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  1. This is the sad truth. The QB School break downs on his play thus far have been eye opening. He has definitely not progressed at all, and seems to have regressed actually.
  2. LOL he has some many yards because he team is getting smoked and they have to play catch up. We have been in both our games so our QB has not had to pass pass pass against soft defenses that are just sitting back and trying to run out the clock. Bryce and Stroud have the same number of TDs, no? And Cam had 2 400 yard games to start his career and then ZERO for the other 10 years he played. Also we lost both of those games and Cam had 5 turnovers....
  3. Justin Fields is a dogshit passer, playing in a Mickey Mouse, dogshit system. What does he expect?
  4. The 49ers system is the ultimate QB friendly system. Of course he looks good.
  5. Burrow is injured. Has been all preseason. They tried to say he was good, but its a "calf issue" which is the same thing Rodgers had all off season before he tore his Achillies. Calf is code for Achilles in the NFL.
  6. Bryce Young has had the same start to the season as Joe Burrow and D. Watson...so MAYBE we should pump the brakes on the hate here just a little bit?
  7. LOL you size kweens are something else, man.
  8. LOL Anthony Richardson is a tank and hes gotten injured in both is games so far. Stroud got hurt too. Its the NFL, guys get injured all the time, regardless of how big they are. His size has absolutely nothing to do with his ankle getting rolled while being tackled.
  9. I really do not understand where this comes from. Bryce has show the ability in college and in the pros (when given the chance) to zip and fit tight window throws into the intermediate level (20-25 yards). Just watch the QB school from last week on him. He doesn't look like he has any less arm strength than anybody else. Carr didn't seem to have a stronger arm than Bryce. And on the 2 or 3 deep shots we've attempted in 2 weeks, Bryce has overthrown the guy all 3 times. He routinely dropped deep ball dimes in college when he had a guy like Jameson Williams streaking down the field.
  10. Andy Dalton is about to come in and lead up to a Super Bowl Championship. 15-2 season incoming. The obvious follow up Netflix documentary is gonna be LIT
  11. Any sort of comparison to Pickles is just laughable. Have any of you guys actually gone back and looked at his stats that year? Dude started 13 games and had THREE TD passes. THREE! Bryce has 2 in 2 games. Also Clausen completed 52% of his passes. Bryce was at 67% last game. Come on now.
  12. So this was very very complimentary of Bryce. He really doesn't say much of anything bad about his play personally. Except for maybe taking bad sacks. However, hes shitting on our WRs and scheme, which is becoming a recurring theme with these breakdowns. He just solidified the idea that there is hardly anybody open ever. Which is obvious to anybody pay attention. We've just got a dogshit WR room and a really stupid scheme for the players we've got.
  13. The Bears are much more down bad that we are. At least we can say that we have a rookie QB, all new coaching staff and systems, and zero weapons. WTF is their excuse? This was supposed to be Justin Fields coming out party, MVP contender season....and he looks more lost than Bryce does out there.
  14. We will not go 0-17 because at least we have Chicago on our schedule lmao
  15. LFGGGGGGG. The season has OFFICIALLY started boys and girls.
  16. lol we’re not fuging going 0-17. That’s absurd. For 1, we just played 2 division rivals, who both have good defenses. And we stuck with them all game. We’ve lost by a combined, what, 12 points in 2 games? Bryce completed 67% of his passes and threw 0 picks against one of the top all around Ds in the entire NFL.
  17. It’s 100% the play calling and the terrible skill position players. It’s not hard to figure out. Unless you’re one of those who want to blame everything on our rookie QB who just played his second game (and didn’t even play that badly all things considered)
  18. But he does have the physical ability to make the plays? Are we watching the same games here? His WRs are not getting open, plain and simple. Has he been setting the world on fire these 2 games? Absolutely not, but its a far cry from some of the retarded takes Ive read around here these past couple days. Bryce completed 67% of his passes on Monday. No INTs. And we lost to one of the top defenses in the NFL by 3 points. I get being down because we're 0-2, but this hyper negative attitude towards BY and everything hes done so far is borderline weird.
  19. They just wanna be able to say "See I told you so" I guess so they can feel smarter than the rest of us here or something? Its dumb, IMO.
  20. Its football. You think the Panthers are the only team this happens to? Hell, Bryce coulda rolled his ankle getting out of the shower! Who the hell really knows?
  21. Some of y'all have clearly left the reservation. They are not benching Bryce lmao. He didn't even have that bad of a game on Monday. He completed 67% of his passes, 153 yards, 1 TD, 0 INTs. We lost to one of the top defenses in the league by 3 points. Yall are on here acting like Bryce is completing 40% of his passes and has thrown 5 picks. R-E-L-A-X
  22. St. Louis? San Diego? Oklahoma City? Salt Lake City? Portland?
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