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  1. This team are a bunch of gutless pussy fine young males
  2. We’re legit the worst team in the NFL.
  3. I hope both of those worthless cocksuckers are fired tonight.
  4. An undrafted rookie is better than the first overall pick. I’m at my wits end man.
  5. This offense is one of the worst I have ever watched in 35 years of watching football
  6. Im starting to really hate this fuging team
  7. We’re literally the worst team in the NFL. Just completely devoid of talent on both sides of the ball. We’re paying all our good players to play on other teams.
  8. Why punt there? I don’t understand? We have a team of gutless pussies
  9. What the fug are y’all talking about? That was a perfect pass.
  10. I mean, if we get cooked by an undrafted rookie QB we deserve everything bad they're going to say about us. There is absolutely no way we SHOULD lose this game. #1 overall pick rookie QB going against undrafted rookie QB. That being said, I completely expect us to get packed up in convincing fashion. Its the Panther way, after all.
  11. So do the Colts and we see how that worked out for us.
  12. We have literally been the worst team in the NFL, record wise, since Tepper took over. I want to go to an alternate universe where Puff Daddy or that other guy ended up buying the team instead.
  13. fuging WHY? Morgan has been learning under Fitt and has likely had a say in the moves we have made up till now. I say clean everybody out of the Front Office and start all the way over.
  14. At least you get nitrous with a root canal. We just have to take it raw, each and every week.
  15. Kicked in the balls, repeatedly, over and over and over. Then paying to be kicked in the balls, and returning each and every week to be kicked in the balls for 3 hours. 17 times a year. Then, when ball kicking season is over, doing research and talking about getting your balls destroyed for 6 months. Then, having a fleeting moment of hope that maybe you will not get kicked in the balls for 17 weeks. Only for the ball kicking to continue each and every week, year after year after year, until you die.
  16. Because we literally have the worst offensive starting cast in the NFL. Name one team with worse skill players and o linemen than us.
  17. Today was a kick in the fuging dick. BUT, when Bryce Young has this team rolling and beating the brakes off of everybody I don’t even wanna see yall post again. Yes, today fuging sucked balls. But to compare Bryce to Pickles is retarded.
  18. Today was a fuging shitshow, but you really think those 2 pick 6 plays that were short passes to a RB we’re due to his arm strength?
  19. His arm today was not the problem. The 2 abhorrent picks were on screens to our jabronie RBs. Not saying today wasn’t fuging demoralizing but nothing about his arm is the problem
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