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  1. Haven't you heard? Rhule was not the GM. He didn't make the picks.
  2. GEQBUS is back to lead us to the promised land! Faker Mayfield and Pouty PJ can't hold a candle to the Bearded Wonder The Darnold. Let me tell you folks, we love our GEQBUS here in Charlotte. MAKE CAROLINA GREAT AGAIN!
  3. Jesus....how does 1 player have 200 million in dead cap over 2 years? The Broncos really fuged themselves every way with this trade and contract.
  4. Bruh, he was talking about doing pushups and high knees on a damn trans-Atlantic flight, while the rest of his team was sleeping. Come on now...
  5. Welp, all I need is the billion dollars and Im golden.
  6. Gah, had we not completely poo the bed at the beginning of the season we could be in the drivers seat in the division right now. Some many close losses that this team would win today. Yeah, we're not gonna get a top 3 pick anymore most likely, but it is really good for the team overall to learn how to win and gain some confidence going into next season. We can still get a good QB in the middle of the first. A lot of guys who are stars today were taking outside the top 10.
  7. I mean, its really not crazy to think we could go 4-1 in our last 5 games, finish 8-9 and win the terrible division we find ourselves in. Seattle is the hardest team left on our schedule, and our D is really rolling right now, so I think we can shut Geno Smith down. Now, we also have the very real potential of going 1-4 and continuing this bad season. Gonna be fun to watch down the stretch. The fact that we are 4-8 and still technically in the division title hunt is wild.
  8. Why? We’re a good QB away from being a REALLY good team. Maybe Sam catches lightning in a bottle and we go 4-1 to finish out?
  9. Sam is the starter for the rest of the year and his bearded ass is going to lead us to the promised land
  10. What really sucks is that we had at least 3 other games wholly within our grasp to win and we fuged it up. We’d be owning the division right now
  11. And all the draft capital they wasted lmao!
  12. 24/35 290 yards 3 TDs (1 rushing) 1 TO Panthers win 24-17
  13. Sure. Trade 3 firsts (plus more probably) then give him a 50 million dollar a year contract. What could go wrong?!
  14. I’ll be happy with Stroud, Young, or whoever else they think is the man. We just need a young QB.
  15. Zoomers were a mistake
  16. Well its good that we've got a really good o-line too then, huh?
  17. Why because Josh Allen is injured and keeps making dumb ass decisions?
  18. I mean, you CAN - doesn't mean that its a good idea though https://shamrockroofer.com/the-inside-scoop-on-the-hard-rock-stadium-roof/
  19. Yeah I don't think a dome is at all necessary. I happen to love the location of the stadium and the skyline that you can see at the games. Its awesome. They could rig up something like they did in Miami though I guess.
  20. Its not a dome and its basic as hell. Still I love the atmosphere there, especially when we are good and its a big game. Personally I see no reason to build a new stadium, but Tepper gonna Tepper.
  21. Yeah, and approaching All-Pro level if he plays the last half of the year like he did the first. And we have to remember hes basically a rookie out there. He only played 3 games last season (which were all stellar as well).
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