwing shade at Tepper…because he was sure to emphasize it twice.
  22. I challenge you on this...because if this is how you view life you are holding onto many mistakes that you’ve made in the past. Some of the best inventors failed over and over. Some of the best coaches fail over and over. They learn from their mistakes and it makes them better for it. Same goes for personal life. Probably the hardest thing to overcome in todays fallen society. You make mistakes (young and dumb is said ad nauseam for this reason) and you become a better person because of it.
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