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  1. I think its just a hypothetical extension for Reddick.
  2. Good thing we will probably get Bouye back next week so that will at least help soften the blow of losing Horn for the rest of the year. Not gonna lie, that one stings BIG TIME.
  3. I mean, he won the MVP and Offensive Player of the Year awards so I'd say he got SOME credit...
  4. Except for MLB and QB I'd say hes right. Its a much more talented roster in on the defense as a whole, and with the offensive weapons. Imagine a prime MVP Cam and prime Luke added to this roster. Holy poo....
  5. In my dreams, Luke has been watching what this young, hungry Defense is doing and he is secretly working out like a madman to rejoin the team halfway thru the season. Can you imagine how unstoppable we would be with him added to this mix?
  6. YES! I LOVE IT! I want to hear their cries, and the lamentations of their women as we loot and plunder! No mercy! The streets will flow with the blood of the non-believers!
  7. Thats not necessarily true. Why not us? Nobody in their right mind thought the 2015 team would win their first 14 games, but they did. Every time we've been good, we've come out of nowhere. So, again....why not us this year? We've got the defense to keep us in any game. And the offense is going to be explosive enough to put up points against most any team. I think we challenge for the playoffs this year, and then really start making some Championship type noise moving forward after that.
  8. He really doesn't. I have been VERY impressed by his accuracy thus far. Its been quite a while since we've had a QB here who just about always puts the ball right on the guys numbers and in perfect position for YAC. This is what Sam does on the regular.
  9. Panthers 38 Houston 3 Sam goes for 275 yards, 2 TDs, 0 turnovers CMC 130 yards rushing 1 TD 8 catches 70 yards 1 TD DJ Moore 5 catches 85 yards Robby 4 catches 90 yards 1 TD (busts loose for a deep TD) Defense gets 6 sacks 3 INTs, scores a TD Much rejoicing in Panther Land.
  10. Look like Charlotte without the port to be honest....
  11. They can try to figure it out all they want, but there is hardly anything you can do if Horn is locking his man down and Burns and Reddick are simply beating the man in front of them one on one. Speed kills.
  12. 11 is the highest I have seen us in the various national power rankings....BUT you have to consider where we started. Everybody had us ranked in the bottom 3 or 4 team in the NFL. In only 2 weeks we've gone up 15-18 spots in some rankings. A few more wins and we are going to be in Top 5 territory. Hell, I could see us being Top 3 if we win tomorrow and then beat Dallas next week.
  13. Yeah, assuming we do whoop the poo out of Houston tomorrow, the hype train is going to be firmly rolling down the tracks. We are going to be the talk of the league - even more so than we already are after last week. IDK guys....this time around just feels different. It feels like we are actually building something long term special here, instead of these 1 year wonder flash in the pan teams. With all the youth we've got, all the studs up and down the starting lineups on both sides of the ball, all the cap space we've got, you've got to think its only going to improve moving forward.
  14. Hopefully they will be able to keep the whole young core of this team together for quite some time. They have finally gotten us out of cap hell, and done a really excellent job of opening up a lot of cash in the next few year, when combined with the cap projected to go way up, I'm hoping they are able to extend just about everybody they want to, and add some vet help on the o line. In Fitterer and Suleiman I trust!
  15. I have nothing to confess. I have been proven right about just about everything I was saying preseason. I was called a homer and all kinds of other crazy poo, but thus far pretty much everything I thought would happen with this team, has happened.
  16. Yep. Just about anytime we have been a good team, we have had the ability to rush the QB with just our front 4. Being able to do that successfully just opens up some many things on defense.
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