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  1. Lots of analysts had Mays as a first round pick going into this season, and its not like he played poorly at Tennessee last year. We very well may have getting a gem.
  2. He does fuging suck. I'm not disputing that at all.
  3. It would be dumb to just cut Sam at this point. We've already gotta pay him 19 million dollars either way....might as well keep him around as the backup. Corral is obviously not ready for that role at this time, as much potential as I think he has.
  4. This Panthers team has got that dawg in them this year. They're not taking any poo from the Pats.
  5. Didnt he have 60 something passing TDs last season?
  6. Smitty could probably go out today and put up 60/750/5
  7. I dig it, but that was Robbie Anderson talking about That Bear, not DJ.
  8. I think CMC is going to stay healthy all year, have 2300 total yards, and score 20+ TDs. So, if you think like me, CMC is a no-brainer.
  9. This is gigachad. Hes the guy who slaps your girl on the ass when you are out at the bar
  11. Horn - Henderson - Jackson has the potential to be the best starting trio in the entire league. Throw in Chinn and Woods on the back end, and ooooooh weeeeee mayne. We're gonna need it too, because outside of Burns our pass rush is gonna be buns.
  12. IDK but Baker is BY FAR the best QB on this roster. Sam has some skills, but he’s a pussy and is mentally broken. Baker is an alpha and has no fear. I predict a lot of deep bomb TDs, lots of fun, and a fair amount of picks. I’ll take that over knowing we have no chance from the first snap.
  13. This. We’ve got some serious emotional head cases around this place. SMH.
  14. Some of you people here are legit batshit. Wtf?
  15. Just when you think we are down bad as a franchise, just remember that the Commanders exist, and that will make you feel a little better.
  16. Cleveland’s got the worst colors and uniforms of all time. Wtf.
  17. Lol it’s a Commanders preseason game against the Panthers. What did you expect? Carson Wentz vs. Baker Mayfield for a quarter! Taylor Heinicke vs. Sam Darnold! Maybe even Kyle Allen facing off with Matt Corral and PJ Walker!
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