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  1. Willis actually reminds me a little of RG3. I don't think hes quite the explosive athlete that Jackson is, but then again nobody is.
  2. Now this I agree with. Personally I don't think we should go after ANY high priced retread vet from another team. No point in investing draft capital and tens of millions of dollars just to go 6-11 with Rhule as HC next year. I think we need to ride Rhule and Sam to a top 3 pick next year and get our true, rookie, future franchise guy in Bryce Young or CJ Stroud. Of the 2, I prefer Stroud as he's 6'3" and has shown to be incredibly accurate and dynamic in college.
  3. Its no more pointless than any of the others mentioned in this thread, outside of maybe Watson.
  4. If we're going with a vet QB, give me Cousins. Hate away.
  5. He doesn't want to be part of a rebuild. So, this is a non-starter. Hell, I doubt him, Watson, Wilson, Carr or any other good QB whos gonna be on the market wants to come here. And I don't blame them one bit.
  6. If Payton leaves the Saints we should immediately fire Rhule and do anything we can to hire Payton.
  7. This is the most ridiculous poo I’ve read in a long time. Like, wtf?!
  8. What has happened to make you think we will be better next year than the past 2? This is a legit, honest question.
  9. Well if that happens we’re not drafting another QB in R1 next year. We’re a shitty organization but we’re not Cardinals level shitty (current year excluded).
  10. Yeah, Cam is likely never going to play another snap for us though...
  11. joemac


    I used to work there! They do have good sandwiches though.
  13. This is where I am at now. Just embrace the suck for one more year, make a big investment in the o line over the next 2 off-seasons, be terrible enough next year to grab Young or Stroud, and then begin to be a good team. We are not going to be going anywhere with the Sam Darnold and Jimmy G's of the world. We need to draft our own Franchise guy. Period. Unless we somehow make a huge trade for Wilson or Watson or something, I don't see any other way out of QB purgatory.
  14. Tepper hired an Indian bot farm it seems. Cheers from Mumbai!
  15. Lol and do we have said legit o line here in Charlotte? No.
  16. WHY THE fug IS TEPPER KEEPING HIM?! WE CAN ALL SEE THE WRITING ON THE WALL. 1 more year isn’t going to do poo with the team theyve assembled. He’s delaying the inevitable and putting us in an even worse position. What the fug?!
  17. I’m seriously considering becoming a Bengals fan….smfh
  18. WHO THE fug IS SCOTTIE MONTGOMERY?! Momma always told me never trust a grown man named Scottie, or Billy, or Joey or whatever. Not exactly the “rockstar” we were promised, is he?
  19. Thats easy to say now, in hindsight, but if you recall, CB was a gigantic need at the time, as well as o line. May not seem like it now, because they went retarded trading for every CB they could, but our pass D was a significant liability in 2020. Im not mad at the Horn pick, because I am very confident hes gonna be an All-Pro level player for us.
  20. I mean, Rhule sucks, but I wouldn't go that far.
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